All Weather Champs

The All Weather Champs is a long series of races that are run over four months. This series incorporates six race tracks, including Wolverhampton, Newcastle, Kempton Park, Southwell, Lingfield Park, and Chelmsford City. The All Weather Champs is a fantastic championship series that incorporates over 200 individual races. Compared to some fixtures and series that are run in the United Kingdom, this one is relatively young. It started in 2014 and is currently in its seventh season.
Despite its relative youth, the All Weather Champs have still given us some proven winners during its short duration. The number of races and tracks that are run during this series has led to some stellar records being posted already. Here are some of the best to have participated in the All Weather Champs thus far.

Winningest Horses: Tangram, Captain Lars & Spare Parts, and Matterhorn

There is a three-way tie at the top for the winningest horse in series history so far. These horses are all tied for the most wins in a season with seven apiece. A few other horses have racked up five or six wins in a season, but currently, seven is the record.
Oddly enough, even though each of these horses had the greatest number of individual wins in their respective seasons, only Matterhorn took home with overall wins crown as well as earned horse of the year. Tangram and Captain Lars & Spare Parts both lost out on horse of the year to other mounts.
Matterhorn was also the only horse of these three to win their perspective championship as well. Matterhorn won the middle distance championship in his season as well as the horse of the year and seven wins, which means that he was exceedingly consistent throughout the All Weather Champs compared to the other two on the list.

Winningest Trainer: Charlie Appleby

In the second season of the All Weather Champs, Charlie Appleby set an astounding record with 76 wins in the season. With the number of significant races for the All Weather Champs being 200, this means that Charlie Appleby won in over 30% of the races throughout the whole season. That is incredible.
In the inaugural season, there was a train that won over 60 races, but since Appleby’s dominance, the total number of wins for a trainer in a season continues to drop off. Recently, the winningest trainer in their seasons has been right around 50 races. Charlie Appleby won 50% more races than that in his season. That makes me think that Charlie Appleby’s record might stand for a while.
The most recent seasons have seen another Appleby, Michael Appleby, topping the list for most trainer wins. It seems the All Weather Champs so far in its young history has been dominated by Applebys.
76 is an astounding achievement for a trainer to get in a single season of racing. Some trainers don’t get that over the course of years, the fact that that was his single-season total shows true talent.

Winningest Jockey: Luke Morris

Our winningest jockey from a single season also comes out of season two. While Charlie Appleby was racking up his wins, Luke Morris was en route to winning 102 races over the course of the season. This is still the most number of wins for a horse, trainer or jockey in the history of the All Weather Champs.
Not only is this single-season win total mind-boggling in that he won about 50% of all the full significant races over the course of the entire season, but he has also been the winningest jockey in a season three times so far out of six seasons in the books. That means in season two, he won half the significant races and has also won half of the seasons in terms of overall jockey wins.
Luke Morris took home the jockey crown in seasons two, three, and five, but he never achieved the astonishing amount of wins that he achieved in season two again. It would take a lot for another jockey to take home this many wins in a single season.
While the All Weather Champs is a reasonably young racing series, it has already given us some big names and big numbers to focus on as it matures into a regular fixture on the horse racing circuit.

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