Best Cash Out Betting Sites

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We look at the best cash out betting sites 2024 on the market today. Our teams have reviewed the top betting sites offering full, auto and partial cash out options.

Cash out is a feature that allows you to settle an open bet for a value determined by a bookie before the end of a horse race or sporting event. This gambling feature gives punters the chance to maximise winnings or minimise any losses.

In this ultimate guide to the best cash out betting sites, we’ll explain everything any punter needs to know about cashing out, and introduce the best UK bookies who are offering this function today.


Best Cash Out Betting Sites

Best Cash Out Betting Sites in 2024 – The Results

All online betting sites and brands have their own rules and regulations surrounding this policy, so always read up on the Ts and Cs.

You may find that certain payment method exclusions apply, meaning that free bet stakes will not allow you to enjoy cash out bets, alongside other rules and regulations that surround cash out value.

Here is a list of the top betting sites with cash-out:

bet365 Cash Out

The bet365 Cash Out button gives punters more control over bets wagered.

The cash-out feature is popular for racing and football betting and classed as “in-game betting”.

If watching the betting event live on the bet365 app many bettors enjoy the bet365 inplay bets.

The in-running cash-out button on bet365 is the most popular betting feature for horse racing bets online.

BetVictor Cash Out

The BetVictor cash out button is super popular amongst punters using the BetVictor mobile app.

The in-play punters at BetVictor love the facility of being able to watch live sports on the Betvictor account.

Cashing out on Betvictor allows you to accept a smaller payout in exchange for a guaranteed early winning payment.

The cash-out feature is most popular in football match betting and horse racing bets on BetVictor.

Betfred Cash Out

Betfred racing allows a full Betferd cash-out betting feature or you can also use the partial cashing out facility (aka partial cash in my bet).

As one of the biggest names in the world of online betting, Betfred makes it simple to cash out and retrieve qualifying bet settlements if you start to feel twitchy. This feature is available on a PC or via the Betfred betting app.

The caveats that apply to cashing out with BetFred are the same as those you’ll find on all betting websites for cash out. Free bet stakes, for example, will not qualify for this feature – only deposits made by card apply.

Betfred still makes it simple to cash out, though, making it ideal for a new punter placing their first bet and feeling a little nervous if you are watching Betfred live.

Betfred also offers a full range of options, including partial cashing out, so you won’t find any shortage of ways to make the most of your wager. Betfred is undeniably among the best betting options out there for novices and veterans alike, and it stands tall among other betting sites with cash-out options.

Find out more on the Betfred cash-out feature special offer and cash out option.

Betway Cash Out

Betway cash out is avaialble.

Betway is – rightly – feted as one of the best sites when it comes to a welcome bonus and rewards for loyalty. You’ll find no shortage of free bet credits and other perks when you sign up via the website or Betway app.

Like other sites and apps that offer cash out, though, you won’t get free bets paid out on full or partial cash out with Betway. To be blunt, the offer here is pretty standard fare – you can cash out in play on any punt, assuming it’s an appropriately qualified bet. Many choose do this when watching via Betway live streaming.

We would not say that Betway is the best betting site for cash out, but neither does it do anything wrong. If you’re looking to place your first bet this is a great location thanks to the generous welcome bonus.

Once you have practised a little using the free bets credited to your account, ensuring that your lose nothing, you can forgo your free bet credit stakes in future and start punting on cash out wagers from your first qualifying bet.

Find out more on the Betway cash-out feature special offer.

Coral Cash Out

There is a Coral Cash Out.

The first of a handful of betting high street giants that we’ll discuss, Coral bookmakers unsurprisingly offer full and partial cash out on just about any qualifying bet settlement – as long as the qualifying bet relates to football or horse racing. These are the only sports bets that Coral will permit cashing out on.

That’s a little surprising for such a big name, as in general Coral offers the opportunity to embrace a diverse sports spread betting account. Thankfully, though, there’s still plenty to love about Coral as a brand and betting site – including Coral live streaming and a great Coral betting app – including an extremely simple and user-friendly user interface when placing your first bet and a generous welcome bonus.

Overall, we would not declare Coral the very best of the cash out betting websites, purely because it’s a little more restricted than some of its competitors (and you still won’t have the option to cash out on bet credits granted as an initial bonus upon sign-up.) It remains worth a look though, especially if you’re placing your first qualifying bet, purely because the process is so smooth.

Find out more on the Coral cash-out feature betting offer.

Ladbrokes Cash Out

Ladbrokes offer a Ladbrokes cash out.

Another familiar name from the high street, Ladbrokes horse racing offers much of what you’d expect when it comes to cashing out on a qualifying bet. You’ll need to make bank transfer or debit card deposits rather than free bet stake, and the bonus amount will depend on the fluctuating in play odds.

