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Opening multiple bookmaker accounts is perfectly legal and is something that’s often given as advice from industry experts.

There are many reasons why shrewd sports bettors open and wager bets on multiple betting accounts in the UK and it’s certainly something you should know.

Opening up multiple betting accounts with the same bookmaker can lead to account closure, but opening multiple accounts across several bookmakers can help you hedge your bets amongst the best horse racing betting bookmakers.

In this Multiple Bookmaker Accounts guide, we will explain why opening multiple sportsbook accounts across different bookmakers is a savvy option.

Multiple Betting Accounts Benefits

Here are the benefits of opening multiple bookmaker accounts:

Welcome Bonus

The betting sites’ welcome bonus is an amazing promotion for new customers with many providing free bets, it’s completely free and there are no tricks required.

Providing free betting accounts offers is great for punters and costs bookmakers a lot of money to incentivise signing up.

There’s a good reason why bookmakers generally make these a one-time deal and you can only have your card registered to one account at any one time.

If you have multiple accounts across different betting companies, you can enjoy as many of these sign-up welcome offers as you like.

Odds Comparison

The betting odds between various UK bookmakers can fluctuate and savvy bettors try to source the bookies with the highest odds.

The slightly higher betting odds when wagering a bet can make all the difference between a highly profitable and a low-quality bet.

Comparing the odds is like being able to choose the best prices from all of them on your laptop or mobile phone.

We strongly recommend researching the Tote SP Guarantee which provides pool betting dividend payouts and guarantees at least the starting price – so is amazing value.

Special Offers

Ongoing betting promotions and special offers can vary between bookies.

Having more betting accounts means more access to various promotions like:

When opening multiple betting accounts, you get to choose the best of the best.

User Experience

When you have multiple sport betting accounts you can start to use the brand you personally have the best experience with.

Some punters are superstitious and like to experience the same practices of previous winning bets.

The user experience of the mobile betting apps or dashboard on the betting website can influence bettors where they prefer to bet.

Having different experiences to compare which betting company they like the most is a key factor.

Betting is supposed to be all about improving your sports experience so having a great user experience with your preferred bookie is important.

More Choice

The more betting accounts you are registered with the more choices you have on plenty of sporting events.

Here are some examples of bookies offering more choices:

Having several bookie accounts gives diversity and more choices to choose from, these tricks are completely legal and ultimately broaden your horizons. We encourage players to make the most of what’s on the market, this idea could offer you more deposits bonuses.

Account Restrictions

Most bookies apply limits on the amount you can bet, especially if you are a profitable gambler.

The no-limit best bookies are Tote Betting App and Betfair Exchange which have no limits on bets wagered.

Bookmakers are a company set up to make a profit and if a customer is winning too much, they may restrict the amounts you can bet or just delete your betting account completely.

Having multiple sports betting accounts allows you to fly under the radar more and avoid being penalised or limited. You cannot get permission for multiple accounts at one bookie and IP addresses will be picked up by the provider.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage sports betting is legal, but you run the risk of having your betting account closed as against bookies’ terms of service.

Arbitrage Betting is where you take advantage of a price difference between different markets.

Professional gamblers find a set of outcomes, where full odds would come to less than 100%. As a result, you gain a profit no matter the outcome. This is often done via matched betting techniques and tricks (all completely legal). You can make multiple matched betting accounts across different platforms.

Experienced matched bettors educate others with “multi-accounting matched betting strategies” and how opening matched betting multiple accounts for sportsbook can look to guarantee profits on a certain outcome.

If you are looking to open multiple betting accounts we recommend visiting the following pages:

The guides above provide all the trusted and licensed betting companies we recommend for opening multiple accounts at different bookmaker sites.

As an online sports gambler if you only want the top 5 betting apps here is our list:

  1. Bet365 Mobile App
  2. Tote Mobile App
  3. SkyBet Mobile App
  4. Betfred Mobile App
  5. Spreadex Mobile App

How To Open Multiple Betting Accounts

Here are the steps to opening multiple betting accounts:

  1. Click on the bookmaker free bet promotion of your choice
  2. Register a new account
  3. Add your ID information
  4. Deposit and wager the initial bet
  5. Receive a free bet welcome bonus
  6. Repeat the process with the next betting account

Once you have several betting accounts you can compare the market for odds and special offers.

