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There are many betting sites to consider when looking to open a new online betting account. With so many options on the market, it’s difficult to know where to start.

Fear not; we’re here to help. We have looked at the many sports betting sites available in the UK so you can make an informed decision before you sign up. There are pros and cons to every site but out guide will point you in the right direction and help you find the best betting sites for your particular needs.

The list on this page just gives a brief overview of the main UK gambling sites.

All Betting Sites


List of Betting Sites UK

Take a look at our summaries of the best online sites for UK gambling with our full betting sites list below:


22Bet is one the newest sports gaming sites on the internet, having launched in 2008. It is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the finest and most reliable resources for sports gambling, though. If you’re keen to place your first bet on a horse race, give this bookmaker a try. You’ll find very favourable terms and offers.


32Red has long been established as a home of online gambling. In addition to sports, this bookmaker offers a wide range of casino games too play online. While based in Gibraltar, it is fully licensed and approved for UK betting.


888 is another casino site that also allows punters to place bets on sports events. 888sport is the branch of this site that dedicated to sporting gambling, ensuring that it remains up to date with the latest odds and markets.

Bet 365

Bet365 was arguably the first bookmaker to bring online sports gambling into the mainstream. If you decide to place a bet with Bet 365, you’re sure to see some of the most impressive offers available.


Betfair is one of the biggest names in online gambling in the United Kingdom, especially when pertaining to sports betting. The offers provided by Betfair are impressive, both to new and returning customers alike. While it’s not new, UK punters often flock to this site.


BetFred prides themselves on their offers, especially when it comes to spread betting on sports. If you’re a fan of accumulators, BetFred is one of the best sites to consider, whether it’s your first bet or just the latest in a long line. You’ll always find tempting offers here.


BetVictor is a strictly independent bookmaker. It’s not among the most famous bet sites in the UK, but you’ll likely find some interesting offers and terms on this site.


Betway is a major, international gambling enterprise. UK betting on sports events is just one of the services provided by this giant business. You’ll often find favourable terms on this site, and enviable offers for new or regular customers.


BoyleSports is a giant bookmaker in its native Ireland. It’s perfectly legitimate for UK betting too though, and offers full support of all British betting markets.


If you’re looking to place your first bet, you may understandably be drawn to Coral. This is one of the oldest gambling presences in the UK, which ensures that a quality betting service will be delivered. Sports markets are a particular speciality of Coral, so new UK punters could do worse than investigating this bookmaker.


Fansbet offers betting with a difference. This site shares 50% of all profits with customers, so there is the potential to make serious money on the site. It is not one of the leading lights of sports betting though, so learn more about how the site works before making a deposit.


Ladbrokes has long been a fixture on the British high street, with countless people still opting to bet in person at one of the many brick-and-mortar locations this bookmaker retains. If you choose to bet with Ladbrokes, you can be assured that you’ll be wagering against the latest sport markets.


MansionBet is a new UK betting site., only founded in 2008. Despite its relative youth, however, MansionBet is building a positive reputation among gamblers. This site offers plenty of offers and great terms and odds, and is sure to become a leading bookmaker in time.

Mr Green

Mr Green is one of the newer betting sites out there. Mr Green offers plenty of offers across a wide array of sport events, and favourable terms. It’s not quite one of the finest just yet as it’s still establishing itself, but Mr Green remains worth a look.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is one of the most infamous online bookmakers in the UK, albeit arguably more for their advertising and publicity stunts than offers. All the same, if you’re looking for a fun or off-the-wall approach to sport betting, this is the bookmaker for you – especially if you enjoy live betting.


Racebets is an online-only bookmaker that specialises in equestrian betting. This bookmaker is based in Germany, but is still governed by the UK Gambling Commission.


As the name suggests, Speadex specialises exclusively in spread betting. This is the only gambling site in the world to do so. If you’re keen on long odds on a range of sports events, consider Spreadex for your gambling needs.


