Sky Bet Live Streaming

We frequently get asked how to live stream racing on Sky Bet, so we have created this simple step by step guide for Sky Bet punters to show you how.

In today’s world, the live streaming of racing is now more popular than ever. When you placed a bet in years past, you would have to watch on TV or at the local bookmakers. With smartphones, tablets and PCs, most people both bet and watch their racing online. All the best online bookmakers offer this; find out more in our guide.

How to live stream with Sky Bet:

Skybet Live Streaming

Sky Bet Live Streaming – Step by Step Guide

Streaming the racing is easy with Sky Bet, just follow the step by step guide:

  1. Log on to your Sky Bet betting account.
  2. Place a bet on the horse race of your choice. Note that the bet will need to be a minimum of £1.
  3. Once the bet has been placed a WATCH RACE icon will appear next to the race. Simply click on this.
  4. When you have pressed that, the race footage will appear, coverage will typically start a minute before the race and end a minute after the conclusion of the race.

If you don’t have a Sky Bet account be sure to check them out today, alternatively there are a host of other bookmakers who offer live streaming as well as best odds guaranteed, a variety of betting payment methods, bet calculators and more – see them below.

Recommended Bookmakers Who Offer Free Live Streaming

From our research the below are the best betting sites who offer live streaming: 

How Much Do I Need to Bet With Sky Bet to Watch a Live Video?

Sky Bets live horse racing stream is only available to customers who place £1 bet on the race. Please note that only bets placed on the day of the race will allow the live ‘Bet & Watch’ feature.

Have you checked out our racecourse guides yet? We look at all the major UK racecourses and Irish racecourses in detail, very helpful when you are visiting or placing a bet!

Please note that access to the streaming service is restricted to the UK and Ireland.

Is There a Time Delay on Sky Bet Live Streaming?

Whilst Sky Bet and Sky Sports live streaming and racing is advertised as “live” you should be aware that there could be a time delay. This is common of most sports and can be anything from one second to 20 seconds. This is something to bear in mind if you are potentially betting in-play, so please keep that in mind. 

My Sky Bet Live Video Is Not Working?

At times the live video may not work, this is typically because:

  • An internet connection has failed or slowed
  • There is a fault on the official Sky Bet betting mobile app
  • There are technical issues with the Sky Sports racing channel
  • You have not placed a minimum bet (£1) requirement

How to Watch Horse Racing on Skybet

This video shows how to watch horse racing live within your Sky Bet account:

Watching live sports events is easy, you need never miss another event in your life!


As most of the top online bookies do, Sky Bet offer a great streaming service – not just for racing but a range of other sports.

To qualify and use this, you need to both have an account with them and place a £1 minimum bet.

So you can now enjoy the sport wherever you are!

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