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We review the best ecoPayz betting sites in April 2024, check out all the information you need today.

ecoPayz may be just one of many e-wallets used on betting sites but it is one of the few that allow you to enjoy sign-up bonuses. Whilst it took a while for this digital wallet to become popular with users – and then a familiar feature on major betting sites – ecoPayz is finally receiving the recognition it deserves.

Many betting sites now accept ecoPayz, check out the best ones below or read on to find out more information about this popular betting deposit method. Could this be a new deposit method for your betting?

Find out more about ecoPayz betting sites.

EcoPayz Betting Sites

Best ecoPayz Betting Sites in 2024

The best ecoPayz betting sites in April 2024 are covered in more detail on our UK best betting sites page.

What is ecoPayz?

ecoPayz is an all-around electronic wallet for use online.

That means that ecoPayz does not concentrate exclusively on betting – consumers, many have been using it to pay for their internet and online purchases for a while. However, if you’d like to keep an eye on your winnings and wagering, you may wish to set up an ecoPayz account. This payment method makes your online betting easy to keep track of.

Like any e-wallet worth using, ecoPayz is available all over the world and betting with ecopayz is simple and easy. This is one of the reasons that an increasing number of online bookmakers are starting to accept ecoPayz as a deposit method and ecopayz betting sites are becoming more and more popular.

With the aid of this online account, you can bet on the Kentucky Derby from your living room in Kettering or Newmarket racecourse from New York!

ecoPayz has also teamed up with Western Union, one of the largest online payment portals in the world.

ecoPayz was the first e-wallet to be welcomed into the Western Union network, and this collaboration ensures a level of safety and security in your online betting that gives peace of mind and protection.

ecoPayz is popular with betting sites as it is safe and speedy.

When placing a wager online, time may be of the essence. You could have received a tip at the eleventh hour, or maybe you’re just feeling lucky. This means you’ll want an easy and rapid method to get in touch with online bookies.

Simplicity and speed are two of the primary benefits of ecoPayz betting.

You can use ecoPayz on any smart appliance, so you will not struggle to access your account. It could not be easier to use this payment resource from your mobile device.

Making a deposit and withdrawing your winnings is just a thumb swipe away. Naturally though, the same can also be said of the competitors like PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. What sets ecoPayz apart from the countless other e-wallets vying for your business?

ecoPayz comes up trumps against stiff competition because it is trusted implicitly by online bookies. This means that you’ll enjoy the benefits of ecoPayz betting online, such as a welcome bonus that may involve horse racing free bets. Due to the transparency of ecoPayz, bookmakers are not exposed to risk when somebody bets using an ecoPayz account.

The same cannot be said for other online payment methods, especially those owned by PaySafe. Online bookmakers saw a wide array of fraudulent accounts created using these services, leading to entrepreneurial scammers helping themselves to a welcome bonus of a free bet – claiming winnings without ever spending a penny on stakes. It is always best to check any privacy policy.

Naturally, that hit the bottom line of the bookie – which never goes down well. Skrill and Neteller are off the table for many bookmakers now, and PayPal tends to cripple a bookmaker with fees. These costs are then often passed onto the customer. At best, you won’t receive a free bet or two as a perk for signing up using an alternative electronic wallet.

ecoPayz remains safe for punters and bookies, so those welcome deals remain in place.

Here are some of the reasons to use ecoPayz as your method for betting online:

  • Security – ecoPayz is a secure payment method. We’ll elaborate on this very shortly, but in a nutshell, ecoPayz is regulated by the FCA. This means you can set up an ecoPayz account without any risk to your personal information, including your bank account.
  • Sign-Up Bonuses – sign-up bonuses are a popular sweetener for signing up to an online betting account. What good are these perks if you can’t capitalise on them, though? The likes of Skrill are no longer used in conjunction with bonuses on most sites, but using ecoPayz will ensure you enjoy your perks. ecoPayz offers the best of all possible worlds; a safe and legitimate account, one step removed from your personal details, that still allows you to enjoy sign-up bonuses.
  • Fair Fees – check out the fees charged by ecoPayz. We’d all prefer a free service, but they are hard to come by in the modern world. ecoPayz is a business, so it’s only fair to charge for their efforts. Thankfully, ecoPayz offers a great deal to both customers and bookmakers – their fees are much more reasonable than most competitors. Take a look at which Ts and Cs apply for more information.
  • Availability – over the years, this business has been growing fast. You can now use ecoPayz in over 160 countries. ecoPayz also supports 45 currencies, so you can fill your ecoPayz account with pounds, euros, dollars and more besides.
  • Accepted by Numerous and the Best Betting Sites – the gambling industry can sometimes be a little conservative when it comes to new tech, so it took ecoPayz a while to establish itself in the betting niche. Now, however, countless reputable sites and new online bookmakers accept ecoPayz as a payment method. ecoPayz is fast becoming the new normal.
  • Ease of Use – like most e-wallets, ecoPayz is easy to use. You can top up your account by logging in from any phone, computer, tablet or smartwatch, betting with your favourite ecoPayz bookmakers from the same device.
Ecopayz Betting

How to Use ecoPayz

Registering an account with ecoPayz is simple. Just to make life even easier, you can do so by clicking through our link. You will be required to prove your identity but that’s to be expected by any legitimate electronic wallet service. It’s also why online betting companies are happy to accept ecoPayz – it’s almost impossible to set up a fraudulent account and scam a bookie using ecoPayz. Sorry, fraudsters.

