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Knowing how to fill in a Betting Slip is important because if you make a simple mistake, you could end up losing a lot of money.

With so many various bet types and different betting slip designs from bookie to bookie, we feel it is important to explain everything you need to know about betting slips.

Writing a betting slip is not as obvious as it might sound, especially if you’re a newcomer to gambling or have only wagered online before.

Betting Slips

In our betting slips guide, we provide all the information needed to get your head around betting slips in bookmakers.

What Are Betting Slips?

A betting slip is a piece of paper used for recording and tracking your bets wagered.

Betting slips represent the paper record of your wager with your preferred bookmaker.

The written information on betting slips for horse racing includes all your selections, odds, time of race, and wagering stake.

There are two types of betting slips:

  • The traditional paper version betting slip
  • The online version of Betslip (similar to the online shop’s cart page)

Each betting operator will have a different branded betting slip in their shops.

Betting Slip Designs

Here are all the different betting slips from various bookmakers:

  • Betfred Betting Slip Designs
  • William Hill Betting Slip Designs
  • Ladbrokes Betting Slip Designs
  • Coral Betting Slip Designs
  • Tote Betting Slip Designs

All high-street betting shops need betting slips for punters to place their bets.

William Hill Bet Slips

Here are some different William Hill horse racing bet slips.

William Hill Betting Slips UK

The William Hill bet slips are prefilled with horse racing selections and stakes on the betslip.

William Hill Horse Racing Bet Slips UK

Find out more on the guide to William Hill Betting Slips.

What Information Is Needed On a Betslip?

Here is the essential information needed when writing a bet slip:

  • Time of race
  • Name of horse
  • Betting Odds (if you do not want to take SP)
  • Bet Type
  • Stake Per Bet
  • Total Stake

All bookmakers require the same key bits of information so it is easy for bettors when they know the details to write on a bet slip.

Some sports betting events will be pre-printed slips designed for a special event with simple tick boxes, but more often than not they will be generic forms with blank space to fill in yourself.

How do betting slips work?

To place any type of sports bet, whether on the internet or in a high-street local bookie, you’ll need to use a betting slip.

A betting slip is a paper or electronic form that records the bets you place.

You’ll be given a betting slip as a receipt for bets you have placed in traditional bookies.

When wagering bets online your betslip will be listed under “My Bets” or “Open Bets”.


Betting slips of paper, usually white, are found along the walls of the bookmaker or on the tables in the shop.

If you are inside a local bookie and cannot find the betting slip to suit your bet type you are able to write the selections on a blank bet slip and name the bet type you want to place.

Once your bet is made at a licensed sportsbook, it’s your property, and you may do as you please with it, including selling it if someone wants to purchase your bet in running.

Almost all bookmakers will explicitly state that once a bet is placed, it cannot be voided.

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