Unibet is a big name in online betting, and offers a wide array of offers and bonuses to new customers. If you’re a novice at UK betting, Unibet is well worth a look.

William Hill

We have saved the biggest for last. Whether you consider William Hill the best is up to you. William, Hill is the largest UK gambling company though, and has a worldwide presence. This makes William Hill and a huge name in the sports bet market, and a great choice for new customers.

What Should You Look for in an Online Betting Site?

Everybody has their own idea of what’s important when it comes to sports betting and all UK betting sites offer something slightly different. Bookmakers know this, and will typically build their terms and conditions and what they offer around what punters are looking for. Gambling is recreational, but online bookmakers are businesses. Betting websites are interesting in turning a profit, which means keeping their customers happy and coming back for more.

Below, you’ll find a handful of elements that may help you decide whether particular betting brands or betting site is for you. There are a range of factors that will play into your decision. You’ll no doubt be familiar with the high street giants like William Hill, but there are many other online bookmakers to choose from including brand new UK bookmakers and independent betting sites.

Betting websites are always looking for new customers, so keep an eye open and check our reviews to see what offers the leading betting sites are providing, there’s lots of good offers out there.

So whether you’re interested in racing, football, tennis or any other sports, you’re sure to find the best online betting site that meets your needs whether that is a new or established bookmaker.

Here are the main factors we took into consideration when looking at all UK bookmakers to determine which we think are the best:

Free Bets When Signing Up With Online Bookies

A free bet is arguably the oldest trick in the betting site book to attract new customers. Upon registering for an account and making a deposit, you’ll be provided with X amount of free bets to use as you see fit. This is great for new players that are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of sports betting. It’s a way to learn from mistakes without accruing losses. You could be awarded as many as 10 free bets for signing up with a new online bookmaker.

A free bet may vary in quantity and accessibility, so check the terms and conditions of any betting site when it comes to this perk. Some free bets must be used within 14 days, or are even valid for 7 days only. Equally, some races or events may exclude bet credits from being used as a stake. Some sites also apply, “returns exclude bet credits” terms and conditions to free bets, which will impact upon eventual winnings.

Even if exclusions apply, it’s still fun to gamble with free bet stakes over real money. If these freebies do expire after 7 days, it’s not the end of the world. That’s still enough time for new players to use them and assess whether a particular betting site is working for them. Don’t consider a free bet to be your path to making millions. Rather, they are a way to learn more about the vagaries and how to use a new betting site.

An Easy to Use Site for Betting

Perhaps we should have led with this one, but we consider it taken as read. The most popular betting sites are easy to use and negotiate. If you’re looking to place your bet quickly, you’ll want to do just that – not spent precious minutes trawling through the site, looking for the appropriate page.

Simplicity is king when it comes to online gambling, especially when experimenting with a new betting site. New players should easily be able to find the following:

  • Confirmation that the site welcomes new players in the United Kingdom
  • List of accepted payment methods
  • Security information as to how the betting site will protect you and your data
  • Any deposit min or max restrictions
  • A wide array of sporting events to bet on, whether that’s racing, football, rugby, boxing or anything else
  • Welcome offer information, such as a free bet
  • Lists of minimum odds and payouts
  • Availability of any live streams of sporting events
  • Terms and Conditions of the online bookie

The leading betting sites will ensure that these criteria are met. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, don’t waste time trying to make sense of a confusing website. There are no shortage of sites vying for the attention of UK customers. If one site doesn’t work for you, another surely will.

Mobile Apps and Mobile Betting Options

These days, we’re all attached to our smartphones, tablets and even watches. The best online betting sites are aware of this, so many online bookmakers create mobile apps for betting and their business.

All the top betting sites will have a convenient, user-friendly app. Failure to provide this should raise an eyebrow.

The mobile app of a betting site should offer everything that the site itself does. Naturally, though, this should be condensed into a smaller screen and package. A reputable betting site will still provide a welcome offer or deposit bonus if you use the app, and no different to a minimum deposit or other terms and conditions.

