PayPal Betting Sites

When it comes to paying for your online betting, you’re likely to want a payment option that is quick, easy and painless to top up? Well, look no further than PayPal.

Paypal is used by many people to pay for goods and services every day but did you know that you can use your trusty Paypal account to transfer money to your online betting sites in a safe, secure and discreet way?

Well read on now to find out how you can do this and the many benefits of using a Paypal account to pay money into your betting accounts today.

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Paypal Deposit for online betting

Best Paypal Betting Sites in October 2021

Based on our research and betting reviews, the best online sports betting accounts that accept Paypal in October 2021 are the ones listed below. All of these offer Paypal as a bet payment method as standard and they operate in the same way as making a deposit from a bank account or credit card.

We’ve based our list below and have chosen these sites not just because they accept payment via Paypal but have also ranked them on a number of factors; from the strength of opening deals, current bonus codes, ease of use etc. All factors that we consider important when choosing a new betting site:

About Paypal – How it Works

A worldwide payment method that needs no introduction, PayPal allows customers and businesses to make money transfers quickly, effectively and most importantly securely. Using Paypal is becoming more and more popular for a whole variety of reasons.

For those who don’t yet know Paypal, it essentially works by storing a person’s money (which is drawn from their bank account in a safe online account) – it is basically an e-wallet. And for those you don’t know what that is – it is a digital version of your own physical wallet, where digital funds can be connected to your own bank or card and used to make purchases or place bet.

From this e-wallet, payments can be sent to companies, businesses, friends and family etc.

Such payments are processed and sent quickly. Many people like this method of payment as it means that an individual’s financial and banking details are not directly revealed to the merchant and the person receiving the funds, whilst the payments are also sent and processed quickly. Opening a Paypal account is also easy – with a variety of deposit method options (the most popular being a debit card).

Why Should You Use PayPal For Online Betting?

There are many benefits to using Paypal as a payment option for sports betting sites – the most obvious benefits are:

  1. Ease of payment – release money at the click of a button.
  2. Security – once an account is set up there is no need to continue to enter card details online.
  3. Anonymity – you can bet more privately from your account and it won’t show on bank statements.
  4. Free to send – most transactions are free of charge.

We explore all of these in a bit more detail below.

The Benefits of Paypal Payments for Betting Online

While many online betting sites lead with standard UK payment options, namely debit and credit cards many of the main high street names now accept payments from Paypal.

Betting sites and betting apps that accept Paypal are therefore becoming more popular.  Sites that accept this payment method are hotly sought out because of the sheer ease of use – compared to other methods. Once you have linked your Paypal account to your favourite betting site or sportsbook, you’ll always be able to fund your account easily. The main benefits of Paypal payments to betting accounts are:

1. Easy Betting Payments

Paying for your betting online should be quick, painless and should give you complete control, this is especially the case if you are live betting – you don’t want to miss that horse racing tip or next goal scorer.

2. Secure PayPal Payments for Sports Betting

Betting with PayPal is not just easy but most importantly secure and safe. You basically just transfer money from that account straight into your betting site. This means that there’s no need to re-enter any awkward card numbers or to worry about whether or not you have cash available – especially if you are the sort of person who always keeps your e-wallet topped up with a healthy amount of digital credit!

3. Anonymous – You don’t have to give out your financial details

When betting and using more normals deposit methods – such as bank transfers, debit and credits cards, these transactions show up on your bank statements. Some people are fine with this but others like you fact that these deposits (and any winnings and withdrawals) can all come from and go into one account, meaning they can be easily tracked and traced.

4. Mobile friendly

Most payment methods are mobile-friendly but the benefit of e-wallet payments such as this is speed and that you don’t have to enter card details, expiry dates and 3 digits on the reverse! This makes it perfect for mobile betting apps as well.

5. Free to send – no fees

Paypal payments are free of charge and no fees are charged.

5. Exclusive offers

Some PayPal online betting sites may even lead with deals that boost certain odds – it’s always worth keeping a close eye on things!

6. Customer Service

If something does go wrong with a deposit you can quickly contact Paypal who are normally very quick to respond and rectify any mistakes. They are often much quicker than standard banks and credit cards who can take a longer amount of times to issues and confirm refunds or payments.

For all these reasons, you can see why it is one of the most popular ways for punters to make deposits into their online betting accounts. Check out our list of the top PayPal betting accounts at the top of the page

How to Deposit Money From PayPal into A Betting Account

Follow our simple steps to deposit money from Paypal into your account today:

  • Make sure you are logged into your online betting account
  • Head over to the deposit section or page of your chosen bookmaker.
  • From here you and see and select PayPal as your desired payment option
  • Simply enter the total amount of funds you would like to deposit into your UK betting account
  • Confirm this amount
  • Now you will be automatically redirected to your PayPal account where you will see your Paypal balance need to log in and authorize the payment
  • Done!

Remember most betting sites accept Paypal but our teams have done the hard work and highlighted the best ones at the top of this page.

