BetUK Horse Racing Review

Originally founded in 2018, BetUK is a notable sports betting site within the UK, providing a range of betting markets and options to many players.

Operated by the LeoVegas Gaming PLC and running on their unique platform, the site has seen a lot of new visitors in recent months.

While BetUK casino games and slots tend to draw more eyes, horse racing elements are hard to ignore – especially if you are specifically for sports betting. But how well does Bet UK hold up, especially if you are visiting for the horse racing?

This quick BetUK sportsbook review will go into the BetUK casino, the top betting bonuses and games or events you can enjoy.

Horse Racing

Bet UK boasts many sports betting markets, but horse racing is one of the most important. The site has new horse racing betting markets open daily and a range of free bets for major events such as Royal Ascot.

This means that you can get started on horse race betting almost immediately after signing up. Naturally, many of these bets involve choosing the right horse – something that the platform makes incredibly easy, thanks to each page’s excellent design and layout.

Bet UK is a great online betting site to enjoy if you are interested in horse racing. While it is far from the only option on the sports betting side, it is also a core part of the Bet UK sports betting experience.

BetUK Sports Betting Promotions

Bet UK offers a range of free bets. Some of these apply to specific games, like football matches, while others are suitable for various sports and qualifying bets. You can see all promotions and free bet options on the promotions page.

These free bets often require a qualifying bet, which generally means a minimum bet at odds specified in the promotion.

For example, a minimum bet at odds of 1.5 or greater means that you must make a minimum bet at odds above 1.4 to reach a qualifying bet settlement. These minimum odds are important since missing the selection odds means you do not get the bonus bets.

Many bonuses come as bet credits, meaning you can’t withdraw your bonus as real money. You have to play with the bonus and earn money to withdraw instead. Be sure to check the specifics of each promotion to see what kind of restrictions and rules are involved in this.

3x 10 Free Bets Bonus

For example, customers who spend £10 or more on sports betting for the first time get 3x ten free bets, meaning £10 in total. These 3x 10 free bets, credited on bet settlement, are a good example of what you can expect from the site’s bonuses.

BetUK Horse Racing

BET £10 GET £30
BetUK Horse Racing

T&Cs Apply. New cust only. Min wager of £20 (odds 1/2 (1.5) or greater) on any sporting event. Offer available between 9am on the 25/07/22 to 23:59 on the 31/07/22. Max 3 x £10 and 6 x £5 Free Bets credited on qualifying bet settlement. Free bets on desktop & mobile only. Free bet must be selected via checkbox on Betslip & cannot be withdrawn. 1 offer per cust. 7 day expiry. Restrictions apply.

Full T&C's Apply

With this bonus, you would earn an extra £30 in free bets credited on bet settlement (when the original bet is deposited and used). Since these bets are credited on bet settlement, they are used after your original bet.

Note that partially cashed-out bets do not apply. Fully or partially cashed out bets are not considered valid for bonuses like this, so you need to take these partially cashed out bets out of consideration when seeing if you can qualify for the £30 in free bets bonus.

Registration Process

Registering to play at Bet UK is a simple process and one that you will be familiar with if you have signed up for any other UK casino.

Like other betting sites, you need to follow a specific process of creating your account and verifying your identity before you can begin to play.

  1. Create your account – sign up using an email address and complete the steps provided by the site.
  2. Accept the email verification to activate your account.
  3. Verify your identity by sending a picture of a suitable document. The site will tell you exactly how to do this and which documents you can use.

Verifying your identity is an important part of keeping the site safe since it limits the number of bot accounts or scammers using the platform.

Verification should only take a little while, but be sure to contact support if it seems to be heavily delayed.


General security at Bet UK is up-to-date, using all the modern encryption and protection options to ensure that the betting site is not easily compromised.

The customer support team is also incredibly responsive when helping their customers and users with security issues.

As one of the most notable betting sites in the UK, this level of security is no accident.

Bet UK is well aware of how many people turn to them for a good gaming experience, and their security and customer support options reflect their promise to keep customers safe while they play.

Is BetUK reliable?

Bet UK is a major betting site within the UK and is one of the first choices that many people turn to for sports betting or casino games.

Bet UK has always been a reliable and trustworthy option among the country’s top betting sites, fully licensed and registered by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

As part of the LeoVegas Gaming PLC, this online casino attracts new customers for various reasons, but it can also retain them well.

Many people choose Bet UK as their new betting site because of its reliability, especially compared to many other live casino sites.

BetUK also has a remote bookmakers licence alongside UK Gambling Commission regulations and licenses. Being licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission is necessary for sites to operate in the UK, so they operate legally.

