Welsh National

The Welsh National race is held every year in Great Britain. The race is open to horses from the age of four and up. The race is approximately 3 miles in total distance. There are a total of 23 fences that must be jumped during the race. Spectators look forward to the race every year. This is an event most Britains as well as foreigners enjoy. The race is known as a Grade 3. There is an immense amount of history surrounding the race. The race officially began in 1895. During this time, the race took place in Cardiff. Following the aftermath of world war II, the race was moved to Caerleon during 1948. Dick Francis was one of the most well-known jockeys who won the race on multiple occasions, including during 1959, 1960 as well as 1961.
The Welsh National meeting is now held the day proceeding Boxing Day. The length of the race was increased as of 2019. The main goal for this was to provide a longer run during the first bend of the race. As a result, there are a total of 23 fences to jump as opposed to the previous years, where there were only 22.
Some of the most esteemed horses include Burrough Hill Lad during 1983. Trainer Jenny Pitman worked with Burrough Hill Lad during his winning streak. There is a lot of history that comes with the Welsh National Race. As of now, there are a few winning horses that have made an impact on this race.

Most Succesful Horse

The most successful horse for the Welsh National event is Bindaree. Bindaree is a racehorse that has won not once, but twice during this event. The event has seen many horses and trainers come and go. However, Bindaree is one of the lasting. Both Jim Culloty and Carl Llewellyn have ridden Bindaree. Other successful horses include Silver Birch. Silver Birch won during 2004 and 2007. Robbie Power has ridden Silver Birch.
There have been many other winners as of recent times as well. For example, during 2012, Monbeg Dude was the winner, rode by Paul Carberry. During 2013, Mountainous was the winner, rode by Paul Moloney. During 2014, Emperor’s Choice was the winner, rode by Aidan Coleman. During 2015, Mountainous was the winner again. This time rode by Jamie Moore. During 2016, Native River was the winner, rode by Richard Johnson. During 2017, Raz De Maree was the winner, rode by James Bowen. During 2018, Elegant Escape was the winner, rode by Tom O’Brien. As of 2019, The winner was Potters Corner. Potters Corner is the most recent winner. 2020 will bring the opportunity for a new winner.

Leading Jockey

The top jockey during the Welsh Grand National has varied depending upon the year. However, Richard Johnson of the 2016 race with Native River went on to win big during the Cheltenham races. This was a significant accomplishment for Richard Johnson. Johnson has been able to lead the category ever since. His dedication and preparation when riding has allowed him this success.
There have been other leading jockeys over the years, especially further back in the past. There have been many dedicated and excellent jockeys. However, Richard Johnson is the most recent. His efforts at The Welsh Grand National have allowed him to continue to the Cheltenham races in 2018.

Leading Trainer

There have been many leading trainers over the years at the Welsh Grand National. However, Colin Tizzard is one of the most outstanding. Colin Tizzard was the trainer for Native River during his time with Richard Johnson. With the guidance of Tizzard’s training, Native River won during 2016. Tizzard was able to train and prepare Native River for the annual event and take home a win.
There have been other leading trainers that have made their mark on the race over the years. This includes Jenny Pitman of 1983 and Martin Pipe during the early ’90s. Both of these trainers were dedicated to the race and helped to prepare the horses for the race. The Welsh Grand National has been a staple in Great Britain’s racehorse culture and has forever left a mark on the horses, jockeys, trainers, and spectators that come out for the race every year.

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