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Many horse racing fans in our groups are questions “Who is the male horse racing pundit?”.

In this Male Horse Racing Reporters guide, we will name all the best male presenters for horse racing.

Gary O’Brien

Gary O’Brien is a broadcaster, racecourse commentator, and enthusiastic racehorse owner.

Originally, Gary used to be a host for At The Races between 2004-2018 and was regarded as “the the voice of Irish racing” by his former colleague Matt Chapman.

Not only did he do work for At The Races but Gary has been apart of BBC Radio 5 Live’s Grand National commentary team for the last 15 years.

Gary O'Brien

In early 2019, Gary O’Brien was given the opportunity to become the chief presenter in Ireland for Racing TV.

It was a no brainer for the racehorse broadcasting icon and he joined the Racing TV crew.

He has tasted victory during his time as a racehorse owner, with Bayan winning the 2014 Ladbroke Hurdle and two fantastic chasers Vics Canvas and Folsom Blue.

Kevin O’Ryan

Jockeys agent, Racing TV presenter, Goffs HIT agent, MC Leopardstown, Gowran Park, Thurles and Naas.

Kevin has been a huge fan of horse racing since he was a child due to his Dad being a head trainer for a few different race horse trainers.

Kevin O'Ryan

Kevin O’Ryan used to be one of the commentators of At The Races but changed allegiance in early 2019 to Racing TV, alongside his long-time colleague Gary O’Brien.

Since then, Kevin has enjoyed success being a Goffs HIT agent and a jockey’s agent. He also runs his own breaking and pre-training yard and helps horses get ready for racing.

Currently, Kevin O’Ryan has become a favourite amongst Racing TV viewers for his in-depth analysis and fantastic tips.

Ruby Walsh

Rupert “Ruby” Walsh was born on 14th May 1979 and is an Irish former jockey.

He is the second child, and eldest son, of former champion amateur jockey Ted Walsh and his wife Helen.

Ruby Walsh is the third most prolific winner in British and Irish jump racing history behind only Sir Anthony McCoy and Richard Johnson.

Ruby Walsh

In 2012, Ruby featured in a documentary called “Jump Boys”, which focused on him, Barry Geraghty and Davy Russell on their 2011/12 season.

Sadly, Ruby was the victim to a lot of different injuries and due to this, he was often on the sidelines later in his career. To fill the time, Ruby started becoming a racing pundit for RTÉ and appeared on the Channel 4 Racing Saturday morning programme The Morning Line on a number of occasions.

Walsh also became a figurehead for Paddy Power as he was featured in numerous adverts, with the Cheltenham Festival 2016 ad being a favourite among fans.

Tony McCoy

Sir Anthony Peter McCoy OBE was born on 4th May 1974.

In the horse racing world, he is known as AP McCoy or Tony McCoy and rode a record 4,358 winners. AP McCoy was Champion Jockey a record 20 consecutive times, every year that he was a professional.

In 1992, Tony rode to his first ever victory at the age of 17 during a flat race at Thurles Racecourse.

Sadly, a few years later, Tony McCoy suffered a broken leg and during the healing process, he started to grow taller. At this point, he believed that he had to become a jump jockey if he wanted to continue to race.

Tony McCoy

Since the change, Tony has become a house hold name when mentioned jump jockeys and has led thousands of horses to first place, making himself a favourite among pundits.

In 2010, he became the first ever jockey to win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year and beat a lot of well-known athletes to this title.

During 2015, Tony McCoy retired from horse racing and left a huge imprint on the sport. The impact he made was so great that he even got knighted in 2016 for his services in horse racing.

He currently serves as a pundit on ITV’s Horse Racing coverage.

With so many winning rides, AP McCoy is one of the most popular ITV racing presenters in June 2024.

Brian Gleeson

Brian Gleeson is a horse racing pundit on ITV’s racing coverage. Brian can be heard across RTE, TV3, and the BBC all over Ireland and the U.K.

Brian has become a cult-classic broadcaster due to his distinctive presenting and his great analysis of races.

Brian Gleeson

Due to his popularity, he even became the ambassador to the 150th Melbourne Cup, leading to more race horse fans learning about this incredible presenter.

Brain Gleeson is also a race horse owner, with his horses Hi Stranger and A Dream To Share becoming winners at multiple different races. The most famous victory being A Dream To Share at the Cheltenham festival, ridden by his son John Gleeson.

Brian has been trusted with some of the most exclusive interviews in the sport, including people like Sir Alex Ferguson who just came off a loss on his horse but had a great laugh with Brian Gleeson.

Rishi Persad

Rishi Persad is a presenter of ITV’s horse racing coverage.

Rishi began his racing broadcasting career in 2002 when At The Races was first launched. Only 8 months later, he would make his debut on Channel 4 Racing. Shortly after that, he would find his home at BBC where he would become a staple mark presenter.

Due to his incredible knowledge of sports, BBC even had him appear on different shows to cover other sports, where fans became to know him as the go-to presenter for sports.

Rishi Persad

In 2012, Rishi was given an opportunity of a lifetime to interview AP McCoy on behalf of Channel 4 Racing. This interview was where AP McCoy announced his retirement.

Since then he was worked for Racing TV, Channel 4, Sky Sports and the BBC in a racing capacity and has covered a whole host of events including The Prix De L’Arc De Triomphe, The Grand National, Cheltenham Festival, Derby Festival, and Royal Ascot.

John McCririck

John McCririck was the “punters’ champion” and a favourite among all horse racing fans across the globe.

John started his career of journalism for The Sporting Life, where he won the British Press Awards twice whilst writing for them. He then moved to the Daily Star, which he later sued for misleading allegations about being in debt.

John McCririck

1988 was the year which John McCririck became the UK’s go-to horse racing expert, with his appearance on the Channel 4 show “After Dark” where he spoke about horse racing and how it’s the sport of kings.

He worked for Channel 4 for a long time and later was let-go. He then moved to The Racing paper in 2018.

Sadly John is no longer with us after passing away in 2019. John McCririck was the most recognisable character on Channel 4 Racing for decades. Many fans remember his iconic gags and sayings and he will be missed by all fans.

Fran Berry

Fran Berry was a former jockey who turned pundit and Racing TV presenter in 2019.

Fran won his first event in 1997 at Sligo Racecourse, where his father (Frank Berry) saddled Fran’s first winner.

Winning the Coral Cup in 1999, Fran Berry’s career accelerated at a rapid pace, becoming an amazing jockey in the horse racing community.

Fran Berry

He mainly focused on flat racing, but was known to adventure into different avenues from time to time.

Sadly, Fran suffered a serious spinal injury on January 2019 and was advised to retire. In April 2019, Fran hung up his boots and retired from the sport.

Since then, Fran Berry has gone on to be a personality on Racing TV and has provided viewers with laughs and great advice.

He has also worked with Paddy Power, becoming a well respected pundit, with a lot of his predictions becoming right.

Nick Luck

Nick Luck has become the communities benchmark when it comes to presenters.

Luck began his career in 2004, being the presenter of Racing UK after 18 months of being apart of the original Racing Channel team.

He hosted all the major events, including the Derby, Grand National and Cheltenham Festival and presents the weekly show “Luck on Sunday”.

Nick Luck

Being a part of the NBC Breeder’s Cup team and being an eight-time Horserace Writers’ & Photographers’ Association Broadcaster of the Year, it’s no surprise why Luck went on to take over the role BBC Equestrian commentator from Mike Tucker.

Being the BBC Equestrian commentator, he has commentated events like the Olympia Horse Show, Badminton Horse Trials, Burghley Horse Trials and the Olympic Games for the BBC.

Nick Luck currently does work for Racing’s 24/7 and acts as a pundit for William Hill.

Mick Fitzgerald

Being a former Jockey, Mick made a huge impact on the racing scene and later went on to become a horse racing presenter.

Starting his jockey career as a pony rider, Fitzgerald has had a 15 year span racing in big events. He has won at the Grand National (with Rough Quest in 1996) and the Cheltenham Gold Cup (riding See More Business in 1999).

With such big wins under his belt, Mick has worked for many famous horse trainers like Nicky Henderson and Paul Nicholls. With these trainers, he has gone on to win even more events, making his name even bigger.

Mick Fitzgerald

However, during the Grand National in 2008, Mick Fitzgerald fell off L’Ami and suffered serious spinal injuries which led to him retiring later that year with the threat of paralysis.

After this, Mick FItzgerald went on to present At The Races and moved to Channel 4 Racing team to provide in-depth analysis and tips for the viewer’s enjoyment.

Due to the impact he made on the racing scene, he also went on to teach at the British Racing School, coaching young jockeys into having a fantastic and thriving career.

Derek Thompson

Having an incredibly successful career in presenting, Derek Thompson is a familiar name to anyone who has been watching horse racing for years.

Starting his presenting career at 18 on a local radio station, Derek was a confident and charismatic race horse commentator, providing listeners with in-depth looks at the competition.

Due to the success of his presenting work, he was offered work with ITV on the show World of Sport, where he became a fan favourite with his witty anecdotes.

