Southwell Racecourse

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Where is the Southwell Racecourse?

It is located in the East Midlands countryside in Newark-on-Trent, a market town 2 miles East of Southwell in Nottinghamshire, England. Owned by the Arena Racing Company, Southwell Racecourse is sole all-weather racecourse still using fibers and, a mixture of sand, in the United Kingdom. The course is a flat, left-handed all-weather track with a moderate draw bias where the central position of the track is the best position to be drawn.
The course is known for hosting both jump and flat racing. The flat racing activity encompasses both turf and all-weather. The Southwell Racecourse is one of the busiest in England hosting races throughout the entire year that add up to more than 60 events. Since fibers and is deep with the capacity to stay distant, a horse with great stamina will have a slight bit of leeway compared to a weaker horse. Southwell Racecourse is home to the most proficient female racer, Hayley Turner, who grew up locally and was later employed by a local trainer. Hayley turner made her first open ride on Markellis in March 2000 in the Southwell Racecourse.
Southwell Racecourse has no reputation for hosting high-class races. The all-weather races usually take place from September to April. In April, the summer jumps program is hosted in this course for Ladies Day and Family Day; this is the busiest day of the year on the Southwell Racecourse. The Southwell Racecourse races are aired on the Sky Sports Racing.
Overall top trainers in the Southwell Racecourse include Michael Appleby and Charlie Longsdon. Michael Appleby registered 85 wins from 415 racers, a 20% strike rate, and £7.12 flat stakes benefit in the course of the last five seasons. Charlie Longsdon, on the other hand, registered 18 wins from 64 racers, a 28% strike rate, and £9.00 flat stakes benefit in the course of the last five seasons.
The top racers include Hayley Turner and Paddy Brennan. Hayley Turner registered a 19% strike rate, with 39 wins from 207 races, ensuring an £18.83 benefit. Paddy Brennan, on the other hand, registered 21 wins from 87 races, a 24% strike rate, and £16.41 gain.

What is the highest attendance at Southwell Racecourse?

The highest attendance was witnessed during Family Day, where Over 10,000 people attended the event last year. At the Southwell course, you should anticipate a lively atmosphere. The Southwell Racecourse flaunts the best hospitality services. An excellent restaurant set within the comfortable Premier enclosure allowing a tremendous trackside view. The TV monitors strategically placed throughout the area ensure you never miss any of the action. This stunning restaurant is open for all meetings and offers excellent food in a comfortable environment. Prices may vary on weekends, Bank Holiday’s, 29th December, and Family Day and Ladies Day.

How do I bet on horses at Southwell?

If you decide to bet while you’re at Southwell Races, you can bet from either the tote or bookies located in the racecourse close to watching grandstands. Not on the ground? Don’t worry at all, you can bet at the comfort of your internet, and the good news is that you can follow the races on your Sky Sports Racing channel. The racing tipsters spend plenty of hours assessing each horse’s profile and details. This ensures that the Southwell Racecourse odds betting sites provide you with accurate predictions on the winning profiles.
Harry Skelton is among the best jockeys in the Southwell Racecourse national hunt races. Harry has jockeyed the most national chase champs (49 from 182 rides), demonstrating a 27% strike rate and a little a £3.81 turnover to £1 stakes since the beginning of 2015. Gavin Sheehan is another best performing jockey registering a decent £87.82 benefit to £1 stakes with 19 wins from 71 rides (27%) over a similar period as that of Harry Skelton.
Luke Morris has ridden the most all-weather flat race victors (59 from 508 rides) at the Southwell Racecourse since the beginning of 2015. Anyway, punters wagering on all Luke rides would have indicated a heavy £189 misfortune to £1 stakes. Interestingly, Ben Curtis follows intently on 53 wins from 307 races, indicating a 17% strike rate and a £36.94 turnover to £1 stakes.
Other best performing jockeys include Jonjo O’Neill, 25 from 167, who contends with Harry at the top two trainers statistically at the Southwell Racecourse in the course of the last five seasons yet staking on all their racers would have returned over a £40 misfortune to £1 stakes, for the two trainers. Jonjo’s Chasers registering 13 winners from 50 racers improves the strike rate (26%) fundamentally with a £7.98 turnover to £1 stakes and punters concentrating on Dan’s chasers would show a 37.78% strike rate (17 winners from 45 racers, and an £8.37 benefit to £1 stakes.

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