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The Tote Best Odds Guaranteed is called the “Tote SP Guarantee” or “Tote Guarantee”. It pays out the #bestofboth where you will get SP payouts if the Tote dividend is lower or pay the Tote dividend if it is greater. Find out more in our review.

Tote is an established bookmaker with lots of promotions and offers, their latest addition is best odds guaranteed.

This allows you to make the most of the odds on horse racing events and get your hands on the best prices, whether that’s an early price or starting price.

Tote Guarantee - Better Than SP On Every Race

We talk you through the best odds guaranteed and how to make use of it at Tote. aaa

What does Tote SP Guarantee mean?

Tote Guarantee means customers benefit from extra value as you either get paid the Tote dividend (price) or when Industry SP exceeds the pool price you’ll get topped up to match it, meaning you’re guaranteed the best price at the off.

Here are some benefits of the Tote Guarantee:

  • Tote Guarantee means you will always get paid out at least SP on Win bets
  • Where the Tote dividend is greater than SP, you’ll get paid the bigger amount
  • Tote Guarantee applies to the Tote Win and Win part of each way bets on all UK & Irish races
  • Available online at or website and via the Tote betting app

Is it better to bet fixed or Tote?

Betting on the tote is better than fixed odds because often a horse pays more on the tote than what you backed them at the fixed odds price.

With the Tote SP Guarantee now you will never be paid out under the starting price odds and this means you get the best of both in terms of winnings.

You never really know what betting odds you’re going to get until they cross the line. The tote price is also subject to big late bets, which can alter the odds significantly.

But with the Tote Guarantee now punters know they will at worse get the starting price.

Does Tote have Best Odds Guaranteed?

Tote offers SP Guarantee or the higher dividend pool betting value (similar to the Best Odds Guaranteed promotion) for all racing at UK racecourses and Irish racecourses.

They have lots of great horse racing coverage and you can place bets with peace of mind.

Take advantage of the Tote Guarantee, so that the Tote will always pay at least SP on Win bets and if the Tote dividend is greater, we’ll pay out at that price.

Tote SP Guarantee

We’ll always pay at least SP on Win bets and if the Tote dividend is greater, we’ll pay out at that price.,, Tote App and selected UK and Irish racecourse customers only. Promotion applies to Tote Win and win part of each way bets on all UK & Irish races. Limits apply. Full terms and conditions apply. 18+

Full T&C's Apply

Want to try out an amazing bonus offer on the Tote?

You won’t need to rummage through the site for a code or opt-in option. Instead, you can simply enjoy the UK and Irish horse racing and this guarantee will be automatically applied.

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On all pools where this promotion applies winning bets will be settled (subject to any limits described or referenced in these terms) at the greater of the industry starting price (“SP”) or the standard dividend which is available to customers placing bets on Tote Channels or Racecourses (“Standard Dividend”) both on win bets and the win element of each way bets (“Tote Guarantee”).


For bets on Britbet Racecourses, this promotion is issued by Britbet Racing LLP (“Britbet”), a company registered at 75 High Holborn, London, WCIV 6LA, United Kingdom with company number- OC413330). Britbet is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (Number: 000-051021-N-328608-001).

What Bookmakers Offer Best Odds Guaranteed?

A number of the best online bookmakers also offer Best Odds Guaranteed, this includes: