Greyhound Bet Types

There are a number of greyhound bet types you can place to make the spectacle of watching the dog’s race even more exciting.

Like other forms of betting, you could try to predict who the eventual winner will be, but there’s so much more to track racing than that.

Amongst the greyhound bet types which you might place, the most popular ones include;

  • Win bets
  • Place bets
  • Show bets
  • Win/Place bets
  • Win, Place and Show bets
  • Exacta bets
  • Trifecta bets
  • Reverse forecast bets
  • Trio or treble forecast bets
  • Pick six bets
  • Multiple bets and accumulators

Greyhound Win Bet

A greyhound win bet means exactly that; you place a bet on the dog you think will win the race. This is probably the most simple and straightforward type of greyhound racing bet that you can place, as it means you have to do very little in terms of previous research.

There is always a favourite for a race, and this will be reflected within the odds that you’re offered. Those dogs that are perceived to be at the back of the field will receive much more attractive betting odds, but if their chances of actually winning are slim then you may be wasting your money. Of course, there’s always the chance that they come from nowhere and win – in a which case you too will win handsomely.

Choose your winning greyhound, place your bet, and keep your fingers crossed!

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Greyhound Place Bet

Another option when placing your greyhound bet is the greyhound place bet. Which is when you chose a dog come in first, second or third place. The dog doesn’t have to win the race for your bets to come in, it just has to finish within the top three. Obviously, the odds for choosing this option will be significantly less attractive than betting on an outright winner. However, it does give you the opportunity to gamble with a little bit of security. After all, a small return is better than no return at all, right?!

What does Each Way mean in Greyhound Betting?

You may have heard the term “each way” linked with horse racing, but what does each way mean in greyhound getting? Basically it means exactly the same thing; the only difference is the animal that is racing.

So, what is an each-way bet? It is when you can place a bet that will allow you a little bit of wiggle room if you are not 100% confident that your chosen greyhound can win the race outright. Effectively it’s two bets on the same dog – half of your stake goes towards the dog winning the race, while the other half goes on a place position. If the dog wins and comes in a place then you win twice. If it doesn’t win but places then you’ll still win the placing side of the bet. Each way bets make a great insurance policy so you don’t come away with just your bus fare, but the odds don’t tend to be amazing.

Greyhound Forecast Bet

A greyhound forecast bet is when you try to predict the future. Don’t worry, it’s not as daunting as it sounds! There are a few different forms of forecast betting and they all come with their own odds and rules.

  • Straight forecast – All you do when placing a straight forecast bet is decide which dogs will win and come second in the correct order.
  • Tricast betting – You must predict which dogs will win, place second and place third in the correct order. Which is extremely hard to predict but the odds reflect this and you can walk away with a full wallet if you get this right.
  • Exacta – Essentially it’s just like the Straight forecast, only there is a minimum £2 stake and the amount you win will differ in every race because it is based on the Tote pool dividend.
  • Trifecta – Trifecta greyhound betting is the same as Tricast bets in that you have to predict which dogs will place first, second and third in the correct order. The main difference is that there is a minimum stake of £2. Much like the Tricast bets, it’s hard to predict, but the returns you will see for a winning stake will reflect this.

Reverse Forecast

The reverse forecast bets are, as the name suggests, a variation of a straight forecast and trifecta forecast formats. You still have to choose which dogs come first, second and third, but with a reverse forecast bet it doesn’t matter which order they finish in. As long as you correctly predict the names of the dogs that finish within the top 3, then your bet will be a winning one.

Greyhounds Trio Betting

The greyhound’s trio bet is another name for tricast betting, and it’s when you must correctly predict the placing of the top three runners. This is where the ‘Trio’ part of its name comes in.

However, just to confuse things there is also a betting method known as ‘All ways’ Trio betting. This is where you are betting on three greyhounds but the bet is split six different ways. You are betting on those three dogs finishing in any order in the top three, so it’s very much like an extended version of a reverse forecast bet.

It is a more popular greyhound bet types because it covers a lot of bases, so you have a much greater chance of a return on your stake.

Greyhound Accumulator Bet

If you really feel like throwing caution to the wind then the greyhound bet type for you is the greyhound accumulator bet. This is where you try to predict the outcome of multiple greyhound races at the same meeting.

Which is the sort of bet where you are able to stake a pittance and walk away with a life-changing amount of money? For example, if you bet 30p on the outcome of ten races and the odds are 1,666,666-1, then you’ll win a cool half a million pounds!