Banned from Bookies

Punters are shocked when they find out bookies can ban online betting accounts or even bet in UK betting shops for some people – this often happens for customers who are winning too much.

Bookmakers are ultimately businesses and they are not legally obliged to take bets.

Have you been gubbed by bet365, gubbed by William Hill or gubbed by Paddy Power and wondering why your accounts are closed or heavily restricted with bets? Many online sports bettors are sourcing betting companies with no limits to allow high-stakes bets.

Find out more today about being banned from a bookmaker, including the reasons this can happen, how to avoid it and also how to ban yourself if you feel your betting is out of control.

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What is Being Banned by A Bookmaker?

It is as it sounds, a bookmaker will stop accepting bets from an individual and impose a betting ban on them.

A bookmaker can give you a ban for a certain period of time or a lifetime ban if they see fit.

This decision is entirely up to the discretion of a bookmaker; as a business it is up to them who they choose to do business with.

Although betting is a hobby and pastime to most, it is obviously business for a bookmaker and the choice of who they “do business with” is theirs.

A person may find themselves banned from their local bookies or their online horse racing betting account for a number of reasons which we explore below. We think they are all very valid – although it seems unfair to be banned when winning too much, especially if this is all fair and above board.

Reasons For Being Banned From A Betting Shop

The most common reasons for being banned from a betting shop are:

  • Aggressive or rude behaviour towards staff
  • Aggressive or rude behaviour towards other patrons
  • Winning too much – especially if it is considered that you have inside information or an unfair advantage
  • If they think you are a professional gambler
  • Irregular or suspicious betting patterns
  • If the bookie feels you have a problem and are trying to curb this and help you

Reasons For Being Banned for Online Betting

The most common reasons for being banned from betting online:

  • Winning too much
  • Irregular or suspicious betting patterns
  • If the bookmaker thinks you are a professional gambler
  • Gubbing – read more in our what is gubbing? article
  • If the bookie feels you have a problem and are trying to curb this and help you

How To Avoid Being Banned By Bookmakers?

Some of the reasons are fair enough, if you are rude to staff in a betting shop we think you deserve a ban and if you have a perceived problem we think you should be getting help, but if you are a legitimate punter and are banned for winning too much that can seem unfair.

The best techniques to stop getting banned by the bookies for this reason are:

  • Spread your bets across multiple bookies (keeping bet amounts below a £500 stake ideally) – essentially have multiple online betting accounts or visit different local betting shops. Basically, diversify bookies, so sign up with Betfair, William Hill, Ladbrokes, bet365, Unibet etc.
  • Stake bets in round numbers – you are less likely to look like a pro-punter then.
  • Place your fixed odds bets early
  • Place some Acca bets with multiple selections
  • Avoid gubbing

Can I Ban Myself From The Bookies?

If gambling is a problem for you and you’re gambling beyond your means, or it is just causing your anxiety and stress, you should stop.

All of the leading UK bookmakers are fantastic with helping problem gamblers – then will close your account quickly, freeze an account, impose time outs, impose gambling limits and more, all to allow you to bring this problem under control.

Here are British Racecourses we are strong advocates of responsible gambling, follow the links on our pages to get professional help if you think that you need this.

Popular Questions

Can betting sites ban you for winning too much?

Betting sites can ban you for winning too much because they are a profit-making business.

If the bookie feels you are winning too much, placing suspicious betting patterns or are a professional gambler they can decide to ban or limit the activity.

Most UK sportsbooks do ban or severely limit sharp bettors for winning on football betting or horse racing bets.

How to avoid being banned by bookmakers?

The best ways to stop being banned from bookmakers are:

  • Don’t abuse free bet bonus offers (bonus hunters)
  • Leave some funds in your betting account
  • Place plenty of bets
  • Use the Betting App (professional gamblers mainly work from desktops)
  • Place Accumulator Bets (Football Accumulators or Horse Racing Accas)
  • Play Casinos and Slot Games (showing you play bingo, slots and casino helps the account)

Why do bookies restrict accounts?

Bookies restrict betting accounts if they are winning too much money from their bets placed.

Online bookmakers want to accrue lots of punters who regularly lose whilst restricting those that win.

The business plan for betting companies is to take your bets if they think you are going to lose in the long run.

Summary of Being Banned From a Bookmakers

Customers get banned from bookmakers for a whole range of reasons as mentioned above.

As covered, this can be due to a variety of reasons from being rude to staff to winning too much. We think being banned for winning is tough – especially if you are having a lucky streak or doing well with your betting.

On the other hand please remember to always gamble responsibly and when the fun stops – stop!

Banned Betting Account Alternatives

Here are all the alternative betting accounts from bookmakers you have been banned from.

All of the above sports betting sites come highly recommended by both fun and professional punters. There are many bookmakers to choose from at the moment, but you can rest assured that the ones above are all safe and regulated by the Gambling Commission for peace of mind.

A bookie can decide to ban or limit the activity of a player who has won more money to put it simply. This isn’t surprising as bookies are part of companies working to make a profit, so it isn’t really all that weird when a bookie decides to ban a player who has won a lot of money.

As the Founder of British Racecourses, I have a life-long passion for horse racing and have loved the sport as long as I can remember. I am also a keen racehorse owner and have worked in the gambling industry for several years. I set up British Racecourses with the desire to share my passion for racing with other like-minded people.