Information Needed To Open New Betting Accounts

Bookmakers required the following information to open a new betting account:

  • Username: Your name on the site and often part of your log-in process
  • Password: Each site has its own rules on passwords, with restrictions generally there to ensure a certain standard of security
  • Date of birth: This is to verify you are above the legal age for gambling, which in the United Kingdom is 18
  • Mobile number: This contact detail is required so that the bookmaker can contact you if there are security concerns regarding your account
  • First / Last name: Provide your full name
  • Address: Your address, among other things, assures that you are from a country where the bookmaker is licensed to operate
  • Currency: Choose your preferred currency
  • Deposit Limits: You may also be asked to place deposit limits, although this could also be requested during the deposit process instead
  • ID: As part of KYC (know your customer) they can ask for proof of address, driving license, and password
  • Bank Card / Debit Card: Even on no deposit-free bets the bookmaker can ask to attach a valid bank card to the account, you may need to add your bank accounts or e-wallets to your account

Licensed bookmakers need to follow the rules to operate and “Know Your Customer” procedures for opening an account are important.

Why Can You Not Open Multiple Accounts With the Same Bookmaker?

Opening multiple accounts with the same bookmaker is known as “gnoming” and accounts will all be shut down if you are caught.

There is no legal grey area where this is concerned, bookmakers identify multiple accounts and close yours down even if it is not technically illegal, it is identified as bonus abuse.

Gnoming involves customers creating new betting accounts under someone else’s name after a betting platform has either banned or placed restrictions on their account.

Multi-accounting (gnoming) is operating against strictly set out terms and conditions and bookies will wipe out the winnings within them.

At British Racecourses we only promote fully licensed betting companies and do not recommend trying to open multiple accounts with the same bookmaker.

Opening multiple bookmaker accounts with different bookmakers is perfectly fine and a much safer practice to hedge your bets. It will allow punters to enjoy the benefits of having multiple accounts without the fear of getting caught and facing any repercussions.

There are cases where players open multiple accounts on one bookie, when doing so, you will need to answer to the bookmaker’s team. This is a problem and these cases will end with players having their account shut down due bonus abuse.

Duplicate Accounts Business Terms and Conditions

Here are some example bookmaker’s terms and conditions for duplicate betting accounts:

  • You may only have a single Account at any one time.
  • If we have reason to believe that you have opened or are associated with more than one Account, such additional Account(s) will each be classified as “Duplicate Accounts“. Examples of being ‘associated with’ more than one Account include (but are not necessarily limited to) using someone else’s Account, using someone else’s Account details, or having multiple Accounts at/under the same physical address and/or email address and/or IP address). Same IP address will be found.
  • We are entitled to close the Duplicate Account, leaving you with only the original Account (unless we have reason – for example if you have deliberately or fraudulently opened more than one active Account – to close all your Accounts)
  • We are entitled to treat all bonuses and/or free bets using the Duplicate Account, and all winnings accrued from any such bonuses and/or free bets
  • We are entitled to void all future bets/wagers on the Duplicate Account (and all winnings accrued from such bets/wagers)
  • To the extent that we are not able to fully recover the amounts we have paid out to your Duplicate Account(s), we may recover any such amounts directly from your original Account and/or from any other Duplicate Account held by you or on your behalf

The duplicate accounts T’s & C’s Apply set of rules are always important to follow as you would not want a winning bet to be voided for fraudulent activity.

Popular Questions

Is opening multiple betting accounts across different bookmakers illegal?

It is not technically illegal to open multiple betting accounts across different bookmakers in the United Kingdom.

Bookmakers will state that multi-accounting is not allowed in their terms and conditions, which is opening multiple accounts with the same bookmaker.

It is legal to open multiple accounts and you are free to bet on as many properly licensed gambling sites as you like.

Use our tips to stay legal and to offer yourself the best chance of winning; it’s a good idea to sign up at different bookies.

Will I get in trouble for making multiple betting accounts with same bookmaker?

