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Welcome to our official guide to Lingfield Park Racecourse.

We explore this flat racing, all-weather and jumps racecourse in detail. We look at its history, a guide to the tracks, the major races held throughout the year, local hotel picks, its packed fixture list, travel information, and betting guides.

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Lingfield Park Racecourse Guide

Overview of Lingfield Park

Lingfield Park Racecourse is set apart from all other courses in the UK – being the only one to host all three race types: flat turf, flat all-weather and National Hunt.

Considered the UK’s premier flat all-weather track, Lingfield Park Racecourse is surfaced with Polytrack; which while popular worldwide, only features on two other British coursesKempton Park and Chelmsford City.

A mixture of recycled synthetic fibres, recycled PVC and silica sand, Polytrack is then covered entirely in wax to give a fantastic versatile surface well suited to all-weather racing.

The course often referred to simply as ‘Lingwood’ or ‘leafy Lingwood’, is situated in a picturesque 450-acre estate on the border between Surrey, Sussex and Kent – making it easily accessible for many and well connected with public transport.

It is known as Lingfield Park resort.

Its scenic nature and great location make it a popular attraction in the local area; and with an on-site golf course and hotel, alongside the standard hospitality options you’d expect from a tip-top racecourse; Lingfield Park Racecourse really is a world-class facility.

Lingfield’s left-handed all-weather track measures just under a mile and a quarter, and the turns are sharp.

The turf track runs outside of it and is almost a mile in length, with the facility for longer races to join four furlongs further out.

The National Hunt course is triangular, with a run-in of approximately 200 yards. There are some undulations in the track, but nothing too taxing.

Lingfield Park’s track is often compared to Epsom Downs, so it is not uncommon to find horses that do well there also fare successfully here. The course holds a key Epsom Derby Trail a few weeks before the main race at Epsom.

Today, Lingfield Park Racecourse hosts almost 100 race days a year; primarily on the all-weather track through the autumn and winter.

Lingfield Racecourse History

Lingfield Park Racecourse was opened in 1890 by the then Prince of Wales (who we know now as Edward VII).

Initially, the course was only home to National Hunt racing, but its popularity (in part caused by the Prince of Wales allowing his logo to be used in the course’s marketing and branding!) meant that just four years later, the Jockey Club agreed it could expand its operations to include flat racing also.

It was the first-ever all-weather horse racing course in the UK and continues to host this type of sport today.

Ever since the course has remained operational but for a brief break during World War II when it was requisitioned by the War Office.

After the War, it was handed back to its original family owners, who sold the course in the 1970s to Ladbrokes.

Less than ten years later it was sold again to developers who installed a (now very successful) golf course on the site and fixed a lot of the ground’s issues with flooding and poor drainage.

Arena Leisure purchased Lingfield Racecourse in the 1990s and developed it heavily: laying Polytrack on the all-weather course, re-laying the turf course, investing in a new grandstand at the cost of some £5.5m, and building a Marriott Hotel on-site.

Lingfield Park Racecourse made history in 2009 when horse Matsunosuke became the highest-rated horse to win on the all-weather surface! Rated at 117 by the Racing Post, he has been described as the ‘best all-weather racing horse of all time’.

Check out the video below for a quick summary of Lingfield Racecourse and how it’s become one of the most prestigious courses of all time!

Main Races and Events at Lingfield Park

Whilst Lingfield hosts over 100 race meets a year, there are no doubt two ‘main’ events held at the track.

The all-weather Winter Derby is a Grade 3 race run over 1 mile and 2 furlongs and is the UK’s first group race of the year. No horse has ever won the Winter Derby more than once.

Secondly, the Lingfield Oaks and Derby Trial, run on flat turf both measure in at 1 mile, 3 furlongs and 133 yards. These are trials for the Epsom Oaks and Epsom Derby events, and a great indicator of what’s to come in those races, with several winners going on to win their respective events later on.

They also hold the AW Championship finale normally around March which is always a fantastically well-attended and brilliant event with the best UK all-weather horses competing.

Lingfield Racecourse Maps

Below are the maps of Lingfield Park tracks.

