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The Tote Text Betting service was a huge benefit according to shrewd bettors who voted Tote to be the number one horse racing betting company in May 2024.

Being able to wager bets via the Totepool SMS service is a simple and fast way to bet with Tote.

In our Tote Text Betting guide, we will explain everything you need to know about text betting at Tote.

What is Text Betting?

Text Betting is the ability to place bets by text message.

The benefit of text betting is it saves the hassle of needing to log into a mobile app or website and navigate your way to your bet.

The Tote text betting service recognises your mobile number and you can send your bet via SMS messaging.

Tote Text Betting UK

Wagering bets via text betting costs the same as a standard text message and will be charged at the standard network rate.

Text message betting is quick and easy to place your bets.

How do I get started with Tote Text Betting?

Register a Tote betting account here to receive the bet 5 get 20 welcome bonus.

Tote Text Betting BETS VIA SMS TEXTS
Tote Text Betting

New customers online only. Only valid with code B10G40 on registration. £10 min stake on racing pools (if EW then min £10 Win + £10 Place) placed within 7 days of registration. Receive £20 Tote Credit, £10 Free Sportsbook Bet and 50 Free Spins on selected game within 48 hours of qualifying bet settlement. 7-day expiry. Qualifying bet is the first racing pool bet added to the bet-slip. 18+. Full T&Cs apply. T&Cs apply.

Full T&C's Apply

As you have registered your Tote Betting App account, add your correct mobile number registered against it.

Text 68683 from your mobile phone and message your selection and stake.

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started with Tote Text Betting:

  1. Create a betting account with your mobile phone number registered against it
  2. Make sure you have a bet balance in your tote account to cover your bets
  3. Add 68683 to your contacts list on your phone and save it as TOTE
  4. Write a message in a simple format, similar to writing out a betting slip in the betting shop
  5. Tote text you back with a receipt to confirm the bet is on and your current balance

The 68683 text message number is 6-TOTE if you spell it out in the letters on your keypad.

How to Place Your Bets Via Text Message

Here are some examples of what to text for different types of bets:

Win Bet

Simply specify the horse name without mentioning “win” or the race details. For example, “5 Tiger Roll”

Avoid using currency symbols, as the system recognises your account’s currency. Additionally, mentioning the race is unnecessary since providing the horse’s name is sufficient for identification. You can keep your instructions minimal without unnecessary pleasantries to save time.

Your bet will be settled at the higher of the Tote Dividend plus 10% or the Starting Price (SP). Rest assured, you will never receive less than the SP.

Here is how to place a Totewin bet via SMS text message off your smartphone device:

  1. Register your mobile number to your Tote betting account
  2. Make sure you have enough balance in your tote account to cover your Totewin bets
  3. Text 68683
  4. Write the message in a simple format like “5  Tiger roll ”
ToteWin Text Betting UK for Win Bets

For more information check out our guide to Tote Win Bets.

Each Way Bet

To place an each-way bet, you can use the format “5 ew Tiger Roll” or any standard shortened version commonly used on a betting slip.

Remember to include a space between your stake and “ew” for clarity.

You can also write “5 each way tiger roll” as the system recognises all the standard shortened versions you’d use on a betting slip in the bookies .

Keep a space between your stake and the “ew”.  The system likes spaces between instructions.

Straight Exacta

When placing a straight exacta bet, list the horse names with spaces in between.

For example, “5 exacta Tiger Roll Magic of Light” or “5 fc Tiger Roll Magic of Light” will result in the same bet.

No need for commas or other punctuation.

For more information check out the guide to Tote Exacta bets.

Combination Exactas

For combination exactas, specify the stake amount followed by the bet type and horse names.

For instance, “2.5 exacta combination Tiger Roll Magic of Light” or “2.50 rfc Tiger Roll Magic of Light” will place the same bet (total stake of £5.00 in this example).

The system recognises various formats without the need for specific punctuation.


Similar to the exacta, trifecta bets follow a comparable format. Use the horse names with spaces in between.

For instance, “2 trifecta Tiger Roll Magic of Light Rathvinden” or “2 tc Tiger Roll Magic of Light Rathvinden” will place the same straight trifecta bet with a stake of £2.

For more information check out the guide to Tote Trifecta bets.

Combination Trifectas

To place a combination trifecta, follow the same format as the exacta combination. Specify the stake, bet type, and horse names.

For example, “0.5 ctc Tiger Roll Magic of Light Rathvinden” or “0.50 trifecta combination Rathvinden Magic of Light Tiger Roll” will place the same combination trifecta bet (6 x 50p bets, totaling £3.00).

Why Is Tote Text Betting Good?

The sports betting community has voted the tote pool sms feature to be amazing because of the following benefits:

  • Much faster to wager bets via text than logging into the bookmaker’s website or mobile app
  • Hard on racecourses to get a WiFi connection to connect to betting accounts – while SMS is available
  • At high-traffic areas like Football Stadiums, 3G or 4G is non-existent but text bets can be placed
  • Tote Text Betting service makes it easier than ever to place a bet – at the touch of a few buttons your bet is on
  • The main advantage of SMS betting is that you can travel abroad or anywhere without requiring an Internet connection
  • Telebetting and Textbetting service was requested by sports bettors in the UK
  • Dial-A-Bet and Text-A-Bet is a quick, reliable, and secure ways to place your bets with Tote

Important Information for Totepool SMS Betting

  • There’s no need to write “win”.  The system will default to win.
  • There’s no need to use currency symbols.  The system knows what currency your account is in.
  • There’s no need to tell us what race it’s in.  If you use the horse name we’ll find it.
  • No need for the words like “please” or “thank you” as the algorithm will start looking for horses called Please & Thank You.  Keep it minimal.
  • Keep a space between your stake and the “ew”.  The system likes spaces between instructions.
  • The system knows the Tote equivalent of a forecast is an exacta.  If you ask for a forecast (or fc) it will give you the exacta.
  • You just need spaces between the different horses.  No need for commas or other punctuation.

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When wagering bets via the Tote Text Betting service your bet will be settled at the better of the Tote Dividend +10% or SP.

The 10 percent higher payout is known as the Tote Plus bonus.

Having the odds settled at the higher price dividend amount or starting price is known as the Tote Best of Both SP Guarantee.

The process of sending a bet via text message is simple ad convenient for customers.

Popular Questions

Do I need a separate Tote account for Text-A-Bet Service?

Your existing Tote betting account can be used to place bets by SMS text messages.

The Tote Pool SMS betting feature knows your phone number and you can send your bet via SMSing.

Just need to send your stake, bet type, and selections to 68683 (spells 6-TOTE on your keyboard).

What can I bet on with Tote Textbetting service?

With Textbetting service you can wager the following bets:

  • Tote Win
  • Tote Place
  • Tote Exacta
  • Tote Trifecta
  • Tote Placepot