What is a Lucky 15 Bet?

It’s happened to all of us – we’ve put on an accumulator, all is going well and then there always seems to be that one selection that lets us down. If that sound’s all too familiar, maybe it’s a time change things up a little by trying out a Lucky 15 bet.

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Lucky 15 Bet Explained

So, exactly what is a Lucky 15 bet? This is the collective name given to 15 separate bets that come together to make up one main bet – and by placing a Lucky Fifteen, you automatically increase your chances of getting a return. To place this type of bet, you’ll need to choose 4 selections, and the betting breakdown will be as follows:

  • 4 singles
  • 6 doubles
  • 4 trebles
  • 1 accumulator

As you can see, the bets above add up to 15, therefore your unit stake will be multiplied by 15 to make up the total stake for your bet. For example, a 10p Lucky 15 bet will cost you a total of £1.50. The great thing about these bets is that you only need one selection to win to guarantee a return – but obviously, the more of your selections that win, the greater that return will be. There are plenty of sportsbook sites which enable you to place this type of bet so it’s worth looking out for if you join a new site.

It’s also possible to do an each-way bet, but as your stake is doubled on all other each-way bets, the same applies to a Lucky 15 – so a 10p each-way Lucky Fifteen bet will set you back £3.

Lucky 15 Bet Calculator

If that seems like a lot to take in, why not have a play around with a Lucky 15 bet calculator to familiarise yourself with how it works and all its permutations. If you’re placing a Lucky Fifteen bet in-store, your slip won’t tell you how much your return will be if all your selections win, so a Lucky 15 calculator is a brilliant way of working out your returns before you collect. Have a practice at entering different odds and working out your potential returns and you’ll be a pro in no time. Click here to visit a calculator which can work out the possible returns on this type of bet for you.

Lucky 15 Tips

A Lucky 15 may sound like a sure-fire way to make a quick buck, however, there are some things you should bear in mind before you place that first bet. If you’re betting on short-priced favourites, then a 15 probably isn’t the best bet for you as you probably won’t stand to make a profit even if just one of your selections loses.

Try and include some decent priced selections within your Lucky Fifteen bet, as this can really boost your returns. If you’re betting on what is considered as outsiders (especially in horse racing), you may be better off placing an each-way Lucky Fifteen instead – but remember, an each-way Lucky 15 bet consists of 30 bets, not 15, so your unit stake is multiplied by 30.

Which Sports Can You Do a Lucky 15 For?

There’s a common misconception that Lucky 15 bets are reserved for horse racing or greyhounds, but that’s just not true. There’s nothing special about this style of betting, it is essentially a Yankee bet, but with the addition of 4 singles – therefore, you can place a Lucky 15 on anything you like.

As we mentioned earlier, this bet gives you a safety net so to speak, because you can still get a return if one or more of your selections lose. For that reason, it’s good to pick selections with slightly longer odds. For example, you wouldn’t want to pick 4 football teams all priced at odds on, because it wouldn’t represent value for money.

However, if you don’t want to place a Lucky 15 on football, why not try to pick out 4 draws, or try choosing correct scores or first goal scorers? If you do this, you’ll find that you can make a healthy profit, even if only 2 of your selections win.

For example, if you placed a correct score Lucky Fifteen bet with a unit stake of £1 (total stake £15) and all your selections were priced at 6/1, here’s what you could expect…

More on Which Sports Can You Do a Lucky 15 For?

  • 1 winner and 3 losers would return £7, giving you a loss of £8
  • 2 winners and 2 losers would return £63, giving you a profit of £48
  • 3 winners and 1 loser would return £511, giving you a profit of £496
  • 4 winners and 0 losers would return £4504.50, giving you a profit of £4489.50

As you can see, there is potential to get great returns from a 15 bet, while still having that little reassurance that you could still get a decent return even if some of your selections lose. So, instead of placing an accumulator, why not try a Lucky 15 for your next bet?