Wolverhampton Racecourse Odds Betting Sites

Wolverhampton was first home to a racetrack in 1825, however, in 1878 the original track was bought out and a new track was established north of West Park at Dunstall Park in 1888. This was the beginning of the Wolverhampton racecourse.

In 1993 Wolverhampton park was given a cosmetic and practical over hall with the installation of floodlights, making it the first floodlit racetrack in Britain. This overhaul also provided extensive facilities such as executive boxes, hotel, and a restaurant and a new grandstand, in addition to a fibresand track running alongside the original turf track.

With the completion of another change of hands the Wolverhampton racecourse underwent another set of renovations, this time the track was resurfaced with a Polytrack surface, removing both fibresand and turf. However, due to disappointment in the level of degradation in the Polytrack surface, the course underwent a further set of improvements, resurfacing the track yet again, this time with Tapeta.

Future improvements are in the workings for the construction of a casino making Wolverhampton racecourse the first and only Racino in Britain.

The Wolverhampton track, now with it’s tapeta surface, is one mile in length and consists of left-hand turns, one of few tracks in the UK with this feature, providing unison with most racetracks in the United States.

Where is the Wolverhampton Racecourse?

Wolverhampton Racecourse was first established in West Park, Wolverhampton, where park road outlines the old racecourse. In 1888 a new course was established at Dunstall Park, Wolverhampton.

What is the highest attendance at Wolverhampton Racecourse?

In a single year, Wolverhampton Racecourse accommodates over 120000 over around 70 race days, some of the most popular of which include the Lady Wulfruna Stakes, Lincoln Trial Stakes, Family Fun Day and Ladies Day. Lincoln Trail Stakes and Lady Wulfruna Stakes are commonly held on the same day.

How do I bet on horses at Wolverhampton?

Betting on horses at the Wolverhampton racecourse can be done in a variety of ways. The first of which is the tote. The tote is where when placing a bet, the stake goes into a cumulative pool of money. Each type of bet has its own pool. The betting odds are affected by how many people bet, which horse they bet on and how much they choose to bet. The fewer betters backing a particular horse means the more the winnings.

There are 11 popular ways in which to bet through the tote option:

  • Win: where one chooses a single horse to win a single race
  • Each Way: The selection of a single horse that will either win or place in a single race. This counts as two bets
  • Place: The selection of a single horse which will place in a single race and the specification of the position it will place
  • Double: The selection of two separate horses in two separate races
  • Exacta: The selection of two horses which place in the top two in a single race, the order must be specified
  • Trifecta: The selection of three horses which place in the top three in a single race, the order must be specified
  • Swinger: The selection of three horses which place in the top three in a single race, the order does not need to be specified
  • Quadpot: The selection of four horses which will place in specifically races three, four, five and six at a single meet
  • Placepot: The selection of six horses to win the first six races of a single meet
  • Jackpot: The selection of six winners from a selection of ‘jackpot’ meetings from a single day
  • Swoop6: The selection of six winners from high profile ‘scoop6’ meetings from a single day

Tote betting can be placed in a selection of ways on-site and online. This is through either a tote station or a betting representative through hospitality.

Bets can alternately be made through bookmakers. Bookmakers are companies or sometimes individuals who specialize in calculating the odds of race winners. They also take bets and distribute the winnings. Bookmakers are commonly found situated around the race grounds, but also of the grounds. A more recent and expanding option for dealing with bookmakers is through websites and mobile phone applications specifically designated to the betting industry.

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