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General Information & History

Even those who don’t like horses or never set foot in England know about the Ascot Racecourse. Located in Berkshire, near the small town bearing the same name, the Racecourse was founded by Queen Anne in 1711. Ascot is home to nine out of thirty-two UK’s annual group races and one of the leading racecourses in Britain.

Currently, it stages twenty-six days of races over the year. From May to October, Ascot holds eighteen flat meetings, and, during the Winter months, a critical jump racing takes place.

The Gold Cup is one of the most prestigious events held in the Ascot Racecourse. Taking place during the Royal Meeting each June, it was established in 1807 and is a Group 1 flat horserace. But the most prestigious event held during the Summer period is King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes, inaugurated in 1951.

Royal Week is an event known all over the world. Each day, the members of the Royal Family arrive at the Ascot Racecourse in a horse-drawn carriage to attend the races. The social importance of the event, and the press-attention it grabs, more often than not, exceed the coverage of the races itself.

Since 2011, Ascot Racecourse stages the British Champion Day, a thoroughbred race held in October. The culmination of the British Champions Series, the race acts as a season finale, and it comprises the finals of five different divisions of the series, as well as a one-mile handicap race.

The Ascot Racecourse is indeed one of Britain’s most popular venues, and during the Royal Meeting, it welcomes around 300.000 racegoers. Each year, the racecourse is visited by approximately 600.000 people, making roughly 10% of all UK racegoers, The Gold Cup, with prize money of £7.3 m, is the most valuable race meeting in Britain.

How do I bet on horses at Ascot?

If you happen to be visiting the Ascot Racecourse and want to place a wager, there are lots of ways to do it in situ. One way to do so is by using the Totepool kiosks situated throughout the racecourse. The Tote is a parimutuel betting system, and the odds -decimal- depend on the number of people betting on how much they bet and what they are betting on, just like in the lottery.


In the Racecourse, there are several Totepool bets available, like single and multi bets. To place a wager, you firstly need to state the number of the horse you’d like to bet on and the value of the bet. Gamblers place the wagers themselves in one of Totepool kiosks. But there are several bookmakers in the Racecourse also.

Betting on the Ring

In front of the Grandstand, players can choose one bookmaker, usually displaying the odds of each race. Bookmakers’ odds are traditionally presented as fractions. Gamblers can place two types of bets: “Win” or “Each Way.” Bookmakers usually display which kind of bets they’re accepting.

For fixed odds, the Ascot Racecourse has several betting shops throughout the venue. Winning Post operates one in the Concourse, and Betfred operates another on the Grandstand. Odds are also displayed as fractions, and several types are available, such as Doubles and Trebles. To place these kinds of bets, gamblers need to use a betting slip, where they write down the time of the race, the horse, the betting type, and the amount they’d like to wager. In the case of winning, you can claim the money by taking the receipt to the bookmaker.

Bet With Ascot Vouchers

For those not familiar with horse betting, Ascot has some pre-paid vouchers available (£5, £10, and £20) called Bet With Ascot. A partnership with Totepool, this new betting operation, allows players to put simple wagers and have fun during the races. Even if you don’t buy your vouchers in advance, there are several Bet With Ascot outlets spread throughout the racing course.

Bet With Ascot also has a charity program, where racegoers are invited to drop their losing bets to charity, slipping them into the bins located throughout the racecourse. By the end of the season, bettors can win vouchers and hospitability.

Bet With Colin Brown

Colin Brown is a former jockey and Ascot Ambassador. With four hundred winners in his career, Colin was a National Hunt jockey and won seventeen races along with the famous Desert Orchid. Nowadays, he’s a Bet With Ascot ambassador, with a Youtube channel where tips on betting are shared during the races.


In May 2019, the Ascot Racecourse announced that Betfred was going to be the official bookmaker of Ascot and Royal Ascot for the 2019-2021 seasons. The contract included, among others, two booths on-site within the Grandstand.

Ascot Betting Odds Sites

There are several websites where bettors can find with horseracing odds. Apart from the Ascot Racecourse official website, here’s a list of Ascot betting odds sites:

  • Oddschecker
  • William Hill
  • Betting Directory
  • Betting Royal Ascot
  • Betting Bias
  • Horse Betting Offers
  • At The Races
  • Betfred
  • Betting Expert
  • Betfair
  • SportsBettingPirates

Most of the Ascot betting odds sites provide players with lots of information regarding the events, its races, types of bets, odds, and tips. Besides that, there’s usually a calendar so bettors can keep up to date with what’s going on in the racecourses.


The Ascot Racecourse is famous all around the world and home to some of the most prestigious events in the world of horse racing. The Royal Week is one of its highlights and belongs in the imaginary of millions of people, who usually follow the whereabouts of the Royal Family during the races. Throughout the year, the racecourse is visited by over half a million people, making Ascot one of the most famous and desirable venues of the whole horseracing season. Ascot is a synonym of elegance and sartorial style and home to the most exceptional horseracing events of the British Summer calendar. It’s also the epitome of horseracing betting and the most lavish and stylish place to do so.

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