Ante Post Betting

Ante-post betting is a long-term bet that you make in advance and is also commonly referred to as future betting.

Punters bet on the outcome of an event, like which runner will win the Grand National, but at a fixed price.

Putting a bet on so far ahead of time carries an increased level of risk but at that stage, it also comes with improved odds in comparison.

Why Ante Post Betting For Horse Racing?

The odds given on a horse change the closer to the time of the race, but with an ante-post bet you get to keep the odds you initially agreed to when you put your bet on.

The markets tend to have better odds on predicting the overall winner compared to those close to the race because there are so many things that could interrupt the success of your bet. Like injury or withdrawal.

Bookmakers and the betting exchanges will offer ante-post betting options on runners because the earlier on because at that time there are more possible runners than what will be declared closer to the race.


The single largest factor that will interrupt the success of an ante-post bet is the horse actually running!

Selections found in ante-post markets are thought to be a loss if/when a horse becomes a non-runner. If a horse is balloted out of a race, though, you’ll get a refund. Here, the owner wanted that horse to run but it didn’t make the pack because a higher-profile runner was chosen for the race.

Thanks to the betting exchange and the lengthy-time period of the ante-post market, punters can also trade out of their bet (kind of like cashing out) for a profit if they’ve picked a horse which was undervalued at the time of the market creation.

Want to know how to figure out your winnings from your bet?

Let’s say you back a horse with a wager of £100 and the odds are 7.50. To work out your winnings simply multiply your odds by your stake. In this case, £750 would find its way to your pocket. Minus your £100 stake, you’d profit by £650.

Sadly, you have to consider commission in this too. So it’d be your stake, times your odds, minus the commission rate.

Go and use what you’ve learned!

Once you’ve got your head around ante-post betting and how time affects your odds, then how you work out your winnings, you’re well equipped to make your first bet, and hopefully, make a tidy return! Doing your homework is the answer. Bet in advance and if your runner goes on to win the event, you’ll have had a grand day at the horse racing, won’t you!

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