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Many of the best horse racing tipsters are deemed shrewd punters by online bookmakers.

A shrewd sports bettor actually makes money betting and is a profitable punter.

The shrewd punters will consider themselves to be professional gamblers and all talk about the concept of ‘value betting’.

In our Shrewd Punters guide, we explain how shrewd bettors get one over the bookies regularly and why bookies regularly ban shrewd punters from placing future bets.

Why Do Shrewd Punters Win?

The top-rated tipsters are profitable every year and there comes a point it cannot simply be based on luck.

When questioning the successful tipsters about their shrewd gambling systems they all put the success down to finding value, value, and more value in the betting odds.

Value betting is finding angles where shrewd punters believe the odds compilers have got the predicted outcome wrong.

When the value is to be had in the betting market shrewd sports bettors will exploit the odds and wager money on the selection.

What Statistics Do Shrewd Bettors Use?

Here is a list of articles with stats that shrewd punters use to try and find angles where horses could improve or provide value in the betting market.

The statistics are related to horse racing in the UK and Irish races.

How Do You Know If You Are A Shrewd Punter?

If you are considered a shrewd punter you will have your betting accounts shut down or heavily restricted on bets you can place.

Many professional gamblers study how to prevent betting accounts from being suspended for winning too much money.

When shrewd punters have the gambling app gubbed they usually turn to no-limit bookmakers like Betfair Exchange or Spreadex.

When a shrewd punter bets with an online bookmaker the firm is alerted and can cut the price instantly

If your bet stakes are limited it is safe to say the betting company is treating you as a shrewd bettor.

Why Do Bookmakers Limit Bets for Shrewd Punters?

Bookmakers close accounts or limit bets because of the following business plan objectives:

  • Bookies’ objective is to deliver superior shareholder returns
  • Betting and gaming activities are the core of our business model
  • The betting framework is designed to drive sustainable value for our shareholders

Shrewd punters who win money gambling are affecting the shareholder returns and profits and for this reason, they will restrict bets.

Popular Questions

How do you make money punting?

To make money punting and being a profitable punter is by backing selections that are under-valued by the market, and avoiding or opposing those which are over-valued.

Profitable punters understand the probability of the outcome and learn to create their own odds on the likelihood of an event.

Any betting odds they feel are “value betting” is where they will wager money on.

Can you make a living off punting?

Professional gamblers can make a nice living off placing bets on sports betting.

Shrewd punters have careful staking and careful selecting when placing bets online.

But the truth is the majority of gamblers lose money because they chase losses and do not understand finding value in the betting odds market.

Can sports gambling make you rich?

Sports betting is unlikely to make you rich unless you become one of the most successful bettors in the world.

Only a small percentage of sports bettors are profitable and as betting companies can restrict bets from profitable punters it can be become hard to make a lot of money gambling.

What Are Common Names For Shrewd Punters?

Here are some common names for shrewd punters:

  • Astute bettor
  • Clever gambler
  • Sharp-witted player
  • Savvy bettor
  • Wise punter
  • Discerning gambler
  • Smart player
  • Calculating bettor
  • Knowledgeable punter
  • Crafty gambler
  • Strategic player
  • Skilled bettor
  • Sharp-eyed punter
  • Intuitive gambler
  • Tactical player
  • Judicious bettor
  • Resourceful punter
  • Slick gambler
  • Canny player
  • Proficient bettor

Most bookmakers are cautious of taking large bets from astute gamblers because they have a profitable betting strategy.


Many sports bettors feel that account closures and restrictions are something that is happening too often.

But the betting companies are set up to make a profit and any shrewd punters who prevent the company from making money must be banned.

If you are a gambler looking at ways to improve your profits the most successful tipsters all recommend finding “value bets”.

Wagering bets can be profitable if you research and study the horse racing form to make calculated decisions on the selections you punt on.

As bookies are looking to make money then they are scared to accept bets from a profitable punter because, from a business point of view, this goes against their objectives.