Horse Racing Hurdles Guide

There are over 40 racecourses in the UK and Irish Racecourses that stage hurdle races.

So in this guide, we are going to cover the most famous hurdle races to the information you might not know.

What is a Hurdle Race?

A Hurdle race is a horse race where the racehorses jump over obstacles called hurdles.

The hurdles are typically made of a series of panels made of brush and are flexible.

Hurdle races have a minimum of eight hurdles.

The distances of hurdle races can vary from 2m up to 4m for staying hurdle races.

Most Famous Hurdle Races

The most famous hurdle races for horse racing are:

Are Hurdlers Faster Than Steeplechasers?

Hurdlers tend to run at a faster pace than steeplechases as the height of the fence being jumped is much lower.

The top-rated hurdlers jump low to the fence so do not break their stride of running.

Racehorses generally are flat runners until the age of 5 years old before going on to jumping hurdles and then at around 8yo jump the higher fences of chasing.

What are the dimensions of a Hurdle?

Hurdles are a minimum of three and a half feet high.

In horse racing, the timber hurdles are to be not less than 3 feet 6 inches from the top bar to the bottom bar.

The angle of the hurdle is such that the top bar is 37 inches above the ground.

Each flight of timber hurdles must be at least 30 feet in width.