Here are things that you need to verify your identity before you can start enjoying ecoPayz and claim your sign up bonus, such as free bets:

  • Your Name and Address
  • Bank Account, Bank Transfer or Debit Card Information (no credit cards – these are banned for use on gambling)
  • Further ID & Proof of Identity
  • Your E-mail Address

This may sound overwhelming at first, in fact, all and the best ecoPayz betting sites are not asking for this data to pry into your private affairs, though. These details are for your security. It is to be expected for an account of this magnitude.

Once the account has been set up, you can use it for all your ecoPayz betting. Wherever you settle after shopping around for deals on betting sites that accept ecoPayz, you’ll only need to enter your details once.

You can keep track of your wins and deposits using ecoPayz too, as you can concentrate on one account. You’ll only have to change your details when your debit card expires – and even then, it’s as simple as updating the card number, expiry date and security code information.

Secure Betting Deposit Method

As you will see above, ecoPayz takes a number of measures to secure your account from malevolent external influences. This is just as well, as electronic wallets are replacing debit cards as the most popular payment option for online shopping.

If a site was hacked and you were using your debit card, you could be a victim of identity theft. ecoPayz betting sites protect you from this risk. Hackers can only access a digital wallet, no bank account and identify information. We’re not saying that’s a good thing, but it’s certainly safer than the alternative.

ecoPayz sites are also subject to numerous rules and regulations. A security full team, dedicated to the safety of your funds, will monitor your account and provide peace of mind.

ecoPayz is also regulated by the FCA and is one of the most secure options available in online betting. ecoPayz bookmakers should always be given serious consideration when gambling online, even if there will be fees involved. Ts and Cs apply though, so give them a read online.

Using ecoPayz for Online Betting

ecoPayz has spent years perfecting their service and they now offer a worldwide service. You can enjoy this online wallet on countless sites. All of the best online horse racing bookmakers accept ecoPayz as a payment option. If the site fails to do so, give serious consideration to looking elsewhere.

It’s advisable to use the ecoPayz deposit method, selecting this prior to making a payment. This makes it easy to manage your money. You are always free to use any other options if necessary, though. There is always more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to online betting. Always take a look at what Ts and Cs apply before parting with any cash.

In addition, if you use ecoPayz betting sites online you’ll be privy to the welcome promotions and bonuses. This may involve a free bet – or several – or various other perks. It may take a little time to register with ecoPayz, but you can then use your account on many of your favourite sites.


Below are some of the most popular asked about this popular way to pay for betting:

1. What Betting Sites Accept ecoPayz?

William Hill and Betway are the most well-known bookies who accept ecoPayz.

Not every online gambling resource accepts ecoPayz at the time of writing, but most of the reputable sites do for your sports betting needs. It’s in their best interests to do so, as customers feel more secure using this payment method. Shop around and find an ecoPayz-friendly online bookmaker – it won’t take long and don’t forget at the top of this page we list the best ones accepting them, so they are definitely worth checking out today.

ecoPayz betting sites are getting more and more popular.

2. What Fees Do ecoPayz Charge?

The fees attached to ecoPayz vary, depending on what you using the site for and what level of account the online bookie has signed up for.

For the most part though, ecoPayz fees are much more reasonable than their competitors. Check out which Ts and Cs apply when using this payment method, as this will include the fees involved.

3. Will I Get a Free Bet if I Sign Up for a Betting Site Using ecoPayz?

You will get a free bet sign up with ecoPayz.

The free bet is arguably the biggest carrot to opening any online gambling account. Everybody likes something for nothing, especially as a free bet can offer pure profit. Most online bookies will allow you to cash in on a sign-up bonus if you use ecoPayz as your payment method which is great news, again check out those at the top of the page.

4. Why is ecoPayz Better Than PayPal, Skrill or Neteller?

Many consider EcoPatz better than Paypall, Skrill and Neteller due to the protection it offers them, though. We have written dedicated reviews of those payment types as well so do check them out so that you can make an informed decision.

5. Can I Still Gamble Online Without an ecoPayz Account?

Of course, you can.

Online bookmakers are a business, and businesses want to make money with live betting options. All sites will accept debit cards, bank transfers and other online wallet transactions (but not a credit card). ecoPayz remains one of the most secure though, in addition to offering sign-up bonuses that other methods cannot guarantee.

Popular Questions

What’s the best ecoPayz betting site?

The best ecoPayz betting sites are William Hill and Betway.

How do I use ecoPayz to make a betting site deposit?

To use ecoPayz on a betting site you will need to have funds in ecoPayz wallet, then you simply select this as a payment option on the betting site.

Is ecoPayz accepted at all betting sites?

ecoPayz is not accepted on all betting sites, although it is becoming more popular.

Check out our list of online bookmakers to compare the ones who do.

How do you use an ecoPayz bet?

To use ecoPayz bet:

  1. Go to the ‘Deposit’ section on the betting website.
  2. Select ecoPayz as the payment method.
  3. Insert the amount you wish to deposit.
  4. Insert your username and password and press “Next” or “Submit” button.
  5. The funds will be deposited.

Do you need a bank account to bet with ecoPayz?

You don’t need a bank account to bet with ecoPayz but you will need ID for proof of identity and address (bank statement and photo ID will suffice).

You will also need access to the email address that the account is registered with.

Summary of Betting With ecoPayz

A well known and popular form of payment ecoPayz is now accepted by all major online betting sites, meaning your sports betting needs are totally looked after.

A quick way of depositing monies it is especially popular for live betting events as racing, football and tennis.

Our guide has looked at the many pros and cons of this deposit and withdrawal method. If you think this payment solution is for you, check out the best sites which we have highlighted at the top of the page.

Otherwise, you can check other payment methods for betting.

Other Online Betting Payment Methods

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