Derek Thompson

In 1985, Derek found another opportunity to pursue his dreams of presenting was integrated into the newly formed Channel 4 Racing team.

Ever since 1985, Derek worked for Channel 4 Racing all the way to 2012. During this time, Thompson became an icon of the show, with many tuning in to hear his opinions on races.

However, Derek decided to step down in 2012 due to him needing surgery to remove a tumour in the bowel. He recovered and decided to permanently stand down from his role in October of the same year.

Since then, Derek Thompson has been featured in numerous adverts about races and has even gotten back into radio commentating. Derek even became a meme from one of these adverts, boosting his fame even more.

Jerry Hannon

When it comes to the voice of Irish horse racing, Jerry Hannon has solidified himself in this position.

Hannon, who first picked up a mic at the age of 18 for a ponies race in Athea, has always given his 100% to the role. After his first gig, he was taken under the wing of the famous Healy family in his hometown and given more opportunities.

Jerry Hannon

Since then, Hannon has travelled to most of the Irish racecourses and commentated over some of the biggest races in Irish history.

In 2018, Des Scahill retired from his post from being the nation’s horse racing commentator and Jerry Hannon was chosen to be his successor.

Jerry has done a fantastic job and has ignited the love of Irish horse racing in hundreds of thousands of people across the world.

Richard Hoiles

There’s no other man who busted onto the scene quite like Richard Hoiles. From being an accountant to a medium-sized firm all the way to being one of the main presenters for ITV Horse Racing, Richard has become a staple mark commentator.

Richard started his career in horse racing by being a commentator for SIS in 1992. He commentated at Bath on Cup Final Day in 1992 and became an instant favourite among fans.

Richard Hoiles

Richard has extensive experience working overseas, including a contract with the Hong Kong Jockey Club for two years (1997-1999), as well as racing in Japan, Canada and Dubai, as well as a Spanish Derby.

In 2013, Richard Hoiles found himself apart of Channel 4’s commentary team for Aintree. The previous year, he captured the unique feat of being the Racecourse Commentator for every Classic in that year.

Today, you can find Richard on ITV Racing providing viewers with an enjoyable viewing experience, backed by a lot of stats. He also talks to a lot of race horse fans on Twitter.

Simon Holt

If you’re a die hard fan of Channel 4 Racing, then the name Simon Holt should be ingrained in your memories.

Becoming a racehorse commentator in 1984, Simon Holt provided listeners with fantastic in-depth reviews of the races and gave great information out.

Simon Holt

Channel 4 saw the potential of this commentator and gave him his TV debut in 1994 at Newmarket. Since then, he has covered prestigious events like the Grand National, Cheltenham Festival and more on behalf of Channel 4.

In 2000, Holt proved to Channel 4 that he was great at his job and so he was made the main commentator of the show for 16 years!

Nowadays, Simon is often seen at his local racetracks providing his magical commentary and writing blogs on

Mike Cattermole

One of the longest serving commentators in the sport, Mike Cattermole has proven to be a star when it comes to the art of commentating.

Starting way back in 1984 for Timeform, Mike became an instant success, with thousands tuning in to hear what he had thought of the recent races.

After his stunt with Timeform, he became a vital member of The Sporting Life Weekender, attracting thousands to the brand and helping it stay afloat in tough times.

Mike Cattermole

Not only has he worked for one of the biggest names in horse racing, but he has done a lot of work for At The Races and even became a presenter on Sky Sports for horse racing!

Mike also had a spell at being a jockey manager for the talented Willie Carson, which led to 700 victories achieved with Mike as a manager.

He still writes for The Sporting Life and provides his views on races, so make sure to keep up-to-date with him!

Chris Hughes

One of the younger horse racing presenters, Chris Hughes is not stranger to the camera.

In 2017, Chris got his big break through in the media by appearing on the hit reality TV show Love Island, where he came 3rd. From this, Chris started gaining a lot more attention.

Through all of this attention, one thing seemed to be very clear. Christ Hughes loves horse racing. Ever since he was a child, he can remember watching the races with his Dad and even learned how to ride a horse so he could become a jockey.

Chris Hughes

Even though he never reached the level of being a jockey, ITV saw this huge interest and took a gamble by inviting him to be a presenter for big events (like the Cheltenham Festival and the Royal Ascot).

He instantly became a classic presenter and fans grew to love him more as he proved that he deserved his position.

Currently, Chris still presents some of the racing events and is currently working on his own show.

Oli Bell

Finding someone who is a naturally talented commentator is incredibly hard, but Oli Bell is definitely a natural.

Studying drama in school, Oli was given an opportunity to host the school radio show during the breakfast hour at the age of 15. He was an instant success.