Lingfield AW Track

Below is a map of Lingfield’s all-weather track:

Lingfield AW Track
Courtesy of At The Races

Lingfield’s all-weather track is the most used of the three courses.

It is left-handed and is on inside the turf track.

It is only a mile and a quarter round meaning that it is a sharp track. This, along with how the races develop mean that strong-travelling types with a turn of foot often perform well.

Lingfield Park Turf Course

Below is a map of the Lingfield Turf course:

Lingfield Turf Flat Track
Courtesy of At The Races

The flat turf course is used a lot less often than the a/w track.

It is longer and undulating with a steep downhill run into the home bend and home straight.

Races of up to 7f are run on the straight flat turf course.

Lingfield Jumps Track

Below is a map  of Lingfield’s jump track:

Lingfield Jumps Track
Courtesy of At The Races

The jumps course is left-handed and undulating as well.

The fences are not as stiff as other courses and fallers are low.

National hunt bumper races are usually run on the all-weather track nowadays.

Lingfield Racecourse Address

The official address for Lingfield Park Racecourse is:

Lingfield Park Racecourse
Racecourse Road

How To Get To Lingfield Racecourse

The ways to get to Lingfield Park Racecourse are:

  • Train – the easiest way to get to Lingfield is undoubtedly by train – because the station is directly adjacent to the venue! Trains run from London Victoria and take just 45 mins direct.
  • Car – there is free parking on-site, but traffic gets busy on race days, so arrive early to avoid congestion. Details for your sat nav are Racecourse Road, Lingfield, Surrey, RH7 6PQ
  • Air – helicopters can arrive on the course by prior arrangement, but most flying choose to do so into London Gatwick airport, which is just 10 miles away.

Hotels Near Lingfield Racecourse

The on-site Marriott Hotel at Lingfield Park resort includes a bar, restaurant and grill, spa facilities, and rooms that overlook the course – so why go anywhere else?

Complimentary WiFi is included for hotel guests and there are even rooms with balconies overlooking the track, so you can watch the racing without leaving the comfort of your own bedroom!

Best Lingfield Betting Sites

At British Racecourses, we often recommend betting online and via apps. This is because you can often get the best odds, great offers when signing up and you can place bets quickly and safely without having to queue.

If you are looking to bet online we recommend the great deals on this page. For more in-depth information and if you are looking for the best new horse racing betting sites, check out our full reviews. Where we look new betting sites and established ones such as Paddy Power, bet365, BetVictor and William Hill.

Betting Shops Local to Lingfield Racecourse

Betting stalls and tote facilities are available throughout all enclosures and hospitality suites at Lingfield Park Racecourse, with some at-table service available for those enjoying extended hospitality.

Independent bookmakers can be found ‘by the rails’ at the track.

Lingfield is only a small town, so you won’t find any bookies in the centre. Therefore if you have a specific bookmarker you’d like to take a flutter with, it’s best to wait until you’re at the racecourse, and use the WiFi to do so online.

Lingfield Races 2024

Here is the horse racing calendar for Lingfield Races in 2024:

