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Known as being one of Ireland’s most favored and best racecourses, Curragh is situated in Country Kildare and takes its name from the meaning ‘The running horse.’ Pretty apt considering this thoroughbred flat racecourse is deemed to be the home of horse racing for the country, playing host to the Irish derby each summer and attracting thousands of visitors to not only the racecourse but to the area itself. The venue also hosts the four other significant racing events in the Irish calendar between May and October every year.

The Curragh can be dated right back to the early 1700s when the very first races took place here since then grown to become the renowned course it is today. By 1868, the racecourse had been officially declared a horse racing site by the government, as well as becoming an elite training ground for the horses.

The Curragh racecourse measures around two miles and is a horseshoe-shaped course which is right-handed, although the races which take place are usually on a straight track of one mile. The course is famed for being of extremely high quality and therefore attracts only the best racers.

In 2015, the Curragh experienced a full redevelopment after it was taken over by a new company. This included a museum dedicated to racing in Ireland as well as extensive renovations throughout the entire site.

Where can I find Curragh racecourse?

As mentioned previously, The Curragh racecourse is located in the country Kildare, Ireland. The track can be found on the main Dublin/Cork route not far from exit 12 of the M7 motorway, in the town of Newbridge. Once at the racecourse, drivers will be served with ample free parking, or for those who so wish, nominal parking which comes with a fee. This is the preferred option for those who regularly attend events at the racecourse.

There are accessible rail links to Curragh racecourse, and a free shuttle bus can be caught from Kildare Town station. Another option for public transport is the bus service, which runs directly to the racecourse from locations all over Ireland on race days.

For those who prefer a little more luxury, Curragh racecourse also houses a helipad and an executive helicopter service.

What is the highest attendance at Curragh Racecourse?

Curragh is equipped to allow for crowds of up to 30,000, while capacity is not filled, back in 2018, an astonishing 25,000 people attended the Irish Derby at the racecourse.

In 2019, there was some controversy recorded in Irish newspapers as the HRI refused to make a formal announcement on the expected attendance for the Dubai duty-free Irish derby since the event clashed with one of a footballing nature.

On average, one can expect to be greeted by a crown of around 15,000 at events, although from time to time, restricted access is given to specific circumstances at figures sometimes as low as 6000.

How do I bet on horses at Curragh?

Betting at Curragh racecourse could not be easier. Of course, if you are attending an event, you can place bets within the racecourse ground themselves. However, for those who prefer to watch from afar or prefer the use of technology, there are various betting sites that you can access.

To begin with, it is crucial to take a look at the betting odds, which can be done on independent websites such as, which is not affiliated with Curragh racecourse. Here you can get a good idea of which bet is going to be the safest and which poses more of a risk and reward scenario.

From the website, users are then able to access a whole host of bookmakers to place their bets. You can find the option for a free chance if you are a new sign up, and the website gives all the information about this on one handy page. For those who are making paid bets, websites such as this one will display betting offers such as the £20 no-risk bet. Users can then click through to the offer site and place their bets.

Betting online could not be more simple, especially for those who already have an account with a reputable betting website, simply log on, place your bets, and follow the results live on the site.

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