Nearest Paddy Power Bookies

We have created a list of Paddy Power shops across the UK. Here you can see shops that are in your area as well as in surrounding areas.

Take a look to see which is the closest bookies to you.

As you can see above there are many Paddy Power shops that you can use. Whether you are at home or on holiday, you are sure to find one nearby.

Nearest Paddy Power Bookies

There’s no need to search ‘are there any Paddy Power betting shops near me?’, because the chances are that there will be. You see, despite only being formed in 1988 Paddy-Power are Ireland’s biggest and most successful bookies in Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Your nearest Paddy Power bookies shouldn’t be more than a stone’s throw away.

As well as being the biggest UK bookies, they are also Europe’s biggest bookmakers in terms of total share value. Therefore when it comes to placing a bet with one of the big players you know that Paddy-Power has the pedigree, the experience and the knowledge to live up to that.

How Many Paddy Power Shops in the UK?

How many Paddy Power shops are in the UK? Well, you might be surprised at the answer. Since forming in 1988 in Ireland, Paddy-Power has gone on to open over six hundred shops across the UK and its native Ireland.

Opening Times

The opening times of Paddy Power shops will depend on a few different factors. The main one is location; for example, if a shop is located inside a shopping centre, it may have to follow the guidelines of the centre and therefore will be different to a Paddy-Power shop that was located on a high street.

Some shops open as early as 7 am, others don’t open until around 9 am, but most of the shops have extended opening hours and tend to be open until around 10 pm.

Bank Holidays may be different between shops, as will Sunday trading hours. If you are in any doubt at all, just ask one of the staff in your local Paddy-Power betting shop, or check the ‘shops’ tab on their website, which will give you the opening details of all your local shops.

Paddy Power Betting Shops

Paddy Power betting shops have been a staple of the UK high street for the better part of thirty years now. Compared to other brands that have been established for more than twice as long as they have, Paddy-Power has expanded to the point where they have become the biggest bookies in Ireland and across the UK. That’s impressive by anybody’s standards.

To find the nearest Paddy-Power betting shops in your area, simply have a look at our list above and check for your area.

Local Betting Shops

If you take off the rose-tinted glasses and think of what your local betting shops used to be like, you’ll remember that they were tobacco-stained, cold and dark places.

The list shows all the paddy power bookmakers locations but we also have an all bookies near me page which highlights every single betting shop in the UK.

That simply isn’t the case anymore. Bookies like Paddy-Power pride themselves on the relaxed atmosphere of their shops, the banter between punters and their up to date games and slot machines.

Where is the Nearest Paddy Power?

‘Where is the nearest Paddy Power to me’ and ‘Paddy Power shops near me’ are two of the most popular searches online when looking for trustworthy, responsible bookies.

Paddy-power is not only renowned for its cheeky advertising and risque marketing, but for paying out early too, which has sometimes not worked in their favour but earned them a legion of loyal punters.

In 2011 they were placed 6th on the ‘Britain’s most admired company’ list by Management Today. A quick search through our list above will let you know the location of the closest Paddy Power in the UK. There

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