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Betting exchanges offer customers the opportunity to buy and sell on the outcome of a sporting event. Punters love wagering on betting exchange sites because they can trade in real-time throughout the event.

In the UK there are many betting exchange sites to choose from such as Betfair Exchange, Spreadex, Smarkets, Sporting Index and many more.

Many high stake punters place bets on the betting exchanges as they are seen as the best no-limit bookmakers online.

We’ve put a comparison table together of the top online betting exchange websites so you can see what welcome offers and bonuses they have and compare all the betting exchange options. We hope you find one to suit your needs.

In our betting exchange comparison guide, we explain all the best features available and rate the best betting exchange sites recently updated in June 2024.

Find out more about exchange betting today:

Betting Exchange Sites UK

Best Betting Exchange Sites 2024

From our research here are the UK best betting exchange sites 2024:

  • Spreadex Get £35 Free Bets

    spreadex logo
    Spreadex is the only firm that allows users to wager on sports spreads and fixed-odds using the same account.

    New Customer Offer. T&Cs Apply. 18+. #AD Please Gamble Responsibly.

    Full T&C's Apply

  • Smarkets

    smarkets logo
    The Smarkets betting exchange allows you to back and lay with the best betting odds and lowest commission.

    Use code COMMFREE to trade with 0% commission for 60 days. Min. £10/€10 first deposit using Debit Card or Instant Banking. Full T&C’s apply.18+. #AD

    Full T&C's Apply


Betdaq is one of the most popular and biggest betting exchanges in the world.

When we compared Betdaq to Spreadex we found that was a much better solution for horse racing punters.

Here is our full review of Betdaq.

Betfair Exchange

The Betfair Exchange allows sports betting punters to wager bets against each other rather than betting against a traditional high street bookmaker or online betting website.

Betfair exchange portal allows bettors to “lay” bets and match against other customers for backing and laying horses.

Check out our full review of Betfair Exchange.

Why is Spreadex the Best UK betting exchange site?

Spreadex is the number choice in comparison to all betting exchange sites in the United Kingdom.

Spreadex has been voted the best UK betting exchange because:

  • Coverage of various sports
  • Highest odds on the market
  • Amazing sports betting app
  • Ability to deposit and withdraw with many banking methods

What are Betting Exchanges?

Betting exchanges are betting against other gamblers in a peer-to-peer trading system.

It means punters can offer odds to and request odds from fellow punters on the exchange. You basically set your own odds with an exchange site. Which many find exciting and dynamic. You basically become the bookmaker.

The betting exchange sites take a small fee for managing the trading system that allows punters to back or lay a selection (this is known as betting exchange commission rates).

Betting exchanges are becoming an increasingly popular and growing part of the gambling industry. They are gaining in popularity with many offering better odds and an experience that feels balanced and fairer, putting the odds and control back with the punter.

How does a Betting Exchange work?

The difference with betting exchanges when compared to standard bookmakers is that they allow lay betting.

Lay betting is backing a selection to lose rather than win.

This means that every bet that is placed on a betting exchange essentially consists of two bets; the first bet is backing the selection to win and the second is backing the same selection to lose.

The option of placing means that it is easier for punters to get a return on a bet if the betting odds shorten after they’ve placed their bet. Betting exchanges operate on a simple premise.

Why Bet on Betting Exchange Sites?

Bet on exchange sites if you want to have control over odds, set your own parameters and are looking for something different.

The best betting exchanges have much better odds than traditional fixed odds bookies online. The spread betting on the betting exchanges gives punters the opportunity to win more money on singles or straight bets.

If you are looking to win big money payouts and willing to take risks then look no further than the best betting exchanges.

Betting exchanges cuts out the middle man in the betting market and you don’t need to worry about the online bookmakers large profits.

How many Betting Exchanges are there?

There are 5 betting exchanges in the UK these are:

  • Smarkets
  • Betfair Betting Exchange
  • BetDaq
  • Matchbook
  • Ladbrokes Exchange

Each has its own perks and mobile betting so follow the links and read more and check if they are suitable for your needs as opposed to fixed odds betting. There are some betting exchange offers for new customers who are opening a betting exchange account.