Design & Usability

The Bet UK website is straightforward, but not in a bad way. Everything, from the site’s colour scheme to its layout, has been chosen for maximum usability.

If you want to play casino games, you can jump straight into that part of the site without any delays or awkward navigation menus.

It is easy to navigate around the site and find whatever betting options or casino games you are looking for, with each page offering enough information to keep you informed about specific games.

Whether you care about detailed game breakdowns or just want the basics, it is simple enough to find the details that you need.

This usability makes it much easier for new customers to get started and find any casino offering or welcome bonus details they might have missed.

If Bet UK is your first online bookmaker, then it is not hard to learn how the online side of the betting industry works – you can get started with betting almost immediately.


Bet UK offers a free iOS and Android app, available on the App Store and Google Play, respectively. Both apps are designed to allow full site functionality across mobile devices, ensuring you can enjoy the UK casino without needing to rely on your browser.

The general design of the app is very similar to the site itself, copying a lot of aesthetic and layout details. This makes the transition from one to the other incredibly simple, meaning that you can easily hop back and forth between the mobile and desktop versions depending on your situation.

Both versions of the app are incredibly well-made and leave the same customer support options open, meaning that you should not run into any problems while playing using the app.

New customers may find it a more approachable place to play, and you get all of the same site features on the app that you would on the website.

Odds – Competitive odds from BetUK

Bet UK uses the same general odds as other betting sites, although the betting margins and selection odds will change between different games.

In-play betting odds may be less favourable than pre-game betting odds, so keep that in mind when you are about to start playing.

The site makes all bet and odds information clear. If you want to check the in-play betting markets and the in-play betting odds, then you only need to do a little bit of searching to find the right selection odds, guaranteed.

Deposits & withdrawal options

Bet UK has multiple deposit options, all of which can be used by any player. The current deposit options are:

  • Visa
  • Visa Debit
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • MasterCard

You can also use cards and PayPal to withdraw money, although there can be slight delays in the withdrawal process.

These deposit options have specific rules you will need to follow, which the site can explain. For example, PayPal deposits have a minimum deposit limit of £5.

Remember that some deposit methods are instant, and others are not.

How to Deposit

Depositing is easy – simply go to the deposit page and connect your preferred payment methods, then arrange a transaction.

The site will give you all the tools to do this, so you can follow the on-page instructions if you are worried about getting it wrong.

How To Withdraw

Withdrawals are similar to the deposit process. Again, follow the on-page instructions, and go to the customer support team if you need help.

Withdrawal can take a while, depending on the method used, and usually requires around 5-7 working days.

Service & Support

It is easy to contact the customer support teams if you have any problems. Like many betting sites, you can contact them via email or the site’s dedicated help centre.

The support team can help with everything related to your site usage, from issues with free bets to technical problems that stop you from using the entire betting platform.

New customers encountering issues with payment methods or a bonus code should contact customer service immediately. The sooner you resolve the issue, the faster you can get back to betting, playing and enjoying the site at your own pace.

Responsible gambling resources are also available. It is easy to forget how much you are spending if the football coverage absorbs you, and the site allows users to place limits on their accounts as necessary.


One of the biggest advantages of the BetUK casino is its overall style and functionality. Unlike many betting sites that over-complicate things or focus too much on betting apps, BetUK works perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices.

The simplified layouts and visual styles make finding the information you need easy, whether for free bet details or specific casino-style games. All of this makes it very friendly to both first-time betters and veterans who are new to the site.

This simplicity and ease of use also mean that you are not being bombarded with new information or promotional details that get in the way.

If you want to play a game, you can simply open up the site and head straight for that game, with nothing stopping you or popping up in your face.

This simplicity can make BetUK a much more appealing option than other sites and a simpler place for sports bettors to enjoy their favourite games.

Even the BetUK mobile app is simplified compared to other casino sites, and this simplicity does not mean that any important features have been stripped away.

BetUK Pros

This would not be an accurate BetUK review without mentioning some pros and cons – basic details from this BetUK sportsbook review that boil the site down to its basic details.


  • The Site – BetUK is a very well-designed site with many good things to offer, and easy navigation means that nothing is ever too far away. This is an excellent choice if you want a simple place to play games that do not interfere with your routine.
  • The App – The Bet UK app is very reliable and simple, offering a great way to play online casino and sportsbook options from almost anywhere.
  • The Bet Builder – The bet builder provides an optional tool for completely changing how you approach betting, margins, bonus bets and your risk-taking options. It can be a complicated tool for new players, but it makes a big difference to seasoned betters.
  • The Support – The support team knows what they are doing, and many BetUK review posts mention great customer service. They have helped people with payment methods, restored a lost bonus code, assisted in account recovery and offered live chat support to many past customers.
  • The Live Casino – BetUK offers live streaming with a live chat service, both for live casino games for BetUK sports betting. This means you can enjoy certain BetUK sports betting events in real-time, sometimes even in-play markets that allow for in-play betting.
  • The Free Bets – There are a lot of free bet features on the site, with free bets often relating to specific games. You can check free bet details on the promotions page, which lists all free bets and other bonus bets or offers features.