4/1/2024Lingfield ParkThursday
14/1/2024Lingfield ParkSunday
15/1/2024Lingfield ParkMonday
19/1/2024Lingfield ParkFriday
20/1/2024Lingfield ParkSaturday
21/1/2024Lingfield ParkSunday
24/1/2024Lingfield ParkWednesday
26/1/2024Lingfield ParkFriday
2/2/2024Lingfield ParkFriday
4/2/2024Lingfield ParkSunday
5/2/2024Lingfield ParkMonday
8/2/2024Lingfield ParkThursday
11/2/2024Lingfield ParkSunday
13/2/2024Lingfield ParkTuesday
19/2/2024Lingfield ParkMonday
22/2/2024Lingfield ParkThursday
1/3/2024Lingfield ParkFriday
5/3/2024Lingfield ParkTuesday
7/3/2024Lingfield ParkThursday
22/3/2024Lingfield ParkFriday
29/3/2024Lingfield ParkFriday
4/4/2024Lingfield ParkThursday
5/4/2024Lingfield ParkFriday
8/4/2024Lingfield ParkMonday
10/4/2024Lingfield ParkWednesday
2/5/2024Lingfield ParkThursday
11/5/2024Lingfield ParkSaturday
16/5/2024Lingfield ParkThursday
23/5/2024Lingfield ParkThursday
28/5/2024Lingfield ParkTuesday
30/5/2024Lingfield ParkThursday
1/6/2024Lingfield ParkSaturday
4/6/2024Lingfield ParkTuesday
8/6/2024Lingfield ParkSaturday
10/6/2024Lingfield ParkMonday
20/6/2024Lingfield ParkThursday
22/6/2024Lingfield ParkSaturday
29/6/2024Lingfield ParkSaturday
2/7/2024Lingfield ParkTuesday
9/7/2024Lingfield ParkTuesday
10/7/2024Lingfield ParkWednesday
23/7/2024Lingfield ParkTuesday
24/7/2024Lingfield ParkWednesday
27/7/2024Lingfield ParkSaturday
30/7/2024Lingfield ParkTuesday
5/8/2024Lingfield ParkMonday
10/8/2024Lingfield ParkSaturday
13/8/2024Lingfield ParkTuesday
22/8/2024Lingfield ParkThursday
27/8/2024Lingfield ParkTuesday
31/8/2024Lingfield ParkSaturday
4/9/2024Lingfield ParkWednesday
5/9/2024Lingfield ParkThursday
10/9/2024Lingfield ParkTuesday
11/9/2024Lingfield ParkWednesday
14/9/2024Lingfield ParkSaturday
12/11/2024Lingfield ParkTuesday
13/11/2024Lingfield ParkWednesday
19/11/2024Lingfield ParkTuesday
21/11/2024Lingfield ParkThursday
28/11/2024Lingfield ParkThursday
3/12/2024Lingfield ParkTuesday
4/12/2024Lingfield ParkWednesday
9/12/2024Lingfield ParkMonday
18/12/2024Lingfield ParkWednesday
22/12/2024Lingfield ParkSunday
31/12/2024Lingfield ParkTuesday

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Lingfield Racecard

The racecards for Lingfield races will be released the day before the races are set to happen. You can view full racecards in advance, check out  – horse racing tomorrow and horse racing today. In these, you will get an advance look at all the runners, trainers, form and riders.

You can also of course purchase a racecard from the track which carries much of the same useful information. Many like to keep these as souvenirs, especially from major UK horse races.

Other Events at Lingfield

With a golf course and hotel on-site, it’s no surprise that racing isn’t the only thing happening at Lingfield Park Resort.

The course hosts family fun days, a golf course, an Oktoberfest-style beer fest and several music concerts a year: with girl group the Pussycat Dolls, old-timers UB40 and crooner Rick Astley.

Popular Questions

✅How much is it to get into Lingfield races?

General admission vary per season at Lingfield races but are normally around £16 per person between January and April, on busier days and on summer weekdays prices may rise to £21.

Their website is always up to date so definitely worth checking on that.

✅What should I wear to Lingfield races?

When going to Lingfield races you should basically wear smart casual attire.

Lingfield Racecourse does not permit torn jeans, football shirts and shorts, beachwear or fancy dress at any time.

✅Is Lingfield Park easy to get to?

Yes Lingfield is easy to get to, the most popular ways are:

  • Train – the easiest way to get to Lingfield Park Racecourse is undoubtedly by train – because the station is directly adjacent to the venue! Trains run from London Victoria and take just 45 mins direct.
  • Car – there is free parking on-site, but traffic gets busy on race days, so arrive early to avoid congestion. Details for your sat nav are Racecourse Road, Lingfield, Surrey, RH7 6PQ
  • Air – helicopters can arrive on the course by prior arrangement, but most flying choose to do so into London Gatwick airport, which is just 10 miles away.

Lingfield Racecourse Guide Summary

Lingfield is a great and very busy racecourse hosting racing all year round across its all-weather,  flat turf and jumps course.

Sandwiched in between a large quantity of racing, there is also some moments of real quality, such as their all-weather finals and key Derby Trial.

Whilst it’s probably not towards the top of most peoples bucket list – when compared to some high-profile tracks – Lingfield is actually a beautiful course, with friendly staff and competitive racing all year.

It’s definitely worth a visit.