Horse Racing Bet Calculators

The days of calculating odds in betting by hand are now simplified by the use of bet calculators available online and apps.

The best part? These bet calculators are completely free.

Online Betting Calculators

Different calculators require varying information and some websites offer specific calculators for a wide variety of bets such as a match bet calculator.


On a standard bet calculator, the process is simple; first, you select the bet type you would like to place, there are a wide range of bet types you can place on all kinds of sports. Then you can opt to display betting odds in decimal or the more popular format of fractions.

Next, select how much money you want to bet which is known more formally as a ‘stake’. You can then choose between adding an ‘each-way’ (two bets in one), ‘Rule 4’ ( reduced winnings when a different player/horse has been withdrawn after bets have been placed) and a ‘Dead Heat’ (a draw, e.g. two horses cross the finish line simultaneously).

Then simply enter the odds provided by the bookmaker of your choosing.


The benefits of using a betting calculator vary from bet to bet. Some punters may utilise a bet calculator to work out the best odds for bet types like a Treble, others may use the calculator to gain a better understand how a bet is comprised, this is particularly useful for a large bet like the Union Jack or Goliath where accuracy is tantamount.

No matter which type of bet you wish to calculate odds for, there is a calculator out there for it, they are easy to use and give clear, straightforward and accurate results. Remember, before placing your bet ensure you have understood the different bookmaker bonus offers, terms and conditions on betting on single events and what happens if a lost void occurs.

List Of Bet Calculator Sites

We have compiled a list of sites where they have the betting calculator for free to all punters:

As you can see all the biggest brands offer free bet calculators.