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Are you looking for a dress to wear at the races?

Our teams have looked at some great race day dresses to suit various budgets, times of the year, ages, styles and more. So if you are going for a fab day at the races with friends or family you can look, feel good and have a great day.

For the races, a dress is the most common option for ladies.

However, a few fashion guidelines should be abided by when it comes to buying a particular outfit, to ensure that you stick to the dress code. Check out our top selections and tips today to help.

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Dresses for The Races

What To Look For in a Race Day Dress?

There are lots of options to consider when buying a dress for the races, these include:

  • Do you want something classy or more informal?
  • What is the weather forecast?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is your own style?

Race day dresses and outfits need to be classy, formal and mainly needs to match the weather type.

If the weather is warm you need to make sure to stay cool so you don’t get sticky but most important if the weather is cold then you need to stay warm because being cold could ruin your entire experience.

The secret to making a dress formal and classy is the dress length, a midi dress is a perfect dress, it’s not too short and not too long, they can also be made more stylish by adding a slit in the leg which is the top fashion at the minute.

For race day, shorter dresses are always appropriate, but some events need longer lengths, so ensure that you have double-checked the newsletter for the dress code information.

Race Day Dresses For the Mature Ladies

Styles of dresses defiantly change from when you are young to when you get older so certain dresses are not for everyone. The more refined woman may prefer to wear more neutral colours as this can represent anything from calm to wholesomeness.

Here is an example of a gorgeous dress woman of this kind may like.

Dresses for the races

This dress you will find in New Look at a price of only £35 and you may even find offers if you’re lucky! This is a great example of a formal dress, this could be worn as a glamorous and elegant style which is expected at the races.

Race Day Dresses For the Younger Generation

Young women enjoy all style of dresses from flowy, fitted, bold and patterned. The younger generation may enjoy exploring all kinds of styles whereas you start to know you’re style and what you prefer as you get older.

Dresses for younger ladies

This stunning bold, fitted dress is from “Pink Boutique”, it will look amazing with a golden tan and a matching bag and heels. This dress is very classy, this means you will be respectable, smart, superior and stylish.

This dress would look gorgeous throughout the day and top the night off when you hit the evening party to celebrate.

There is no need for filters with the colour of this amazing dress.

What Accessories Are Good for a Race Day Dress?

Your accessories are the final step of your outfit to complete your look. People prefer many different accessories and here you can choose which one you would prefer.

If your outfit is looking dull then you could add some bling. To do this you could add some jewellery such as a necklace, bracelet, watch, ring or earrings to wherever you think needs it.

A must-have accessory for the races is a bag. You need to carry your belongings round in some way so why not do it in a fashionable way? There are many different bag styles to best fit your outfit, whether its a clutch, pouch or shoulder bag, you pick which you prefer.

accessories for race day

Another popular accessory for the races is a hat or fascinator. You can buy these in many different sizes depending on how extra you want to go. You may aim for the hat in summer as this would help keep the sun out of your eyes although the fascinator would look amazing with the floral design.

Race Day Summer Dress – Under £50

summer dresses for the races

You can shop this gorgeous, very affordable dress on boohoo. This dress is best suited for race day outfits in summer due to its lovely flowy skirt and bright colour.

You will definitely be noticed with the black and white polka dots and to top the dress of you could add som,e white or black strappy heels and some of your favourite jewellery.

Let’s hope this dress has your size!

Race Day Summer Dress – Over £50

summer dress over £50

Shop this beautiful dress is from the online site “Asos”. This dress is a little more pricey but totally worth it. The brand of this dress is Ted baker and is a pleated floral midi dress which is perfect for that summer look.

The asymmetric skirt on this dress means it will flow beautifully and with the pattern and colour of the dress you will defiantly stand out from everyone else.

This dress has a beautiful round neck with a chain detail which gives the dress more bling.

Look now and check if they have your size or any offers!

Race Day Winter Dress – Under £50

winter dress for the races

This elegant dress you can shop on “pretty little thing” for a very affordable price and sometimes you may even find new offers to get it even cheaper. This flexible style means that for every occasion, this dress can be dressed up or down to create the perfect look with strappy heels, stylish hoops and your favourite purse.

This dress is to show that price does not matter as this could make you look a million dollars if you pair it with the perfect jewellery.

This site has a range of good reviews on fast delivery so this is the best choice if it’s a last-minute decision.

Race Day Winter Dress – Over £50

winter race day dress

This beautiful black dress from the site “Little Black Dress” would look amazing at the races. Simple yet effective, this dress is a must-have for race day.

The bodycon fit and long sleeves will keep the heat in so you won’t be getting cold!

This dress is for someone who would like to spend a little more on their outfit at the races although the best thing about this dress is that it can be worn for almost any occasion, it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on what accessories you decide to wear with it.

If you haven’t already got this dress then use it as a sign to get it fast before it sells out of your size!

Summary of Dresses for The Races

As you can see there are lots of options when looking at race day dresses. We have looked at various budgets and styles, whether you are looking for a Ladies Day glamorous outfit or something for a practical for a winter jumping meeting.

Our top tip is wear something comfortable!

Have a fab day!

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