What is a Treble Bet?

Looking to do the treble? You’re in the right place, we guide you to placing a Treble bet. It’s a simple one to understand and can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced punters alike.

It is one win-only bet and if any of the selections lose, the entire bet loses, and you will not be privy to a return. This multiple bet has three selections, one bet and combined odds.

Rather than a simple single bet, you can add another two selections, essentially adding to the potential returns. That also means that there is more risk to this bet.

Treble Bet Explained

A Treble bet is popular in the sporting world, many punters use it to predict events, matches and races. If you want to accumulate great odds and winnings, then combining your picks could work well.

As already mentioned, it will bring more risk. That’s because if two selections win and one does not, your entire bet will be worthless.

Here are some key points to note:

  • It has three selections
  • Consists of one bet
  • If one loses, the whole bet has no return
  • All must win
  • It adds the returns and odds together plus more

The advantage of a Treble over a Single bet is that you’re offered an incentive for the extra risk. This gives you the odds plus one. See our examples below for more of an explanation.


If you place a Treble on three selections that have the following odds- 3/1, 2/1 and 4/1 then you will receive better odds than if you placed the bet alone.

The sum would look like this- Returns = £5 * (3/1 + 1) * (2/1 + 1) * (4/1 + 1) = £300. It would equal a £295 profit.

How to Place a Treble

Pick out the three events you wish to wager on then select multiple bets before committing to a stake. From then, choose a Treble and pick the stake. It is just one bet, meaning that if you stake a £1 win-only bet will cost you £1 as the total.

Can You Bet Each Way?

Most bets enable you to place an each way bet. You can do this on a Treble bet, but it will become two bets.

That means that although you have more chance of getting a return, it will also cost double the stake of a win-only Treble.

Other Bet Types

Here is the full list of horse racing betting types:


An easy betting strategy to understand yet you can enjoy the boosted odds that come with combining your picks. New and existing punters can embrace this with the Treble bet.