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Our licensing and regulation guide is dedicated to the regulatory aspects implied by UKGC for British customers.

Both the iGaming operators and players must obey the regulations and the importance of using a fully licensed platform.

Our legal dept at British Racecourses has analysed all sportsbook bookmakers to make sure our team only lists fully licensed and trusted betting companies.

We advise all punters to understand the gambling acts, licenses, and regulations to initiate a safer session.

UK Gambling Act 2005

The gambling sector has been regulated through the UK Gambling Act 2005, which was released in April 2005.

This act controlled all forms of this activity and transferred the authority of licensing from the magistrate’s court to local authorities, more specifically the Gambling Commission.

The UK Gambling Act 2005’s main objectives concerned preventing this form of entertainment from becoming a crime or disorder, guaranteeing that it is conducted safely, fairly, and openly, and most importantly ensuring the protection of children and vulnerable individuals.

Before implementing this act, this sector was legal under the common English laws, as stated by the government. However, as a consequence of the online sector’s development starting in 2007, the need for change became crucial.

UK Gambling Act 2014

The following Gambling Act 2014, which was voted in May of the same year came with tighter rules towards gambling. It stated that all gambling operators based off-shore had to apply for a UK licence granted by the UK Gambling Commission and submit a fee of gross profits to a 15% POC (points of consumption).

The outcome was a safer environment for children and protection of the user from unfair bets and withdrawal problems. Throughout the years’ other changes have been carried out by the organisation which had as the purpose of improving the gambling acts mentioned above.

UK Gambling Commission

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission regulates all gambling concerns in the Kingdom.

The UK Gambling Commission is the legal party that not only regulates and watches over online sportsbook betting companies but also get involved in case of conflicts.

Its fundamentals are to create a safe environment for UK players and to combat underage gambling.  On the other hand, there are also aspects that this executive non-departmental public body cannot do for its customers.

What are the activities that fall under its governance? See the list below:

  • Brick-and-mortar casinos;
  • Lotteries;
  • Arcades;
  • Betting shops;
  • Bingo events;
  • Remote casino play;
  • Remote lotteries and bingo;
  • Slot machines.

Dispute Resolution Agencies

UK Gambling Commission

The UKGC offers its customers an enquiry form which must be completed. This type of form shall also provide the organisation with the necessary information to take action, implement or change the legislation for a fairer and safer session.


  • Address: Independent Betting Adjudication Service, PO Box 62639, London, EC3P 3AS
  • Telephone: 020 7347 5883
  • Fax:020 7347 5882
  • Email:: [email protected]


  • Address: 2/F Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BD, United Kingdom
  • Email: [email protected]
  • ADR/Safe & Fair Complaints: [email protected]
  • Telephone: +44 20 7887 1480


As we have stated, our purpose is to guide our audience to a safer environment where they can start a session.

Consequently, we have compiled this page where we did not only present the organisation that is responsible for regulating and supervising gambling activities in the United Kingdom but also the rights and obligations.

We have explained each principle that permeates this industry and applies to both betting operators and members.

Furthermore, as we have highlighted above, in case a business or a player does not conform to the indicated rules, it shall initiate activities that can lead to the end the suspension of the activity.