How to Withdraw Money and Winning Back To Your Paypal Account

  • Log in to your bookmaker account
  • Go to the withdrawal page and choose PayPal as your preferred method
  • Enter the amount you would like to withdraw and confirm
  • Done! The money should be in your account within 48 hours

How to Bet With PayPal – What Do You Need?

It’s super easy. Of course, you’ll need a PayPal account with funds in your account and an active online betting account, you then just transfer and make the payments as you would any other deposit. Skrill and Neteller also work in a similar and simple way and many accounts also accept this form of payment.

Which Bookies Have PayPal Betting Accounts?

Many websites and high street brands have now opened up PayPal betting options so that players and punters can easily access games and odds with just a handful of virtual cash. You can bet on football online as well as volleyball betting sites and many other sports by using this simple transaction method. All the sites we list are covered by the UK gambling commission to give you peace of mind.

This option is extremely attractive to those players who may not be keen to use their credit or debit cards for such transactions – and, in our opinion, e-wallets offer the safest and most secure checkouts online. Therefore, a site that leads with this type of funding and offers great bonus offers is a site that is well worth getting into.

We love the fact that there are no so many PayPal betting sites that have adopted the payment method as a primary funding and withdrawal source – it certainly makes things much easier and more efficient for thousands of betters up and down the UK.

Gamble Online with PayPal

If you are looking to gamble online with PayPal, please see all the best betting sites that offer PayPal on the table above. PayPal is a popular choice, as it has been around for a good number of years. It was established back in 1998 and was available to the public in 2002. Digital pay is quite a new thing, but PayPal continues to improve year on year.

You can find that precautions against fraud have been introduced, like the optional security key and more. If you would like secure gambling, we would certainly recommend PayPal as a good option.

Setting Up PayPal – Step by Step Guide

  1. 1 Choose your account type and enter your details. There are two different PayPal account types: personal and business. …
  2. 2 Link PayPal to your bank, debit or credit card. You can choose to link PayPal to as many of your bank accounts, debit or credit cards as you wish.

Paypal History – A Brief Company Overview

PayPal history begins back in 1998 when it was established as Confinity by Max Levchin and Peter Theil. In 1999 it was launched as a platform for transferring money and received its initial public offering in 2002. Its rise to fame came when eBay acquired PayPal in 2002 for $1.5bn

Frequently Asked Questions and The Best Paypal Betting Sites

  1. Is Paypal safe? Yes it is. Many people choose to use Paypal because of this and make payments for good and services on a mobile device or PC every day.
  2. I don’t have Paypal but I have other e-wallets – can I use them? Yes, you can. When you use an official and recognised electronic wallet both deposit and withdrawal are easy – with no withdrawal restrictions. It is easy to see why this form of payment is getting so popular in general.
  3. Will I still get a welcome offer? A good question and yes online gambling offers for new customers and existing ones will normally still stand with this type of payment – this can include a free bet – a qualifying bet (or a free min bet deposit) may apply but that is normal. Options such as a welcome bonus, which can be placed on any sport are also still normally included.
  4. How long do withdrawals and deposits take to show in my account? Normally 24 hours, with a  debit card it can be longer, so the quick withdrawal and deposit times are a great way to keep on top of your accounting?
  5. Can you gamble online with PayPal? Yes, online gambling is permitted using a Paypal account with most of the top online bookmakers,
  6. Can you pay with PayPal on Skybet? Yes, you can deposit via Paypal to a Skybet account, it is a Paypal betting site.

Responsible Gambling

Whichever method you use to pay and whichever website you choose to gamble and play with please bet responsibly and within your limits. Remember, when the fun stops, stop!

Popular Questions

Can I use Paypal for online betting?

Yes you can, most betting sites now accept this type of payment, for a full breakdown of the best ones visit

Can I use PayPal on bet365?

Yes you can it is one of the most popular and growing forms of ways to pay for online betting, due to its ease of deposit and other benefits.

Is Paypal safe for sports betting?

Yes – very! Safety is one of the main reason why punters are opting for this type of payment for online betting.

Do you you pay fees when betting with Paypal?

Not normally – but it this can differ from bookmaker to bookmaker, so we always advise before depositing.

What's the best PayPal betting site?

The best Paypal betting sites are bet365, William Hill and Ladbrokes. Read more in our guide.

Can you use PayPal for sports betting?

You can use PayPal for sports betting, check out the payment options with your preferred betting website.

Summary of Betting Accounts that Accept Paypal Deposits

Using Paypal rather than a bank account is a great and increasingly popular way to send money to a betting site. Betting with Paypal is easy, with speedy deposits and withdrawals and it’s easy to see why this form of payment is gaining in popularity across the UK for online betting. Betting sites that accept will offer the same perks and bonuses to new customers and new players in general as well.

Other Online Betting Payment Methods

Aside from Paypal there are lots of different payment methods available to you when you are betting online, such as transfers from a standard bank account – find out more about them today: