Aintree Racecourse Odds Betting Sites

Racecourses are not new. These were used as a track for chariot racing in Rome. Horse racing started in the Central Asia region, where horses were first trained. Even in the Olympic Games of Ancient Greece, horse racing was very popular. It then developed into a modern-day racing in the 12th century until Jockey Club, or the regulatory body for English racing, was formed. Today, racecourses serve as a place for athletic contests, automobile racing, and horse racing. Numerous racetracks around the world have been built, including the Exeter Racecourse located in the United Kingdom.

About Exeter Racecourse Odds Betting Sites

Exeter racecourse odds betting sites emerged when people started participating in Exeter races. Since the technology is evolving, many businesses think of a way how they can catch the attention of horse race lovers without the need to leave the comfort of their homes. Because everything is readily accessible online, these creative and innovative people start building sites where you can bet for the horse you want anytime, anywhere. This is such a convenient innovation for many. Even if you are not in the United Kingdom or away for a vacation, you can still go to your betting sites and browse for updates.

Some of the best Exeter racecourse odds betting sites you will discover are William Hill, Landbrokes, and 888 sport. These sites have a 4.5-5.0 star rating based on the feedback of online customers. They also give bonuses to those who are new to betting. So, in case you are looking for websites where you can start, consider these 3. Of course, there are still other sites on the internet. You can choose what you prefer, but make sure it is legit, and your bets are safe. Always consider the rating of clients before you decide to bet.

Where is the Exeter Racecourse?

Before anything else, you should know first what Exeter Racecourse is. This is an over-shaped racetrack with two miles distance. It is also the longest circuit you will find in the United Kingdom. Given its length, there are more long straights than turns. Thus, it is ideal for galloping and long-striding. The location of this racecourse is in the Devonshire countryside, Kennford, Exeter, the United Kingdom, to be exact. The place is expected to be hilly, but that doesn’t affect the performance of the races. There are even eleven fences with the same heights to keep it safe.

The Exeter Racecourse was previously known as Devon and Exeter Racecourse and only held events during summer. So, competitions were help outside this racecourse during the other seasons of the year. As time passed by, the quality of competition in Exeter increases. If you try to look at the past two decades, the increase is very evident. Today, races happen between October and May. These months are taken as the peak National Hunt time. Different perks and top prizes also add to its attractiveness to new and existing top riders. Even betters are getting crazy too because of the recent developments.

What is the highest attendance at Exeter Racecourse?

The highest attendance recorded at Exeter Racecourse is 1,946,644 people in 2015. This was in 366 horseracing fixtures in the same year. Exeter Racecourse watched its attendees rise by 6,653. Some of its exciting race days include the New Year’s Day, Haldon Gold Cup, Super Sunday in February, and Devon Day. Within its 15 racecourses, the Jockey Club Racecourses runs The Investec Derby, Cheltenham Festival, and the Crabbie’s Grand National. The over 1.9 million people record surpassed the 2014 data of 1,794.797.

How do I bet on horses at Exeter?

You can bet on horses in many ways, including the bookmakers, the betting shops, the tote, and the betting sites. The most common way on how you can make a bet is by bookmakers wherein you will see clear signs with minimum bets with odds screens designed for the next race. There are also on-site betting shops that work the same way as other high-street betting stores to give you a chance to bet on anything. Betting sites are an option as well. This is the most convenient method, especially if you want to stay home during the race.

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