Best of all, a mobile app can be used anywhere. If you’re reliant on a website, you’ll need to be connected to the internet. An app offers no such restriction. Using an app, players can place an app anywhere at any time – perfect for when you receive an unexpected tip.

Variety of Payment Methods

You deserve the choice of how you use your money with an online bookmaker. The best betting sites will never restrict players to just one payment method. The more choice is available to you, the more you’ll enjoy a range of betting practices.

Betting online is a little different to handing over ‘real money’ to a bookmaker on the high street. You should have the option to use your debit card, or a bank transfer. However, the top betting sites will not restrict you to using your bank account. E-wallet services, such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Skrill or Neteller, should be available. Some UK betting sites will even allow bitcoin to be used for sports betting.

Check the terms and conditions that apply when using a different bet and payment method. Some online betting sites do not provide a free bet as a welcome offer to new players that use an e-wallet, for example, as they accrue fees in doing so. All the same, don’t lose sight of the fact that sites want your money. No matter what payment method for betting you prefer to use, you’re sure to find an online bookmaker that is prepared to meet your needs and desires.

One thing should be noted – no UK betting sites should ever allow you to place a bet using a personal or corporate credit card. This is illegal under the law of the land. UK customers have to use ‘real money’ that is accessible from a current account or e-wallet in that moment. If a betting site tries to circumvent this, walk away. They are clearly not working under the auspices of the UK Gambling Commission, so who knows what other skullduggery they are capable of?

Understanding of Sports Betting Markets

Sport is surely the most popular form of gambling in the United Kingdom. However, you may find that a bookmaker accepts bets on just about anything, including the latest plot twist on EastEnders or which song will top the singles charts next Sunday.

That’s fine, but make sure your choice of betting site specialises in sport – although on those in our online betting sites list. This will be the case with all the sites that we discuss. This remains important though, as it ensures that your online bookmaker will provide the best odds possible. Betting markets never remain static for long, and you’ll need a site that can keep up with the ever-changing landscape with all these popular betting sites

Minimum and Maximum Deposits and Withdrawals With Online Bookies

We checked out the terms and conditions of the main betting sites to see if they place restrictions on how much you can deposit or withdraw from your account any given time. You may find that your first bet is subject to a cap, for example. The offers provided by the betting site, including but not limited to minimum odds and free bets, may also play into this.

Maximum deposits can be helpful, especially for new customers. These will prevent you from over-committing to sites only to discover that first impressions were misleading.

If you’re a high roller, though, they can grow frustrating and restrictive. You should also check if a site will offer you a deposit bonus. The more money you place in your account, the more bet credits you’ll receive as a reward.

A minimum deposit can also be restrictive. If you just want to deposit 5 pounds, it can be frustrating to be told you need to double your stake. Equally, though, a minimum deposit may protect you from impulsive decisions. The best betting practice is to ensure that you only gamble what you can afford to lose. Constant small deposits into a betting account can quickly start to mount up before you know it. If you have to deposit 10 pounds every time, you may think twice about placing a bet that you’re on the fence about.

Minimum or maximum withdrawals should also be considered. If you find that an online bookmaker has a minimum withdrawal threshold, ask yourself if you’re willing to wait to access your money. If you have to reach a certain level of winnings before you can withdraw, the betting site could be essentially holding your money to ransom.

The same applies to a maximum withdrawal. If you win big, you’ll want to claim all of your winnings. If you have to withdraw it in drips and drabs, ask yourself if that is acceptable. There is little to gain by leaving winning sitting in the account of an online bookmaker when they could be in your bank account.

Immediate Deposit and Withdrawal Options

The whole purpose of online betting sites is that you can act quickly on a hot tip. This is especially prevalent in racing, but it could apply to any sport. If you want to make a bet quickly, make sure your online bookmaker of choice allows you to do so – you don’t want to be tied up in red tape while your bet is reviewed and approved. This may be acceptable to new players placing their first bet, but it should not be a regular feature of your online betting.

