Nottingham Racecourse Odds Betting Sites

Betting sites might be new to you, but believe or not; there were already websites offering the same features since 1996. The technology is so advanced right now that you will be able to bet on your favorite top rider and horses during race seasons. In the United Kingdom, you will discover a lot of betting sites and racecourses. The amount of information you will find will make you want to watch horse races even if you are not fond of it. One racecourse that will surely catch your attention is Nottingham, a race track founded in 1892 and is now a famous place for horse racing.

Nottingham Racecourse started in 1892. Before this period, there were already racecourses held in Nottingham for over a century. About 1,773 races were staged at the Recreation Ground, and this was a good starting point for this place. Nottingham was considered as one of the old racecourses situated in Britain tat was given a Royal Plate race. Although during the middle of the 20th century, when it faced challenges with regards to its funding, the place continued to run because of the capital it secured from the Levy Board and the Racecourse Holdings Trust.

About Nottingham Racecourse Odds Betting Sites

More betting sites had emerged when people started using the internet for convenience. The comfort of using these sites to place your bets is enticing. Who would want to leave home when there is a way to win on horse courses? Even the new generation who are interested in horse racing are switching for a better way to bet on horses. Here in the United Kingdom, you will find numerous websites, but there are only a few that work best. Whether you are new to the game or you want an original betting method, consider the following sites.

Ladbrokes is one good online betting site. You will get £20 free bets when you start signing up. Bonuses will follow after that. This site is rated as 5.0 by the clients too. You can also try 888 sport too if you want to get free £30 bets if you deposit £10 for the first time. Rated as 4.5 by customers online, this betting site offers bonuses too. Finally, don’t miss out on Betway that is giving £30 in free bets and bonuses. If you are a first time better, you will enjoy this 4.5-star company.

Where is the Nottingham Racecourse?

Nottingham Racecourse is precisely located in Colwick Park, Nottingham, United Kingdom. This is closed to River Trent and 3 kilometers from the city center. In terms of flat, this racecourse is left-handed and oval. It’s about 1.5 miles long and 6 furlongs. Meanwhile, a significant jump here was the National Hunt racing, which eventually stopped in February 1996. In general, you can do smooth turns and slight gradients in this racecourse. The home turn is sharp, and it is ideal for well-balanced horses. One memorable event that happened here in April 2013 was a triple dead-heat. It was the second time after a decade long. My Time, Horses Thrope Bay, and Majestic Manannan were fourth placers in the May Mullin Handicap and Lodge Fram Stud Chris. Notable races are Barry Hills Further Flight Stakes, Nottinghamshire Oaks, and Kilvington Fillies’ Stakes.

What is the highest attendance at Nottingham Racecourse?

For 21 years, Nottingham Racecourse recorded the highest number of attendees, about 5,266 at Ladies’ Day on Saturday. The people who attended the said event increased by 600, and the venue was pleased about this success. With almost 7,000 guests, the course was open for 24 hours. It was a pleasure for the place to have this significant number after it experienced a 6% rise in attendees in 2015 compared to 2014.

How do I bet on horses at Nottingham?

There are three types of betting methods if you want to bet on horses at Nottingham. The first one is the bookmaker wherein you will see the minimum bet written on signage with an odd screen next to it for the next race. The following method is by tote wherein your bets will be put in a pool. Betting sites are the last option where you can bet on your horses online.

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