What Is A Stewards Enquiry In Horse Racing?

A Stewards Enquiry is an enquiry in connection to a potential breach of the Rules of Horse Racing.

The Stewards Enquiry is held at the racecourse the race takes place by a Panel advised by the Stipendiary Steward.

The Panel investigates the breach and questions all jockeys or trainers involved.

While questioning the riders and trainer the Panel have available to them at least four camera angles of the race.

As they watch the race back from the four separate angles this probes more questions in connection to the breach of rules.

The Stewards Room cause tension to racecourse fans as they wait for the verdict to the Stewards Enquiry.


Why does a Stewards’ Enquiry Happen?



How do I know if a Stewards’ Enquiry has been called?

You will hear the famous “klaxon” is a Stewards Enquiry has been called.



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