The best betting sites will also permit you to withdraw your winnings with equal speed. If you have won, check that the online bookmaker will let you access your money quickly and without quibble. Exclusions apply to this in some cases, such as a result being queried, but you should usually be able to gain access to your funds quickly. Nobody wants to wait 30 days for their winnings.

Live Streaming With Online Bookies

Live horse race streaming can be a fundamental part of the online betting experience, and it’s something that the leading betting sites UK will always offer. It essentially means that you can watch events unfold in real-time. Racing is the most common form of live streaming, but you may find a bookmaker that also streams football, golf, tennis. motor racing or rugby. Just think of the money you could save on a television package!

The purpose of live streaming is not entirely altruistic on behalf of them. By taking advantage of live streaming, punters will also one tempted to try their luck at live betting. In sports betting, things can change in the blink of an eye. Bookmakers understand this better than anybody and the markets are adjusted accordingly.

Live Betting Options

When it comes to sport, live gambling with online bookies is a major part of betting markets. This is most prevalent in football, or other sport events that unfold a little slower than racing. The odds will constantly change based on what is happening within a stadium or arena. All the results in our betting sites list have streaming options, this is now common with new betting sites.

If a football team is losing 3-0 at half time, for example, you’ll get long odds on them winning the match. Bet 10 pounds at this point and you’ll win more than you would have before kick-off if they pull off an unlikely comeback. This is the core purpose of live betting.

The reverse of this is another trick to bring in new customers. If a team is 4-0 up with two minutes remaining in a match, they’ll be odds-on to win. Even so, a sizeable deposit could still guarantee a small profit (or, at least, as close as it possible to a guarantee in sports betting!)

The same could apply to a boxing or MMA match. If a fighter enters the final round and has been pummelled until now, they’re looking likely to lose on points. You could place your faith in them landing one good blow and winning through knockout at longer odds, though. This is what makes live betting so exciting – anything is possible.

Free Bet Credits – Credits For New Customers & Existing Ones

Free bets (typically a welcome bonus for new players) are not just offered to new customers. The sites will also offer free bets to regular and loyal customers. Oftentimes, free bets are linked to a deposit to your betting account (bet credits for new players). Once you meet a minimum deposit threshold, you will likely be rewarded with free bets.

Free bets are a cornerstone of sports betting. While some terms and conditions may apply to free bets, they can be a great way for players to take a free hit on an unlikely outcome.

A bet credits stake on a giant killing in an FA Cup football match, or a rank outsider in horse racing betting race, could see big winnings for zero outlay.

As mentioned though, do check the terms of any free bets with online bookies and all betting sites UK to avoid disappointment. Online bookmakers are not in the business is giving away money for nothing, as that’s hardly an efficient business model. Your free bet stakes may be subjected to minimum odds or other restrictions.

A Range of Sports Betting Options With The Top Betting Sites UK

As we have intimidated, the best betting sites and online bookmakers will not restrict their customers to racing. While this will always be the cornerstone of UK gambling, but all sports should be considered fair game for online betting.

Take a look at the betting markets of all the sites available to you, and see what sports they cover. While all sites will likely cover racing, you may need to dig a little deeper to find online bookmakers willing to take bets on pre-determined ‘sports’ like WWE wrestling, or even more traditional sports like tennis. Most bookmakers supply a range of odds on an array of betting opportunities, though.

Enhanced Odds With The Best Online Bookmakers

Betting markets are defined by odds. Even new customers that rarely bet understand this. What may not be so familiar to novice gamblers, however, is the idea of enhanced odds.

Enhanced odds are, again, a way to attract new customers – as well as ensuring that regulars can benefit from the occasional perk and benefit. The concept of enhanced odds is to take what looks like a sure thing and turn it into a more appealing wager.

Enhanced odds rarely apply to racing – this sport is famously unpredictable. Imagine that you planned to bet on a tennis match though, and Roger Federer has been drawn against the British number 7 in the first round of Wimbledon. Without casting any aspersions on the fine sportsmen of the Lawn Tennis Association, a Federer win is as inevitable as death and taxes in this instance. This will be reflected in the odds.

