What is a Single Bet?

If you have an inkling or prediction that you’d like to explore, then you may want to use a single bet to cash-in. This type of bet is one that’s simple to understand, easy to place online and is the ideal bet for beginners and experienced punters alike.

A single bet is one placed on a particular outcome. The return comes down to the amount stakes combined with the price. If you visit the best bookmakers available online, you will find numerous singles, the best usually populate the main page.

Read on to find out everything that you need to know about single bets before delving into these exciting bets.

Single Bet Explained

A single bet will win or lose depending on the result of the backed bet. If you have bet on a football match and that team loses, then you lose. It’s as black and white as that. That’s what is great, you know where you stand but the downside is that there is no chance for redemption or consolation.

If you do win, the stake is multiplied by the odds to determine the profit. The total sum is the odds multiplied by the stake plus the stake.

An experienced bettor likes to research and check for patterns. It’s then a case of searching for good odds. If you find one, it could be worth placing a bet. All you need is for one prediction to be correct.

Things to know about single bets:

  • Your bet counts on one bet
  • The returns are lower
  • The stake is less

Single Bets Examples

Although the concept is straightforward, we are going to show you our fictional example of a single bet.

Liverpool to beat Manchester United at 2/1

If the result is correct and you staked £2, you will win £4 profit plus your £2 back. The total return will be £6.

If they lose or draw, then there are no questions asked. You lose your stake and will get no return.

Can I Do an Each Way Bet

Like most bets, you can add an each-way bet to it. This will double the stake and offer additional odds. If you bet each-way on horse-racing and your pick places, you will get significantly lower returns but you could still win.

Other Bet Types

Here is the full list of horse racing betting types:


To summarise, a single bet is exactly what you’d expect. Winning and losing all comes down to one result. It is one bet and although there’s less to be won, you don’t have to stake as much money either.