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Where is Brighton Racecourse located?

Brighton Racecourse is located in Brighton, East Sussex.

General Information and history of Brighton Racecourse

Brighton Racecourse has a long history of hosting flat racing. Open from April through October. It is one of the few racecourses that doesn’t have a complete circuit track. Instead, it consists of an undulating, left-handed horseshoe-shaped course. This sets the Brighton Racecourse apart from other horse racing tracks and ensures it is an excellent course for racing. Brighton Racecourse has a long history, originating in 1783.

How to place a bet at Brighton Racecourse

Like most UK horse racing tracks, Brighton Racecourse hosts betting the tote, which can be described as having a pool winning odds system much like the national lottery. Betting the tote consists of betting on a cumulative pool of money instead of betting for a fixed return amount. Each bet type has its separate pool of winnings. The odds are figured by the number of people placing bets, the amount that they bet, and the horse and amount that they bet in total. Horserace betting can have a lot of industry-specific jargon, so to explain the typically used terms in betting, here is a rundown of the typical bets placed, and a brief description of what each bet entails:

Win- You place a bet on one specific horse to win in one particular race.

Each Way- You place a bet on one specific horse to either place or win in one particular race.

Place- You place a bet on one specific horse to place, and also the spot that it will place in one particular race.

Double- You place a bet on 2 horses to win in 2 different races on that day.

Exacta- You place a bet on 2 horses to win in the top 2, and their order to win, in one race on that day.

Trifecta- You place a bet on 3 horses to win in the top 3, and their order to win, in one race on that day.

Swinger- You place a bet on 3 horses to place in the top 3 in any order in one specific race on that day.

Quadpot- Pick 4 horses and bet that they will place in races 3, 4, 5, and 6 on that day.

Placepot- You pick 6 horses that will place in the first 6 races on that day.

Jackpot- You pick 6 winning horses from several Jackpot races on that day.

Scoop 6- You pick 6 winning horses from several Scoop 6 races on that day.

To place your bet, visit one of the marked tote stations at the racetrack. Or, you may place your bet online for convenience. Betting odds are figured in two different systems. Most commonly known in the UK are fractional odds. In fractional odds, there are 2 numbers in fraction form, the first number represents the amount you could win, and the second number is the amount you need to place on the bet. In essence, the more significant fractional numbers, like 10/1 and 17/2, indicate a horseless like to win the race. If the second number in the fraction is higher, such as 2/9 or 4/11, that horse is figured as more likely to win the race.

In the second odds system, decimal odds, there is only one number, which you would multiply by the amount you want to bet to figure the amount you would win. The smaller the number, the more likely it is that the horse will win the race. To choose the horse that you would like to bet on, you could select your horse by the race card, which will give you the horse stats like the performance in the past few races, and the horses’ performance in the same conditions on a similar racetrack.

You also could go with the numbers, and bet the odds numerically. Some rely on industry tip experts, such as The Racing Post, to decide which horses or jockeys to place their bets on. Or, you could develop your strategy to choose a horse, as the number of letters in the horses’ name, or that the jockey has the same name as your brother or any other method of choice that you prefer. It’s your bet, so have fun with it!

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