BetUK Cons

Unfortunately, no site is perfect, and this BetUK review still needs to mention some cons. These are only a small part of the site, but we still have to mention them to ensure that our BetUK review is honest and fair.


  • The Payment Methods – There is still quite a limited selection of payment methods. However, BetUK has still covered all of the basics that most online casinos require to succeed, and the other options may be slowly rolled out as added features shortly.
  • The Live Streaming – Not all games have live streaming features yet. Live chat is an option for most games, with even casino games having a live chat, but streaming has not been added to all betting markets. The most common betting streams are things like major football matches, giving you live football coverage while you bet.

Live Streaming

The live streaming options at Bet UK can be a great addition, even if they are unavailable for every game. More popular games and events, such as large football events or major horse races, tend to get the most coverage.

You can join the live streams easily, meaning you do not need to be in a specific club or system to access it. These streams are shared across all sites on the same network, and there should not be any major delays or issues with the stream not syncing correctly.

The streams are also optional – you can place a bet and simply move on to something else, then see the results when the event is over. Whether or not you want to engage with the stream and live chat is your choice.

If you notice any issues with the streams, bring them up with the support team. Streams can be inherently hard to manage, and it could be an error on either end, so getting it fixed quickly can be important if you want to enjoy the live games and events.

Is BetUK legal in the UK?

BetUK is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and any other related authorities, meaning that it is legally able to provide a whole range of sports betting and casino game options in the UK.

You will not run into any legal issues when playing at the site, and the platform has a huge range of security features to keep players and their funds safe. If anything goes wrong, contact the customer service team for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BetUK a good site?

BetUK is easily one of the best sites for sports betting in the UK and provides a great range of conventional casinos and slot games.

It is also fully licensed, regulated, and protected by various security features.

How long do BetUK withdrawals take?

Withdrawals take 3-7 business days, depending on the method used.

Remember that some options tend to have longer delays than others, with debit card payments being one of the most reliable and consistent. Even then, debit card delays can still occur.

Who owns BetUK?

BetUK is owned by LeoVegas and has its headquarters in the Plaza Business Centre in Malta. Created in 2012 by IP&S, the site moved to LeoVegas’ ownership in 2018.

This is the same owner as sites like Pink Casino, meaning that the two share a lot of games and promotions.

What is the minimum deposit amount at BetUK?

The minimum deposit amount at the site is £5. Note that this does not include transaction fees if you use payment methods that have them.

How to get free bets on BetUK?

On the dedicated promotions page, you can find information on the promotions and how to place bets or meet other criteria to earn them. This also includes online casino bonuses and promotions.

How do you use free bets on BetUK?

Most free bets and bonuses are used automatically. However, you can check the promotions page to get deeper details on how each promotion is used and what kind of limitations or specifics might be involved in using the bonus correctly.

How can I contact BetUK customer support?

You can contact customer support through various means, as detailed on the site’s contact page.

This includes a live chat option, email communication through [email protected], or a specialised help centre.

All three should be open and readily available, so do not hesitate to contact them when needed.

How to delete the BetUK account?

You can delete your BetUK account through the support team.

Get in touch with them to start the process – they can walk you through any necessary steps to get rid of your account and help you remove any leftover data or claim any money that is still left in your account’s wallet.

How to place an accumulator on BetUK?

BetUK has its accumulator betting guide and a dedicated calculator system.

This makes it easy to start placing an accumulator, although newer players may need time to understand what that system is even for.

Final Thoughts

BetUK offers a great range of games and sports, with horse racing only being one of many different options. This makes it a great place to turn to if you want a new betting experience and want to try brand-new betting sites.

The simple but functional site makes it incredibly easy to place bets, observe responsible gambling and modify a bet slip within a few clicks.

Navigation makes moving around the site very quick and practical, and you can narrow your game options with excellent search options.

BetUK is a great site to turn to, whether you are new to betting or a long-time veteran. There is always a lot to enjoy here and almost no barrier to entry, meaning you can hop in and start playing immediately.

As the Founder of British Racecourses, I have a life-long passion for horse racing and have loved the sport as long as I can remember. I am also a keen racehorse owner and have worked in the gambling industry for several years. I set up British Racecourses with the desire to share my passion for racing with other like-minded people.