Enhanced odds mean that, rather than the anticipated 10/1 on for a Federer victory, a bookmaker may decide to make it 5/1 odds against. Who wouldn’t take those odds? Bet 10 pounds and it will theoretically be the easiest ¬£50 you’ll ever make.

There will always be terms and restrictions to enhanced odds, though with those in our UK betting sites list. While they are widely considered a loss leader by online bookmakers, no business will last long throwing money away in such a fashion. Free bets, for example, are rarely accepted when betting against enhanced odds. Equally, don’t be surprised if returns exclude your stake and there are limits to how much you can wager.

Promo Codes

In addition to a welcome offer to new customers, many UK gambling sites and the best online bookmakers such as William Hill and Paddy Power offer promo codes. These can be exchanged for free bets or other perks, usually attached to a deposit into your online betting account. Take a look online for promo codes that can be used with a UK bookmaker. All the major names are constantly running campaigns. Just ensure you understand the terms attached.

Member of the UK Gambling Commission

Like all businesses that handle money and the data of UK customers, betting sites are regulated. In the case of betting, it’s the UK Gambling Commission that oversees bookmakers. The UK Gambling Commission ensures that you are betting safely and the bookmaker is heaving ethically.

The best UK betting sites are all members of the UK Gambling Commission, and we recommend only using a site that holds such accreditation. This ensures that online bookmakers play by the rules and laws of the land and protect their customers.

Good Odds and Best Odds Guaranteed

Best Odds Guaranteed, often simply known as BOG, is the equivalent of a pre-order price promise for online bookies.

Essentially, BOG means that you’ll receive better odds if these are higher at the onset of an event than when the bet was placed.

For example, a bet may have been placed on a football match a week two weeks in advance. If three of the team’s best players pick up injuries in this period, the odds of the team winning will lengthen. BOG ensures that this reflected in your bet, so you will not miss out on any winnings that you would have earned had to placed the bet at these longer odds five minutes before kick-off.

Money Back Bet Offers

Money back bet offers are basically another way for online bookmakers to offer free bets. It’s a great way to entice new customers or to tempt a gambling sceptic into placing their first bet. All the most established sites will proudly display money-back bet offers to encourage sports betting (full t cs apply).

Money back bet offers mean that, if your bet does not come in, your stake will be refunded. It’s that simple. This can make it less agonising if a nag falls at the final hurdle in racing, or a team concedes a debatable last-minute penalty in a football match.

These offers are not quite the same as free bets – you’ll still need to make a despot into your account and place a bet. All the same, the site will refund you your stake, so you’re no worse off. Money back bet offers are arguably the best betting practice for new customers that are turning their hand to sports gambling for the first time.

Self-Exclusion Policy

Any online betting site should provide you with the opportunity to enter into a self-exclusion agreement, as per guidelines laid out by the UK Gambling Commission. Essentially, this means that sites must block your account and give any money back to you that is owed.

There will still be willpower involved here. It’s surprisingly easy to access betting sites anonymously, and even the best betting sites in the United Kingdom are not omnipotent. However, under law, sites must do all they can reasonably expect to do to prevent you from using their service while under a self-exclusion agreement.

Good Customer Service and Support

You should look for a site which offers good customer service, either via chat or telephone. Most of the ones we mention all have a great reputation.

The Main Factors To Look For in A New Betting Site

In conclusion the things you should look out for include:

  • Sign up offer or welcome bonus to new players
  • A simple and easy sign up process
  • Live betting options
  • In play betting
  • A good coverage of sport around the world
  • Excellent customer support
  • A good overall betting experience
  • A variety of betting markets and bet types

In taking all these onboard we try to make sure you find a site you like – we hope our guide has given you all need to know to make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Online Bookmakers

Check out the most common questions we get asked about established as well as new betting sites in the UK:

Are all bookmakers legal in the UK?