If you create multiple accounts with the same bookmaker you are deemed to be working in a fraudulent manner or cheating so you will risk having all your accounts closed permanently.

Bookmakers strictly say one account per person.

You can only have your card registered to one account at any one time. If you don’t remember any of the details for the old account, you can try and retrieve your password.

Does opening multiple betting accounts ruin your credit score?

Gambling accounts do not show up in your credit report and won’t directly impact your credit score.

Lenders consider more than your credit report while assessing your creditworthiness so be careful with many withdrawals on your bank statements to gambling companies. This will impact your score and be shown on your bank account.

Some gamblers withdraw money to the following places so does not show on bank statements:

Can You Have 2 Betting Accounts With The Same Bookie?

Here are t&c’s for each of the major bookies about having two betting accounts:

Can I have 2 Sky Bet accounts?

You can only register one Sky Bet account. Users cannot make multiple accounts on one bookmaker.

The single Sky bet account can then be used across all of their Services. Whether you sign-up from your mobile device, computer or from your friend’s device, you cannot register more than one account. This also includes using multiple accounts on different browsers.

Our advice is that you stick to just one account but sign-up at multiple bookmakers.

Can you have 2 Paddy Power accounts?

You can only have one Paddy Power betting account.

You can only have your bank account card registered to one PaddyPower account at any one time.

The one Paddy Power account can be used for sportsbook, bingo, casino and online slots.

If you don’t remember any of the login details for the old account, you can retrieve your password using “Forgot Password”.

Known for their cutting-edge software, they are a sought-after casino site.

Can you have 2 bet365 accounts?

Every user is limited to one account at bet365.

The bet365 terms and conditions say “Customers may open only one account. Should we identify any customer with more than one account, we reserve the right to treat any such accounts as one joint account.”

Duplicate accounts at bet365 can be permanently closed and any winning bets voided. Bet on the horses and dogs with their vast market.

Can you have two Betfair accounts?

Betfair only allows one account per customer.

The single Betfair account can be used for all activities including sportsbooks, exchanges, casinos, lottery and online bingo. You will be able to play roulette, blackjack, cards, craps and just about every other game you can imagine.

If you have forgotten the username or password of your existing Betfair account, you can retrieve using the forgotten password feature.

Can you have two Ladbrokes accounts?

Ladbrokes only allow one account per bookmaker.

You can never have two accounts at the same time with

Opening a second betting account is against Ladbrokes terms and conditions.

Can you have 2 Coral accounts?

Coral’s terms and conditions strictly state it is only permitted to have one Coral account.

Once you have successfully completed registration at, your information is saved to Coral’s database and no further registration is permitted.

In the event of further registration based on false information, Coral is entitled to close the additional Coral account.

Play poker, slots and a range of table games at Coral with this exciting prospect. They also have markets for racing dogs and horses.

Can you have 2 Tote accounts?

Only one account is permitted per customer.

By opening an account with Tote, you enter into a legally binding agreement with Tote betting company.

Punters try to exploit opening multiple Tote accounts to leverage the Tote Free Bet welcome bonus.

Can you have 2 William Hill accounts?

Only one William Hill account is permitted per customer, you cannot open several accounts.

You cannot sign up on another computer or mobile device. You are also unable to use a device of a friend to sign-up – you can only use one account.

You can have multiple betting accounts across as many bookmakers as you like.

But you’re not allowed to have more than one betting account with the same bookmaker like William Hill. Play card, craps, lottery, poker, or racing with horses and dogs both available on their markets.


There is no rule to prevent you from signing up to as many betting sites as you wish and enjoying multi-accounting, it gives you the chance of multiple accounts matched betting.

Opening multiple accounts increase your potential winnings through exposure to more promotions, markets, and more competitive odds.

The benefits in the United Kingdom for ongoing betting promotions are great and having several bet accounts can give incredible diversity in bonuses on offer in April 2024.

Utilise multiple bookmakers with several accounts to capitalise on every chance that you can, not only will you hedge bets but it provides lots of options, game variety and a range of promotions.

There is no grey area – you can open various accounts at several bookmakers but you cannot open several accounts at one bookmaker’s site.