Glasgow Stakes

The Glasgow Stakes is a British Listed flat horse event for three-year-old horses.

The Glasgow Stakes takes place on Friday 21st July 2023.

It is held every year in July at Hamilton Park over a distance of one mile, three furlongs, and fifteen yards (2,227 metres).

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Glasgow Stakes 2023 Odds

The Glasgow Stakes odds are listed below:

  • These odds have not yet been released.

Glasgow Stakes Tips

Our Glasgow Stakes tips are below:

  • 2 points to win for TBC at odds of TBC
  • 1 point each way for TBC at odds of TBC

Horses in the Glasgow Stakes will run in other races later in the year. Look out for the horses and place ante-post bets if you want to wager.

Glasgow Stakes Previous Winners

Year Winner Jockey Trainer Time
1976Illustrious PrincePat EdderyPeter Walwyn
1977GregariousWillie CarsonDick Hern
1978Hill's YankeeGreville StarkeyMichael Stoute
1979New BerryPat EdderyPeter Walwyn
1980PelerinPat EdderyHarry Wragg
1981AmyndasGeoff BaxterBruce Hobbs
1982CorkedGeoff BaxterBruce Hobbs
1983Gay LemurGeoff BaxterBruce Hobbs
1984ChaumiereTony IvesRobert Williams
1985Line of FireGeoff BaxterBruce Hobbs
1986KadialSteve CauthenFulke Johnson Houghton
1987Pillar of WisdomSteve CauthenOlivier Douieb
1988AtlaalSteve CauthenHenry Cecil2:14.49
1989MonsagemSteve CauthenHenry Cecil2:09.82
1990SasakiWalter SwinburnMichael Stoute2:13.48
1991CruachanRay CochraneGuy Harwood2:15.03
1992Polish BluePat EdderyMichael Stoute2:09.81
1993Commander in ChiefPat EdderyHenry Cecil2:13.57
1994FoyerWalter SwinburnMichael Stoute2:08.52
1995TamureFrankie DettoriJohn Gosden2:11.58
1996Dr MassiniMichael KinaneMichael Stoute2:09.39
1997Symonds InnKieren FallonJimmy FitzGerald2:16.02
1998Greek DanceWalter SwinburnMichael Stoute2:12.11
1999ZaajerRichard HillsEd Dunlop2:16.38
2000HataabRichard HillsEd Dunlop2:10.14
2001Musha MerrFrankie DettoriSaeed bin Suroor2:12.59
2002ImtiyazRichard HillsSaeed bin Suroor2:08.34
2003Lateen SailsFrankie DettoriSaeed bin Suroor2:09.79
2004Day FlightRichard HughesJohn Gosden2:15.39
2005no race
2006Tam LinRobert WinstonSir Michael Stoute2:28.04
2007BoscobelJoe FanningMark Johnston2:25.77
2008Captain WebbGreg FairleyMark Johnston2:19.32
2009ParthenonGreg FairleyMark Johnston2:22.07
2010CorsicaJoe FanningMark Johnston2:24.77
2011Hunter's LightPhillip MakinSaeed bin Suroor2:21.67
2012Sparkling PortraitPaul HanaganRichard Fahey2:32.01
2013MaputoJoe FanningMark Johnston2:20.01
2014PostponedAndrea AtzeniLuca Cumani2:18.66
2015MedranoFergal LynchDavid Brown2:28.98
2016Ventura StormSean LeveyRichard Hannon Jr.2:26.98
2017DefoeHarry BentleyRoger Varian2:19.17
2018Raymond TuskPhillip MakinRichard Hannon Jr.2:19.30
2019SameemDavid AllanJames Tate2:25.92
2020SubjectivistJoe FanningMark Johnston2:21.87
2021AleasDaniel TudhopeRalph Beckett2:24.42
2022West Wind BlowsBen CurtisSimon & Ed Crisford2:17.60

What Happened In The Previous Glasgow Stakes

Summary of the Glasgow Stakes

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Popular Questions

Where is the Glasgow Stakes held?

The Glasgow Stakes is held at Hamilton Park.

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