Worcester Racecourse Odds Betting Sites

Horse racing is probably one of the activities that will never be out of the people’s list when it comes to entertainment. It’s been an enjoyable thing to do and to watch since the early century. Many people, especially horse lovers, are getting hooked by the idea of racing that they are willing to spend money to bet on who’s going to win the race. We can’t blame them, there are too many interesting facts about horses and riders. Racecourses in the United Kingdom are also going along with this trend. The fact that there are numerous race fields where horse racing is held can’t stop people from attending.
In the United Kingdom, one of the famous racecourses is Worcester Racecourse. This is a horse racing field in England and has catered to races since 1718. It is owned by Worcester City Council and being leased to Arena Leisure Plc. Flat racings were held here only until 1966 and continued with the National Hunt racing. Locals call it the Pitchcroft because it’s just 100 acres. Some fascinating parts of its history are Worcester Rugby Club, Berwick Rangers, and Worcester Rovers playing on the enclosed area of this racecourse.

About Worcester Racecourse Odds Betting Sites

A part of the history of Worcester Racecourse is the way how people bet on their top riders. Before, you still have to go to the main venue of the horse racing to watch your favorite rider and bet on different games. Imagine the hassle of traveling. What if you are interested in watching the racecourse, but you are not from England? Do you have to spend on airplane tickets to get there? If you are living in that era, you have to do. Else, you won’t stand a chance winning on your bets.
But now that technology has evolved, betting sites become a thing. You can go online, read the news about your favorite races on different websites, and bet on your top riders. That’s how powerful the technology and internet today. And in terms of gambling sites, you will find numerous sites online when you try to search the net. For top betting sites in the UK, here are your top options:
William Hill – this is one of the most popular not just online but offline too. If you create an account with them today, you will receive free bets and bonuses on your first deposit.
Ladbrokes – you can also try Ladbrokes offering £20 free bets when you deposit and use £5 during your first play. There are also bonuses once you got on the site.
888 Sport – another betting site you might want to try is this. You will get £30 free bets when you deposit and play with £10.

Where is the Worcester Racecourse?

The Worcester Racecourse is located at Grand Stand Road, Worcester, England. It is a left-handed course holding national hunt races. Its shape is oval and has a length of 13 furlongs. The Worcester Racecourse has nine simple fences, of which five are back straight, and 4 are home straight. Around 17 races are held here from May to October. A few of the significant tracks here are the Richard Davis Memorial Handicpat Chase being conducted in October and Betfair Handicap Hurdle in June.
What is the highest attendance at Worcester Racecourse?
In June 2015, the venue hosted the biggest crowd ever. The number of attendees was 10,600, higher compared to the last record of 9,000. Different events are held in this racecourse, including horse races, festivals, weddings, and other local happenings.

How do I bet on horses at Worcester?

Betting on horses at Worcester is made easy by betting sites. Online betting is one convenient approach if you don’t want to leave your home when you are betting. You can choose from a variety of gambling sites on the internet, but make sure to consider what’s mentioned above. There are also other ways to bet like bookmakers and totes. Bookmakers are the most common and traditional way of betting wherein you will see a screen noting the minimum bet for the current play. There is also an additional screen for the next race. Totes, on the other hand, are a pool of bets. Your bets will be put in lakes, and when the winning numbers are out, the prize will be divided into the winning tickets.

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