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The racecourse Galway, also known as the Ballybrit race track, is a beautiful horse racecourse which is located in the incredible County Galway, Ireland. Furthermore, it takes place inside the village of Ballybrit. This is an astonishing track developed to contain two stands, each with their names, the main stand in addition to the millennium stand, which will all be labeled at the location. The following date in which this heart-consuming race takes place is from Monday 27th July to the 2nd of August 2020. Inside of this phenomenal course that has beautiful scenery unlike any other it has a set distance of about one mile and three furlongs, it also contains a extremely sharp decline into the plunge near the end of the course where the final two fences are located, which brings together this courses supreme popularity as these last two fences are ridiculously close these particular fences gained their reputation for this specific reasoning, they’re also known as the closest two fences on any racecourse around the whole globe, to finalize the track there is an exceedingly razor-sharp incline towards the finish line. Galway races is a worldwide known event for an exceptional reasoning, as it consistently brings together many families, people, any individual that walks in is treated fantastically and has a smile across their face throughout the whole event, most importantly it intensively drives your soul, makes your heart quickly raise and beat faster, which creates a special bonding moment with everyone around the course creating a fantastic, positive, friendly environment. Overall the experience you will gain from this event will be thrilling and defiantly a memory to keep a hold of. This specific year of 2020, the breathtaking Galway city and county is celebrating its European Capital of Culture, making it a can’t be missed, once in a lifetime opportunity. Within the Galway racecourse, individuals will also be offered hospitality as they will be able to enjoy to the extreme with their special exquisite drinks, various foods, and, of course, unforgettable panoramic views of the track.

History of Galway Racecourse

Such a glorious location as the Galway Racecourse has a full account with nothing but entertaining events that fulfilled individuals and families around the globe with the entertainment it provided, this all began in the year of 1869 when the first meeting happened, records have been provided with an astonishing number of 40,000 people attended the first race meeting, this is a humongous statistic especially for such an early introduction of the racecourse. It is known that the public park area located near the location had to set up as a campsite it was so overpopulated, this is extraordinary. This opened up an opportunity for the Galway races to develop and keep growing, which it has done just that with immense progression. Another top-rated event that went down in history was inside the year 1979. September 30th, 1979, Pope John Pope II visited and celebrated mass at the location of this unique racecourse for a total amount of 280,000 people, this was indeed a ridiculously special event and a very memorable moment to everyone within the community and of course to the Galway Racecourse itself. In over the 100 years of racing at the spectacular Galway Racecourse has done nothing but grown bigger and bigger, entertaining more families and giving people a worthy smile on their face, now the Galway Racecourse is recognized as the most celebrated mid-summer festival inside the whole of Ireland, this has lead to around 150,000 people attending the week-long festival every year which is remarkable. As a result of the Galway Racecourse rapidly gaining popularity, the course was consistently improved multiple times to live up to the standards of people’s expectations, and it defiantly does. It is known as the most prominent Irish betting event and now includes TV coverage, popular sponsorship, regular meetings, and much more. Celebrities and people all around the globe visit the worldwide known race track year after year to witness the fantastic event.

Where is the Galway Racecourse?

As previously mentioned, the Galway Racecourse, also known as the Ballybrit race track, is located in County Galway, Ireland. Specifically, it’s inside the village of Ballybrit, inside of the vicinity of Castlegar. Traveling to the Galway Racecourse is more than worth it as it is a valuable experience. However, the event does have TV coverage, so if it’s too expensive for you, it’s not a problem.

What is the highest attendance at Galway Racecourse?

The peak attendance of the sensational event at the Galway Racecourse was at an official 216,942 people over the whole week. This was the biggest summer festival yet as it’s a ridiculous amount and defiantly a worthy unforgettable achievement towards the sport and community in general.

How do I bet on horses at Galway?

Betting inside the event is a straightforward process; the bookmakers’ ring location in Galway is one next to the parade ring and one inside the mayors garden. There are many different tote windows around the Galway Racecourse, which makes it ridiculously easy to get a bet on with the tote. All of the tote facilities are available in the main tote building, which is on all the levels of the Millennium Stand and Killanin Stand, in the Trainers & Owners bar also located in the carvery restaurant, the mayor’s bar and the mayors garden. The exact details on how to place a bet will be included within the race card that will be given to you. However, there are also two Ladbrokes buildings located at the rear of the main tote building, then the other even in the mayors garden. As Ladbrokes is a popular betting application, it may be easier for you this way. If you don’t know what totes are, they are bookmakers in Britain, which then offer parimutuel betting on the horse racing.

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