What is the Best Post Position in Horse Racing?

There are plenty of different factors which could make or break a horse race. Just ask any avid better or fan!

While there are some superstitions involved at times, post positions and gate numbers may actually have a knock-on effect on how a jockey or horse performs in the long run.

With that in mind – let’s take a look at the phenomenon of the post position, and why it might be something you want to punt for when betting to win.

What is Post Position?

Essentially, it’s the post spot at the starting gate where a jockey and their horse lines up. These are numbered gates, and they are pre-determined. This means that at the ‘call to post’, all riders head towards the gates – and betters will

Many people believe that winning a race is often down to which post a horse and rider starts at. There is actually some data and science to this, and that’s what we’re going to take a look at today. What is the best post for races in general?

What Post Position Wins the Most In Horse Racing?

This isn’t something that is always easy to equate for. However, if we look at the Kentucky Derby as a good example, it’s clear that the first post or position is likely to breed the most wins. However, this could be as a result of sheer probability and random statistics.

What is the Best Post Position in Horse Racing

The first three posts are often sought-after as they will generally allow horses to take the inside leg. This means that they will be able to speed away from the pack, and potentially split off to win. However, not all races are the same, meaning that you can safely bet on other posts.

In fact, many people choose to bet on posts other than the inside spots for variety. So – let’s explore this in a little more detail, and see if we can find patterns worth betting on for some kind of advantage.

Betting On Post Positions in Horse Racing

Many people choose to bet on posts in horse races as opposed to form. This is simply down to mathematics. The post you choose at the starting gate may vary depending on the type of horse you back, however. Most of the latest horse betting sites will offer these different options.

Some racing horses are better at breaking away early on into a race, meaning that they may be worth matching up to that first post. However, in time, you may find that there are some steady contenders who are just as likely to start winning from the middle of the grid.

While post positions one to three are likely to be the most desirable, if you back a horse which isn’t likely to speed away on the inside track, there is nothing stopping other horses in the midpoints from taking advantage. Post positions four, five, six and seven, for example, are likely to be great spots if you prefer to back a horse that keeps away from breakneck chases.

Midpoints are great choices if you know you are backing a horse with plenty of endurance. If your pick is likely to ride things out towards the back and to keep pace, rather than to force themselves to the front, you may find you start winning from these posts instead. Post one is ideal for horses who are likely to claim races by taking the first turn with ease. In some cases, slow and steady really does win the race.

However, the outside lanes really are the ones you’re going to want to be careful with. Unless you back horses or jockeys who are known for working these less desirable posts to their advantage, you are going to be taking a wild punt. Be careful with your money in these cases – trust us!

Is Post Position Important?

Post position can be very important when it comes to big-time racing. Some of the biggest race meetings have been decided on simple luck of the gate, though as stated, the best thing to search for is a keen match. Your jockey and horse is going to need to be a solid contender towards the middle and back if you punt anywhere beyond post one.

However, plenty of horses and riders can convert from the outside edge. It is likely that you are going to find racing odds escalating the further out you go, however. Therefore, if you are the sort of racing enthusiast who really goes fro the ‘all or nothing’ approach, you’re likely to find these racing spots pretty lucrative.

The inside edge is not always a winning certainty. As you will likely already know, there are many different factors and variables in racing which can tip the balance. Therefore, the best thing to do is to follow the bookie for safety – or, if you’re brave, check out the race statistics of some of the rank outsiders, and take a serious chance on the bigger post numbers.

Can a low post number always guarantee you a victory? Not always. Analyse all the variables and be careful.