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Where is Great Yarmouth Racecourse located

Great Yarmouth Racecourse is located in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

General Information and History of Great Yarmouth Racecourse

Great Yarmouth Racecourse is one of the old recorded horse racecourses in the UK, with races on record as far back as 1715. The track moved to its’ current North Denes site in 1920. The Great Yarmouth Racecourse is a narrow mile, the oblong course that hosts both National Cup and Flat Races every year.

While in attendance, you will more than likely want to engage in betting on horse races. While there is undoubtedly some confusing jargon used in horse race betting, we have broken down some of the most popular terms used to assist in placing bets on the races.

How to bet on the horse races at Great Yarmouth Racecourses

Betting the tote can best be likened to the odds per ticket in the national lottery. Here is a quick reference to the industry-specific lingo when tote betting on the horse races:

Exacta- You select 2 horses that will place in the top 2, and you bet what order in the race that they place.

Win- You place a bet on one specific horse to win that race.

Each Way- You place a bet on one specific horse to either place or win in that race.

Place- You place a bet on one specific horse to place, and also the spot that it will place in that race.

Double- You place a bet on 2 horses to win in 2 different races on that race day.

Trifecta- You place a bet on 3 horses to win in the top 3, and their order to win, in one race on that day.

Swinger- You place a bet on 3 horses to place in the top 3 in any order in one specific race on that day.

Quadpot- Pick 4 horses and bet that they will place in races 3, 4, 5, and 6 on that day.

Placepot- You pick 6 horses that will place in the first 6 races on that day.

Jackpot- You pick 6 winning horses from several Jackpot races on that day as listed when you place your bet.

Scoop 6- You pick 6 winning horses from several Scoop 6 races on that day, which will be listed when you place your bet.

You can place your bet two ways when it comes to the Great Yarmouth Racecourse. There are marked tote betting stations around the track. You may set your bet at any of these stations. You may also place your bet online. There are two ways to figure the odds in horse racing. The first is fractional, which is seen most often in the UK, including on the horse track scoreboards. The second is decimal.

The 2 numbers in the fraction represent how much you could win by betting, and the second number is the amount you need to place your bet. The larger the number, the less likely it is that a particular horse will win the race. If the second number of the fraction is higher than the first, that indicates that specific horse is favored to win the race, for example, in these 2/9 and 4/11 fractional odds.

Decimal odds provide one number, represented in decimal form, that give you the odds on that horse. To figure your win, multiply the decimal number by the amount you want to bet, and the result is the amount you would collect if that horse wins the race. The smaller the number, the more likely that horse is to win.

To bet, of course, you’ll want to decide which horse you would like to place your bet on. To do so, you may elect to bet according to the statistics from the racecard, which provides the recent statistics on the horse, including its performance in the last several races, and also its performance in similar conditions on similar tracks. You could bet the odds, as a lot of race attendees choose to do. Or you could seek advice from industry betting professionals.

Some people have their system of picking a winning horse, such as the number of letters in a horse’s name, or the color of the jockeys jersey, or another winning combination they feel has helped them win over the years. Everyone has their method of picking a winner, that’s the fun of placing a bet. It’s your bet, choose any way you wish!

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