Tote Exacta

The Tote Exacta works like a regular forecast bet from any bookmaker, with the aim of the bet to correctly predict the first and second in a horse race. 

The tote price works the same as any other tote bet; with the prize pool being divided by the winners.

There are slight variations on the bet such as a straight forecast and a reverse forecast, which we explore.

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What is a Tote Exacta Bet?

It is a bet where a punter tries to predict the first two in a horse race. 

Before the exacta, there was a dual forecast, but the exacta replaced it. There are two types of Exacta bets – a straight forecast (where you can predict the results in the precise order) or a reverse forecast (where you predict the top 2 in any order).

Obviously predicting the exact result is tougher but it also means that the payout and rewards are better.

As with all tote betting, every bet is put into one pot and the payout is a division of the total pot amongst the winners.

Types of Forecast Bet in an Exacta

There are two types of exacta bets:

  • Straight –  which is referred to as a single exacta, with this bet the punter has to correctly guess the order of the runners that’ll place 1st and 2nd.
  • Reverse – also called a combination exacta, whereby the punter has to pick the 1st and 2nd placers, but this can be in either order. It’s technically having two bets in one bet (basically two straights). One where you pick horse Y and then horse Z in anticipation that in bet one, horse Y will win and in bet 2, horse Z will win.
  • If that’s too simple a bet for your taste then you’re able to add a third horse into the mix and make things really complicated. So the bet then comes X-Y, X-Z, Y-X, Z-X, Z-Y.

Banka Exacta

The banker, known as the banka exacta is where you choose a horse you believe will win and additionally up to three runners that you feel will place 2nd. So when a banker runner (X) is involved +3 others for 2nd place it goes X-Y, X-Z, X-ZZ.

Not all bookies are into tote-syndication and offer a tote bet, particularly online betting sites, so they’ll likely just put up individual prices and have a similar type of bet themselves.

General rules of the Tote Exacta

  • £2 minimum bet
  • If you’re a big spender, it goes up in multiples of 10p
  • You’re allowed to go up in multiples to attain the minimum £2 bet requirement
  • If you’re unlucky enough to get a non-runner in your race, your bet is void. Also in this instance, favourites that aren’t named are not all
  • Perms and combinations are acceptable, in the same denominations above
  • Dividends are rounded to the nearest £1
  • You can bet on any UK horse race with 3+ runners

How about Non-Runners?

Typically when a non-runner comes up in a race a punter is given the favourite instead. This is usually how it goes with placepots, quadpots and scoop 6 betting.

If you’re unlucky and you get an NR in a straight exacta you’ll get a refunded stake because your bet becomes void.

If you get a NR in a combination, you’ll only see a refund on sections with an NR in it.

Three Runner Combination

If you’re betting on a three runner combination (totalling 6 bets) and you get one NR, you therefore only have 2 good runners. So you only have two bets. So 4 are void thanks to an NR and you see your money back for those 4.

Four Runners

If you have 4 runners, so technically 12 bets, and one NR, leaving 3 survivors, you get refunded for six bets.

It’s pretty easy to work out when you’re looking at exacta bets.

Final Word on Tote Exacta

The Exacta is fun and popular bet, especially in races where there is a hot favourite and punters are trying to look for the placed horses in behind.

The Totes win pools are often quite generous so check out this bet type today and see for yourself!

Good luck and remember to bet responsibly at all times.

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