What is a Union Jack Bet?

You’ve heard of the Yankee and Canadian, now we’re looking at the Union Jack bet. It is one that has nine selections and up to 80 bets. The number of bets can vary depending on the bet.

This bet is called the Union Jack, due to the pattern of the bets. There is a layout that shows a 3×3 grid and how the combinations work together.

A Union Jack bet can consist of Trixies, Patents or Round-Robins.

Union Jack Bet Explained

To understand this complicated bet, you will need to see the Union Jack and bets placed within them. It is in a 3×3 grid, you have 8 trebles, three across the grid and three down the grid.

It offers numerous ways to win but there are some nuances that could cost you. You can get five picks right and depending on where they’re located on the Union Jack, you may still win nothing.

Take a good look at the bet before placing it. This one’s been made for fun.

How to Calculate Winnings

As described, it’s hard to calculate winnings due to the layout of the multiple bet. The best way to work out how much you have won is to use a bet calculator online.

How to Place the Bet

Not all bookmakers provide this bet. It’s usually a novelty and fun bet to place. Go to the online bookie and then pick nine selections. When you go to stake, simply click multiple bets and look for a Union Jack bet.


Placing this bet brings lots of action, due to the number of bets that can be placed. As we mentioned earlier though, there are some negatives. Although unlikely, there are times when you win five selections and still lose.

This is more of a fun bet. If you are going to participate in a Union Jack bet, be sure that you understand the grid and how it works.

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