William Hill Bet Calculator

At William Hill, they have a whole host of Free Bet Calculators.

The List of Bet Type Calculators

Here is a list of bet calculators available at WilliamHill:

  • lucky 15 each way
  • lucky 15 win
  • each way lucky 31
  • lucky 31 win
  • lucky 63 each way
  • Win lucky 63
  • odds calculator
  • round-robin
  • patent
  • Yankee
  • Trixie
  • each way bet calc
  • perm bet calculator
  • winnings calculator

As you can see there is clearly a lot of bet types available to calculate your winnings with.

Will Hill Bet Calculator Review

Looking at the design here of the William Hill bet calculator then you can see it is not a nice layout.

Our review of the will hill betting calculator is that although it works nicely on giving the results we feel it needs an overhaul in design.

List Of Bet Calculator Sites

We have compiled a list of sites where they have the betting calculator for free to all punters:

As you can see all the biggest brands offer free bet calculators.