Kempton Park Racecourse Odds Betting Sites

As H. Hyde was enjoying a carriage drive in the 19th century, he came across a Kempton manor and park on sale and decided to lease the grounds. Six years later, in July 1878, he would open a racecourse that would turn out to be one of the business racecourses in Europe.
Kempton Park Racecourse is a horse racing track and a licensed entertainment as well as a conference facility venue. It is well known to host quality horse racing all-round the year. Jump racing is inevitable in Kempton Park Racecourse from October to May with Flat racing on all-weather track throughout the year in every afternoon and evening.
In 1982, a royal box was constructed in the park in just 21 days. This was to host the Prince of Wales, who was to get there for a visit.
Some of the down moments for the Kempton Park Racecourse is in 1932. This year the park suffered significant damage and loss after a fire outbreak at the Grandstand, restaurant, Member’s stand, and the Tattersalls bar.
The park suffered greatly in both the first and second world wars. This mainly happened when the racing was abandoned, and the Park was taken over control by both wars related activities.
It was, for instance, the transport depot for all the military vehicles in the First World War. Al the fixture of the Kempton Park racecourse was, however, taken over by the racecourses at Gatwick, Hurst Park, and Sandown. This, however, would not last forever as Kempton resume business in 1919.
In World War 2, the park was still very instrumental. It accommodated prisoners of the war. The war had an advantage of the mainline rail station on the grounds of the racecourse. German and Italian soldiers had an easy way of getting to the temporary camp that had been set up.
It was evident that most parts of the fixture had been destroyed after the six years, on the ending of the war. A major reparation project ensued and commenced in 1947. The racecourse has grown against all the odds to have an all-weather floodlit course that was completed in 2006.


Kempton Park racecourse is located in Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey, England. It is 16 miles only from the city of London, making it the closest racecourse to the city. It park lies on an 85 hectares flat grassland surrounded by woodland and boasts of having two lakes in its center.
The entrance to the Park has excellent convenience of transport as it neighbors Kempton Park railway station.

The highest attendance at Kempton Park Racecourse

The park has received the highest attendance by hosting some of the world’s renowned horse racing events like King George VI Chase. This is a race that was first run in February 1937. It was named in honor of the new monarch, and before World War Two, it was run twice. Racing later, the race was adopted to the calendar being marked on Boxing Day. It has hosted its highest capacity at 22, 000, especially for such an event.

Betting for horses at Kempton Park Racecourse

The art of betting is not new. It is as old as the racing itself. Before betting, however, visit the Parade Ring and asses the horse that looks ready to make it.
Betting can be made on several platforms.
The bookmakers
In each race, on-course bookmakers offer the best experience and will give you the best odds. You always get the odds in the front of the grandstand, or you can get them by the rails. The process is straightforward. Make a bet, listen to the bookmaker, repeated the bet, and sum it up by giving your stake. You will get a receipt that you take back to the bookmaker should the horse win.
Betting shops
In the park, there are several standard betting shops. Here you and place different bets on races at Kempton or other courses.
The tote
The tote offers a pool bet. This means that it will pool all the money received from all the best and share out among the clients with winning bets.
There are two types of bets, however.
Win-only. Your horse must win the race.
Each-only. Effect for two bets where your horse can either win or be placed in the 1st, 2nd r the 3rd position.

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