Overall, though, Ladbrokes is a fine betting site – and like Coral, it’s deliberately engineered to be welcoming to new players making their first bet.

If you’re an experienced punter, you’ll probably find better odds elsewhere for your qualifying bet – there are no shortage of rival cash out bet sites, after all. Ladbrokes is an ideal gateway to the experience, though with Ladbrokes live horse racing streaming and a great Ladbrokes betting app.

Find out more on the Ladbrokes cash-out feature betting offer and cash out option. A great site for betting.

Paddy Power Cash Out

Find out about the Paddy Power cash out.

Kings of the novelty wager, you’d expect Paddy Power to offer a fairly unique full or partial cash out feature. This means that you may be a little surprised to find that Paddy Power applies the same Ts and Cs as rival betting websites for cash out punting.

This means that you won’t get any free bets credited early, for example – it’s still all about the debit card deposits if you’re hoping to cash out in play with Paddy Power.

Where Paddy Power does differ a little from other cash out bet sites, however, is in the bet types that you can enjoy full and partial cash out in the first place via the PP app and website. As this betting site revels in allowing punters to place quirky wagers and great Paddy Power streaming, you’re likelier than ever to want too cash out early.

Place a qualifying bet on a football match ending with less than 10 corner kicks, for example, and you way well want to cash out in play with ten minutes to go, when tiredness and desperation lead to more set pieces being awarded. In this regard, cashing out early can be a godsend.

Find out more on the Paddy Power cashout betting option online. A very good site for all sports betting.

Unibet Cash Out

Unibet offer a Unibet cash out.

Unibet is a big name in the realm of online gambling, but we’ll be honest, it’s a little lacking when it comes to cashing out.

While all the usual caveats that we have come to expect apply in the Unibet Ts and Cs – you’ll find exchange bets excluded from full or partial cash out, for example, and its standard, a free bet cannot be cashed out on.

What’s more, it’s impossible to cash out on horse racing pool bets – or even just simple racing – using the Unibet website or app. Only tennis and football welcomes cash out on this site.

So, why have we even mentioned Unibet in this guide? Mainly because it’s a great location for tipsters has great Unibet live streams, a brilliant Unibet mobile app and where you’ll find serious punters. Unibet is a great place to visit to see where the smart money is going on a sports event, even if you choose to place your wager elsewhere afterwards.

Find out more on the Unibet cashout option online and cash out option.

William Hill Cash Out

Find out about the William Hill Cash out today.

The final betting brand that we’ll discuss is another high street monolith, William Hill racing. We mentioned their presence as brick-and-mortar locations because William Hill allows you to cash out in person, within a branch of the chain. It’s known as cashing in here, but the same Ts and Cs apply – for good or ill.

Beyond this, if you’ve read this far, you’ll know the drill when it comes to cashing out using the William Hill app or website. You won’t be able to use the feature on any punt made using free bets, but bet builder bets will be permitted and you can – in theory – protect your winnings with a well-time cash out.

Find out more on the William Hill cashout option online and other perks such as William live streaming. It is a great betting site.

Here are the most popular questions about cash out betting and betting sites with cash out that we get asked:

What is Cash Out Betting?

A cash out feature is a popular addition to modern betting markets, offering a measure of protection to punters. In essence, cashing out means that you can end your bet early and claim winnings at a reduced rate.

Imagine that you placed a horse racing bet on a 40/1 outsider. You made an appropriate qualifying deposit of £10, and in the unlikely event that you horse wins, you’ll make £400. To your shock, your horse is leading the pack with one lap to go – but it is visibly tiring.

If your bookie offers a cash out option, they’ll make you an offer to end your bet early at a reduced rate. Maybe the odds will drop to 15/1 – but that’s still guaranteed winnings. You can use the cash out feature and guarantee yourself £150 in winnings, or hold your nerve, cross your fingers and hope your horse retains its lead and crosses the line first.

That could land you a £400 bet settlement as planned – or you could walk away with nothing. That’s why it’s called gambling, after all. If a

Do All Online Bookmakers Offer a Cash Out Function?

Not all online bookies offer a cash out feature. But we’ll be blunt – if an online betting site will not allow you to cash out on a qualifying bet, you are probably better off taking your business elsewhere.

While all betting sites gave their own policies, and perks like free bets and a slots bonus will vary according to the bespoke welcome bonus offered by the bookie, a cashing out function should now be considered standard – provided you use an appropriate payment method.

Can I Cash Out on Bets at a High Street Bookie?

Not all bet types that are available online can also be enjoyed in a brick-and-mortar betting shop. If you plan on building your wager based on the potential cash out value, it’s recommended that you stick to betting apps or websites.

How Do I Cash Out on an Online Bet?

You can cash out bets easily.

This will differ slightly between bookies, but typically, check your in-play bet slip and you’ll find the option to cash out, alongside the adjusted odds that reflect the state of play in the sports event you’re betting on.

