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We look at everything from the daily horse racing at local racecourses to Royal Ascot and everything in between, including fun stuff, horse racing tips, free bets info and general horse racing information.

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Horse Racing UK Articles Overview

Our teams explore a whole range of subjects from horse racing tips to what to wear on your day out, check out the current ones now, simply click on the links to read more:

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What is horse racing known for?

Horse racing is an equestrian performance sport.

The runner and riders run over a set distance for competition.

It is a popular betting event for sports bettors in the UK.


Why are people obsessed with horse racing?

People are obsessed with horse racing for the following reasons:

  • Attending the amazing atmosphere at the UK Racecourses or Irish Racecourses
  • The betting aspect of horse racing with winning money
  • The adrenaline rush if you own a racehorse and it wins
  • The excitement of wagering bets and cheering the thoroughbred horse to win