With his charisma and friendliness rising him above the rest, it was only a matter of time until his talents were put to use. Knowing his keen interest in horse racing, he was hired to be a presenter at a wide variety of different horse racing events.

Oli Bell

With Racing TV, he also would write his own blogs, going in-depth about each event and what chances each competitor stood. A lot of horse racing fans could see he was a serious pundit.

Oli Bell was so good at presenting, Sky Australia hired him to cover all of their national horse racing events, which he did so brilliantly.

In 2017, Oli signed for ITV Racing and ever since then, he’s become one of the main commentators and presenters within the world of horse racing.

Ed Chamberlain

Ever heard of Sky Sports? If yes, then you’ve definitely seen Ed Chamberlain.

Starting his presenting work in 1999 with Sky, Ed became a great personality on the show and led Sky Sports to becoming the number one spot for horse racing.

Ed Chamberlain

During this time, he also hosted a show called “The Full SP” with Jeff Stilling, where the two would cover the week of horse racing.

Between 2000 and 2016, Ed became the main sports presenter for the football, covering everything from the Premier League to the Champions League.

In 2017, Chamberlain decided to move back to horse racing and became the main presenter of ITV Racing. To this day, he still presents on the show and hasn’t lost his charm.

Matt Chapman

When it comes to award winning horse racing presenters, Matt Chapman is one of the best within the industry.

Once he graduated university, he joined the International Racing Bureau (IRB) in Newmarket before writing for Racing Post for 8 years.

During these years of writing, he demonstrated his immaculate knowledge of horse racing and garnered a large audience of loyal fans.

Matt Chapman

In 2000, he started making appearances on At The Races and soon became a vital member of their team. He has been said to have helped the At The Races show reach the stardom it is remembered for.

Winning the HWPA broadcaster award in 2010 and the public-voted Racing Post Broadcasters World Cup in the same year, it’s easy to see why so many people loved Matt Chapman.

Nowadays, Matt can still be found making appearances on TV and writing tips on Paddy Power for up coming races.

Luke Harvey

Being a familiar face, Luke Harvey has presented on loads of different shows and because of this, is often seen as the face of horse racing.

Taking part in shows like ITV At The Races, BBC Radio 5, Live Video content provider for RaceBets and even Sky, Luke is likely to be one of the most experienced broadcasters in the industry.

Luke Harvey

Not only is he famous for his presenting, but Luke was also an experienced Jockey. He raced a total of 16 seasons and took home victories in some of the biggest events, including the Welsh Grand National, Cheltenham and Aintree festivals and Sandown’s prestigious Mildmay Memorial Chase.

In present times, Luke regularly works at the Royal Ascot, the Epsom Derby, Grand National and the Cheltenham Festival as a host and MC.

John Brough Scott

Being one of the most experienced horse racing presenters in history, John Brough Scott has been around to see a lot of the most iconic moments in horse racing history.

Born in 1942, John was bought up around the sport of horse racing, being introduced to it at an early age by his family.

Once he finished college, John practiced to be a jockey and actually rode winners over 100 times. Some of his biggest wins ever include The Imperial Cup and The Mandarin Handicap Chase.

John Brough Scott

He decided in 1971 to change his career from being a jockey to being a horse racing correspondent for The ITV Seven. He would provide viewers with great analysis and summarise the history of the sport for younger viewers.

Once he finished with The ITV Seven, he decided to move to Channel 4 Racing for over 30 years!

He also was racing correspondent for The Sunday Times and wrote for the Racing Post (which he co-founded), The Independent and The Sunday Telegraph.

In 2017, John Brough Scott made his TV return after 46 years since his TV debut. Since then, he still appears on ITV Racing and gives viewers a good ol’ nostalgia trip.

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson has one of the most iconic voices in the horse racing community.

Starting his commentating career in 1986 at Tweseldown Racecourse in Fleet, Hampshire; Mark instantly became a favourite commentator amongst racing fans.

Due to his massive success and fan base, he was called up in 1995 to announce and commentate his first Classic, the St Leger Stakes.

Mark Johnson

Even though Mark Johnson was a British racecourse announcer, the sudden death of American horse racing commentator (Luke Kruytbosch) left a space that only Mark could fill.

Mark would then start commentating the Kentucky Derby and with his performance being spot on, his fan base grew loads. He has been adding his charisma to this race since 2009.

However, as Mark gets older, he wishes to spend less time behind the mic in Kentucky and more time infront of the camera covering British races.

Currently, Mark Johnson makes appearances on ITV Racing, providing his years of commentating experience to create an experience of pure excitement.