What is Auto Cash Out?

Auto cash out is a new form of cash out betting and is offered by many of the bookmakers mentioned above. Auto cash basically means that you set a limit that your account will automatically cash out a bet. So if you are not watching live, you can still take advantage of this perk – you essentially set a cash out amount.

Why is the Cash Out Value I’m Being Offered So Low?

Betting apps and websites are businesses, and businesses want to make money. If they offer hugely generous payouts to punters without any risk, they’ll go under pretty quickly. What’s more, betting markets change constantly to reflect real-time events.

Do not expect in play cash out value to match the minimum odds provided before a football match kicked off, or a horse racing event began – the potential bet settlement will reflect what has unfolded since. Try to think of cashing out early as protecting a smaller pot of winnings, rather than hoping for greater rewards.

Why I Can I Not Cash Out My Bet?

If you cannot find the option to cash out on your punt, check that you made an appropriate qualifying deposit and payment method.

On some online betting sites, only deposits made by debit card or bank transfer are eligible for cashing out – it’s virtually unheard of to allow cash out on free bet stakes or bet credits.

Naturally, you also need to remember that bonuses expire and bookmakers reserve the right to remove functions and features at any time on racing or other sports betting markets. The usual adage that surrounds responsible gambling applies here – only bet what you can afford to lose, lest the chance to cash out is taken away.

Is Cashing Out Basically a Free Bet?

Cashing out is not a free bet.

Not at all. You’ll still need to make an appropriate qualifying deposit (remember that payment method exclusions apply when online betting), and any free bets you were provided as a welcome bonus. Any sports bet carries risk, including one that allows you cash out in play. Cashing out early may help you minimise losses, but you’ll still be gambling.

Can I Cash Out on Free Bet Stakes?

You can not cash out a free bet.

As discussed, free bets are invariably excluded from cash out betting. Only card payments and bank transfers typically permit cash out, so consider this when you make your original bet.

Can I Set My Bets to Automatically Cash Out?

No bookie will automatically cash out your bet for you once things start to get a little hairy. You’ll need to manually find your online bet slip and make use of the cashing out feature in play.

Can I Cash Out on an Accumulator?

Most betting sites allow cash out on single and multiple bets, or single or accumulator bets. Check which Ts and Cs apply to your betting site of choice for more information.

What is the Best Cash Out Betting Site?

The best cash out betting site in our eyes is bet365.

Well, that’s entirely up to you. Re-read all our reviews above and choose an online betting site or sportsbook app that that you feel will meet your needs best.

What is Partial Cash Out Betting?

Partial cash out betting means not withdrawing and terminating the whole bet.

The leading cash out betting websites will not restrict punters to full cash out – they’ll offer full and partial cash out betting. Partial cash out is the ultimate way to hedge your bets.

You can cash out part of your original bet stake, usually at lower minimum odds, and keep the remainder of your wager on the initial bet. This could help you at least regain your stake, even if the bet does not pan out as hoped.

Just remember, bookies have even less motivation to make partial cash out appealing to punters. While it enhances your chances of clawing back something from a bet, it could leave the bookie out of pocket. Do not expect great odds on your bet settlement if you choose partial cash out.

What Sports Can I Cash Out On?

Most betting sites and apps will allow cash out on any bet, during any sporting occasion, provided you do not fall foul of payment restrictions and make appropriate qualifying bets. As you can probably imagine, though, the likes of horse racing and football remain the most popular sports that utilise the cash out feature.

Will I be Gubbed if I Keep Cashing Out Early?

Being gubbed by an online betting site is a nightmare for any punter, but there is no reason why this will happen just because you utilise the cash out feature.

As long as you are not behaving suspiciously, a cash out betting site will not have any reason to restrict your gambling.

If you’re worried, though, place the occasional mug bet and take a break from horse racing, football, or whatever sports are helping you achieve the most success from cashing out.

Is cashing out bets a good idea?

Cashing out can be a good idea if you changed your mind and want to capitalise on quick gains.

Summary of Cash Out Betting Sites 2024

Cash out betting sites are hugely popular and many people expect this as a standard betting function.

It’s important to understand the rules and restrictions imposed by cash out betting websites if you’re planning to make the most of this feature. Few things can be more frustrating than building up your expectations only to find that your wagers are not qualifying bets, whether that’s because certain payment method exclusions apply or you did not make an appropriate wager deposit.

Once you have mastered cash out betting, though, a new world of wagering is open to you. This is one of the most flexible bet types out there, assuming you don’t fall foul of those aforementioned payment restrictions or choose a non-cash out betting site.

The best betting sites will always offer a cash out withawal feature, though, and most will let you take advantage of it across multiple bets while in play. If you stick with the betting sites offering cash out that we have discussed in this guide, and use card payments to make your wagers, you’ll soon be playing the betting markets like a pro.