Betting Exchange Commission Rates

Here are the following UK betting exchange commission rates for sports bettors wagering bets in the United Kingdom:

  • Smarkets has a betting exchange commission rate of 2% on winning bets only
  • BetDaq has a betting exchange commission rate of 2% on winning bets only
  • Matchbook has a betting exchange commission rate of 2% on net win
  • Betfair has a betting exchange commission rate of 5% on winning bets only

The Betfair Commission rate can be lower than 5% depending on the discount rate you have earned through your betting activity with them.

What are the Main Advantages of Exchange Betting?

The main advantage of exchange betting is:

  • The opportunity to place lay bets – a lay bet is placing a bet on a horse to lose rather than as winning bets.
  • The betting exchange odds are usually better and more attractive than with a standard bookie. This is because when a punter bets against a bookmaker, the bookmaker’s profit is factored into the prices they offer.
  • Losing bets are also not subject to charges.
  • Payment methods are varied and are what you would also expect from standard leading betting websites – this gives deposit funds a flexible outlook.
  • There is a range of betting markets to choose from when betting with online betting exchanges.

Most of these perks apply to any betting exchange site.

Facts about Betting Exchange Sites

  • Betting exchange sites are online platforms that allow users to bet against each other, rather than against a bookmaker.
  • Betting exchanges are not bookmakers, but instead act as a marketplace for bettors to find and match bets.
  • Betting exchanges offer a wide range of markets, including sports, politics, and entertainment.
  • Betting exchanges offer better odds than traditional bookmakers, as the odds are determined by the users rather than by the bookmaker.
  • Betting exchanges allow users to lay bets, meaning they can bet on an outcome not to happen eg. someone to lose.
  • Betting exchanges also allow users to place bets in a variety of currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD.
  • Betting exchanges offer a variety of features to help bettors make informed decisions, such as live streaming, in-play betting, and cash-out options.
  • Betting exchange sites are estimated to account for around 10% of the global online gambling market.
  • The UK is the largest market for betting exchange sites, accounting for over 40% of global revenue.
  • In the UK, betting exchange sites are estimated to generate over £2 billion in revenue each year.
  • Betfair, the largest betting exchange site, has over 5 million customers worldwide.

Betting Exchanges FAQs

✅ What are the Best Betting Exchange sites for customers residing in the United Kingdom?

The best UK betting exchange sites are:

  • Smarkets
  • Betfair
  • BetDaq
  • Matchbook
  • Ladbrokes

Check out of full review of these sites in our guide of the best betting exchanges sites. They are all covered by the UK Gambling Commission.

✅ Do all bookmakers offer betting exchange sites UK?

Not all standard bookmakers offer betting exchanges, the bookies who do offer a betting exchange are Smarkets, Betfair, BetDaq, Matchbook, and Ladbrokes.

✅ Who are the biggest betting exchanges in India?

The biggest betting exchanges in India are:

  1. Betfair Exchange
  2. Fun88 Betting Exchange
  3. Crickex Betting Exchange
  4. Dafabet
  5. Smarkets
  6. Spreadex

The Indian punters love the betting exchange, which is when players bet against each other instead of betting against the bookmaker.

The Best Betting Exchange Betting Sites Review Summary

We hope that you have enjoyed our Betting Exchange review.

We have looked at how betting exchanges work, a guide to exchange bets, the benefits over traditional bookmakers, the range of betting exchange markets, sports betting exchanges and more.

Exchange betting sites are limited to just five options at the moment but we expect more to come onto the market in the coming years. If you are looking for your first or a new betting exchange account then check out the ones listed up the page.

Subjects covered in our Online Betting Exchange and Best Betting Exchange Options Guide:

  • Betting exchange site options vs normal betting site options
  • Online betting exchange sites comparison for sports betting
  • Variety of betting markets for laying bets
  • Matched betting and multiple betting optipns