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Welcome to our horse racing stats page.

At British Racecourses, we compile all the horse racing stats and essential information for punters.

The statistics are updated on a daily basis for all horse racing in UK and Ireland.

Our horse racing statistics show today’s horse racing meetings, in-form trainers and hot jockeys, the longest travellers who are racing today, today’s horses in first-time blinkers and much more, so you find to best bets of the day across all UK and Irish horse races.

In our Horse Racing Stats guide, we provide the facts and figures needed to assist sports bettors to create better judgements.

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Horse Racing Stats

Free Horse Racing Statistics

Here is a full list of statistics we update on a daily basis for punters:

Non-Runners Today

Having today’s non-runners updated on an hourly basis is key information when studying the form, so you know who is going to be competing in a race.

Check out the racehorse stats of all non runners today.

A to Z List of Horses Running Today

Horse racing fans (particularly those with racehorses they are tracking) always like to check the full a-z list of declared runners each day.

The entries of today’s runners and riders are commonly searched by punters wagering bets online.

Check out the horse racing statistical data of all declared runners today in alphabetical order.

A to Z List of Horses Running Tomorrow

Declarations for tomorrow’s runners and riders are great to see in alphabetical order.

The entries of tomorrows’s runners and riders are researched by sports bettors looking to get on the price early and try to find value the day before the horses are running.

Find our full list of racehorses declared to run tomorrow.

5 Day Declarations

The five-day entries are great for horse racing fans to track their favourite horses or those that they think are likely to win.

Find all the runners and riders entered at the 5-day declaration stage.

In Form Trainers

Punters love to check the form of the horse racing trainer to see if their recent form stats are good.

Sourcing a trainer in a rich vein of form is important when making your selections.

Check out the horse race stats of the in-form hot trainers which showcase recent runs, wins and strike rates.

If the horse trainer is among the winners, it is a good sign the yard and stable are hitting form.

In Form Jockeys

Sports bettors enjoy checking the form of horse racing jockeys to see if their recent statistics are good.

In-form jockeys ride with confidence and horse racing punters love to place bets on jockeys on a winning streak.

Check out the horse race stats of the in-form hot jockeys which will see the strike rate of wins in their most recent runs.

Blinkers for the First Time

Punters are always on the lookout for horses in 1st-time blinkers because the statistics show it seeks a huge improvement when first wearing the application of blinkers.

Sports bettors believe there is good value on the price in the betting markets of first time blinkered horses

Blinkers are a piece of headgear used on racehorses to try and help them concentrate during a race.

The blinkers are used to make sure a horse focuses on what is going on ahead, as the blinkers stop them from seeing behind them or to the side.

Check out the horse racing statistics for today’s horses with first-time blinkers.

Visors for the First Time

The application of a visor is similar to wearing blinkers in assisting the horse to concentrate on racing more.

A visor has a slit cut in the side of them, so the horse is able to see something adjacent to them.

Many horse racing trainers apply a visor to try and turn a horse’s form around and the visor headgear gets their horses to concentrate.

The horse racing stats show the application of a visor can bring improvement to the racehorse form for some who are not concentrating on the job.

Check out the horse racing statistics for today’s horses with first-time visors.

Daily Horse Racing Tips

The top-rated tipsters for horse racing events provide NAP selections and a great resource to find the winners.

Check out the horse racing statistics for the best bets of the day.

Most successful tipsters show a profit on the NAP selections and the wins-to-runs strike rate is amazing when you study statistics.

How Can Tipsters Use the Horse Racing Stats for Punting Pointers?

Professional tipsters are always looking for horse racing stats and predictions to help assist their expert selections on the races.

The racing pointers help with the analysis and provide hints and tips that horse racing predictors can use to provide punting pointers.

Using all the research provided on horse stats, jockey stats, longest travellers and free data sources helps give a better analysis of the outcome of today’s horse races.

Summary of Horse Racing Statistics

Our horse racing statistics help savvy punters learn how to find the winners, get the best prices, study the form book and find out important daily information on entries running today or tomorrow.

Our data and figures allow you to quickly find the potential winner of every horse race calculated by analysing thousands of historical races.

The belief is that studying the statistical data will help shrewd backers get an edge because “history regularly repeats itself”.

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