As long as betting sites or online bookmakers are members of the UK Gambling Commission, they will be operating within the confines of UK law. Always choose a bookmaker that meets this criteria, for your own protection. Bet with a company outside of the UK Gambling Commission at your own risk.

What’s the best betting site in the UK?

That is for you to decide. The term, “best new betting sites” is essentially interchangeable with, “favourite betting sites.” There are countless online bookmakers for you to choose from. Take a look at the betting markets in real-time, assess who is offering the best odds, and see which makes it easiest for you to place a bet. Eventually, you’ll settle upon a favourite for all your sport betting needs.

How to choose the favourite bookmaker among all betting sites?

You will likely need to undergo a process of trial and error. Place a bet with a range of different betting sites and online bookmakers. UK gambling is a big business, and it offers plenty of choices. You should also review what perks and benefits you’ll get from signing up for an account with a particular bookmaker (open account offer, sign up offer or welcome bonus). Investigate how quickly you can access your winnings, how user-friendly the site our app is, what – if any – welcome bonus is provided to new customers, and how well the bookmaker appears to treat their players.

What is the safest online betting site?

If a bookmaker is a member of the UK Gambling Commission, it should be considered safe. Such bookmakers have a duty of care to their players, and if they fail to meet this, they will be consequences and repercussions. There are very particular best betting practices that all bookmakers, whether online or offline, must follow. New customers are probably best served to stick with a big name like William Hill to start with, though.

What are the best online sports betting sites?

Any of the betting sites that we have profiled in this guide are reputable in the realm of online sports betting, whether you are looking for a racing or football betting sites. It is not our place to recommend one over any other. Play around with them, and settle upon your favourite. There is nothing to say you cannot hold an account with more than one betting site at a time. Eventually, you will forge a relationship with a favoured bookmaker. One site may entice you with offers today, while another will provide something better tomorrow.

What is the best payment method for sports betting in the UK?

This is up to you. All the best betting sites will offer a wide choice of payment methods, and one is not necessarily better than the other. You could use ‘real money’ by betting through a debit card or bank transfer, or an e-wallet account to offer a measure of protection and anonymity.

New customers should check the terms attached to payment methods, though. Some sites will not offer free bets or a welcome offer to anybody that pays using an e-wallet, for example. There may also be restrictions to a minimum or maximum deposit to your online betting account based on your payment method.

What are the best sports to bet on in the UK?

That’s up to you. Racing will always be the most popular, but any sport is eligible for betting from a reputable bookmaker. The beauty of sport is that it always has the capacity to surprise. You may find that the longest odds provide the best returns, regardless of the sport that your wager is connected to. This range of betting options is what keeps bookmakers in business.

How do I report unethical treatment from an online bookmaker?

If you feel you have been treated unfairly by a bookmaker, take it up with them first. Like any business, your bookmaker will likely want to retain your custom and will try to make things right. If you feel your complaint is not being taken seriously or resolved, report the bookmaker in question to the UK Gambling Commission. It is best to close your account and apply for a self-exclusion agreement with the site first though, to protect your money.

Why do different online bookmakers offer different odds?

The odds provided by a bookmaker and betting websites are at their discretion. While most betting sites will be largely uniform, one site may have experienced a flurry of bets on one particular outcome and amended their odds accordingly.

Summary of Best Betting Sites UK

Sports betting is a big business in the UK whether that is racing or football betting, so you’ll never struggle to find a bookmaker willing to accept a wager with many offering a new customer offer, sign up offer or welcome bonus (with a first deposit) when you sign up. To decide which is best for you, bone up the terms and restrictions that may apply. As long as your choice of bookmaker abides by the rules of the UK Gambling Commission, you will be able to make a deposit and bet safely. Just always remember to gamble responsibly.

Check out the betting websites below which all have great sign up offers, good customer support, mobile betting options, offer a great betting experience, live streaming service options and more to give you a good betting experience.

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