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The Old Newton Cup is a flat handicap horse event held in the United Kingdom for horses aged four and higher.

The Old Newton Cup is held on Saturday 8th July 2023.

It is held every year in July at Haydock over a course of 1 mile 3 furlongs and 175 yards.

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Old Newton Cup

Old Newton Cup 2023 Odds

The odds for the Old Newton Cup are listed below:

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Old Newton Cup Tips

Our tips for the Old Newton Cup are below:

  • 2 points to win for TBC at odds of TBC
  • 1 point each way for TBC at odds of TBC

Many of the horses in the Old Newton Cup will race in more races throughout the years. Stay updated on the horses and place ante-post bets if you want to wager on them.

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What Happened In The Previous Old Newton Cup

Check out this result from the Haydock Racecourse:

Old Newton Cup Previous Winners

Check out the previous winners below:

1966Ballywit407-04D W MorrisArthur Budgett2:30.60
1967French Vine307-07D CullenBill Elsey2:31.40
1968Tiber408-09Jimmy LindleyJeremy Tree2:33.24
1969Pharaoh Hophra507-11Ernie JohnsonFrank Cundell2:30.20
1970New Member508-02Willie CarsonFred Armstrong2:26.50
1971Wabash408-02Willie McCaskillDenys Smith2:29.76
1972Private Walk507-09Alan CousinsHerbert Blagrave2:36.50
1973Private Walk607-10Brian JagoHerbert Blagrave2:32.95
1974Belper508-05Richard HutchinsonJohn Dunlop2:34.63
1975Fool's Mate409-02Alan BondHenry Cecil2:32.46
1976Peaceful509-00Steve RaymontJeremy Tree2:34.06
1977Mint307-07John LoweBill Elsey2:35.46
1978Move Off509-04Kevin DarleyJack Calvert2:40.04
1979St Briavels509-03John ReidGavin Pritchard Gordon2:32.36
1980Shady Nook509-05Steve RaymontHerbert Blagrave2:38.24
1981Dogberry307-05Bryn CrossleyHarry Wragg2:28.94
1982Valentinian410-03Willie CarsonDick Hern2:36.90
1983Regal Steel508-02Paul EdderyReg Hollinshead2:31.37
1984Bishop Ring308-06Walter SwinburnMichael Stoute2:30.30
1985Clanrallier508-03Brent ThomsonBill Watts2:33.05
1986Rakaposhi King409-07Steve CauthenHenry Cecil2:27.07
1987Pipsted308-10Gary CarterGeoff Wragg2:26.14
1988Roushayd409-10Billy NewnesFulke Johnson Houghton2:30.44
1989Nickle Plated409-07Gary CarterGeoff Wragg2:34.03
1990Hateel409-06Frankie DettoriPeter Walwyn2:38.29
1991Libk308-11Richard HillsHarry Thomson Jones2:29.30
1992Matador509-02Pat EdderyRoger Charlton2:34.18
1993Glide Path408-02Richard HillsJohn Hills2:32.73
1994Glide Path508-02Michael HillsCharles Hills2:28.84
1995Lombardic408-04John ReidJulie Cecil2:29.48
1996Key To My Heart610-00Richard HughesSally Hall2:31.98
1997Zaralaska609-08Pat EdderyLuca Cumani2:31.38
1998Perfect Paradigm409-02Gary HindJohn Gosden2:28.06
1999Celestial Welcome408-10Carl LowtherMary Reveley2:35.71
2000Rada's Daughter408-11Kevin DarleyIan Balding2:31.24
2001Hannibal Lad508-08Basil MarcusMark Brisbourne2:35.35
2002Sun Bird407-12John McAuleyDick Allan2:32.62
2003Collier Hill508-10Pat EdderyAlan Swinbank2:30.46
2004Alkaased409-01Jimmy FortuneLuca Cumani2:32.30
2005Zeitgeist408-10Nicky MackayLuca Cumani2:29.30
2006Consular408-08Neil CallanMichael Jarvis2:28.83
2007Dansili Dancer509-03Paul MulrennanClive Cox2:30.99
2008Mad Rush409-07Seb SandersLuca Cumani2:33.81
2009Red Merlin408-10Philip RobinsonClive Cox2:29.75
2010Dangerous Midge408-10Martin DwyerBrian Meehan2:28.66
2011Halicarnassus708-13Hugh BowmanMick Channon2:32.08
2012Number Theory408-05Russ KennemoreJohn Holt2:33.39
2013Star Lahib408-08Franny NortonMark Johnston2:30.49
2014De Rigueur609-04Andrea AtzeniMarco Botti2:32.25
2015Notarised408-13Silvestre de SousaMark Johnston2:31.70
2016Tawdeea409-03Danny TudhopeDavid O'Meara2:35.25
2017Dylan Mouth609-10Harry BentleyMarco Botti2:29.39
2018Rainbow Rebel508-11Joe FanningMark Johnston2:27.36
2019Kelly's Dino608–12Ben CurtisKarl Burke2:30.20
2020Deja509–10Harry BentleyPeter Chapple-Hyam2:36.49
2021Alounak609-06Silvestre de SousaAndrew Balding2:35.32
2022Get Shirty609-08Daniel TudhopeDavid O'Meara2:34.33
2023Wootton'Sun408-06Joe FanningRichard Fahey2:34.52

Betting On The Old Newton Cup

When it comes to betting on the Old Newton Cup, you have an option of betting online or at the racecourse’s betting stalls.

We recommend that you place your bets through the links below:


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Popular Questions

Where is the Old Newton Cup held?

The Old Newton Cup is held at Haydock Park.