Irish Horse Racing Fixtures

The 2023 horse racing fixture list has been published for Ireland.

With 391 race meetings scheduled across the year, Irish Horse Racing has a lot to look forward to.

There are more race meetings if you want to check out all the UK horse racing fixtures for 2023.

If you are looking for more information about a specific Irish racecourse including location, tickets and course layout check out our Irish Racecourses guides.

In our Irish Horse Racing Fixtures guide, we show the full racing calendar for Ireland Horse Racing in 2023.

2023 HRI Irish Horseracing Fixture List

Here is the full HRI fixture for all Irish race meetings for 2023.

January Horse Race Meetings in Ireland

Here is the full list of Irish horse racing fixtures in January 2023.

Date Day Track
01/01/2023 Sunday Fairyhouse
01/01/2023 Sunday Tramore
04/01/2023 Wednesday Dundalk
06/01/2023 Friday Dundalk
07/01/2023 Saturday Cork Racecourse
08/01/2023 Sunday Naas Racecourse
12/01/2023 Thursday Clonmel
13/01/2023 Friday Dundalk
14/01/2023 Saturday Fairyhouse
15/01/2023 Sunday Punchestown
16/01/2023 Monday Punchestown
18/01/2023 Wednesday Dundalk
19/01/2023 Thursday Fairyhouse
20/01/2023 Friday Dundalk
21/01/2023 Saturday Navan
22/01/2023 Sunday Thurles
24/01/2023 Tuesday Down Royal
26/01/2023 Thursday Gowran Park
27/01/2023 Friday Dundalk
28/01/2023 Saturday Fairyhouse
29/01/2023 Sunday Naas Racecourse
30/01/2023 Monday Punchestown
31/01/2023 Tuesday Limerick

February Horse Race Meetings in Ireland

Here is the full list of Irish horse racing fixtures in February 2023.

Date Day Track
01/02/2023 Wednesday Dundalk
03/02/2023 Friday Dundalk
04/02/2023 Saturday Leopardstown
05/02/2023 Sunday Leopardstown
08/02/2023 Wednesday Fairyhouse
09/02/2023 Thursday Thurles
10/02/2023 Friday Dundalk
11/02/2023 Saturday Naas Racecourse
12/02/2023 Sunday Navan
15/02/2023 Wednesday Dundalk
16/02/2023 Thursday Clonmel
17/02/2023 Friday Dundalk
18/02/2023 Saturday Gowran Park
19/02/2023 Sunday Punchestown
22/02/2023 Wednesday Punchestown
23/02/2023 Thursday Thurles
24/02/2023 Friday Dundalk
25/02/2023 Saturday Fairyhouse
26/02/2023 Sunday Naas Racecourse

March Horse Race Meetings in Ireland

Here is the full list of Irish horse racing fixtures in March 2023.

Date Day Track
02/03/2023 Thursday Clonmel
03/03/2023 Friday Dundalk
04/03/2023 Saturday Navan
05/03/2023 Sunday Wexford
05/03/2023 Sunday Leopardstown
06/03/2023 Monday Leopardstown
09/03/2023 Thursday Thurles
10/03/2023 Friday Dundalk
11/03/2023 Saturday Gowran Park
11/03/2023 Saturday Navan
12/03/2023 Sunday Limerick
12/03/2023 Sunday Naas Racecourse
16/03/2023 Thursday Dundalk
17/03/2023 Friday Down Royal
18/03/2023 Saturday Thurles
21/03/2023 Tuesday Clonmel
23/03/2023 Thursday Cork Racecourse
24/03/2023 Friday Dundalk
25/03/2023 Saturday Curragh
26/03/2023 Sunday Naas Racecourse
26/03/2023 Sunday Limerick
29/03/2023 Wednesday Navan
30/03/2023 Thursday Limerick
30/03/2023 Thursday Naas Racecourse
31/03/2023 Friday Dundalk
31/03/2023 Friday Wexford

April Horse Race Meetings in Ireland

Here is the full list of Irish horse racing fixtures in April 2023.

Date Day Track
01/04/2023 Saturday Bellewstown
02/04/2023 Sunday Leopardstown
02/04/2023 Sunday Downpatrick
05/04/2023 Wednesday Leopardstown
06/04/2023 Thursday Clonmel
08/04/2023 Saturday Cork Racecourse
08/04/2023 Saturday Fairyhouse
09/04/2023 Sunday Fairyhouse
09/04/2023 Sunday Cork Racecourse
10/04/2023 Monday Cork Racecourse
10/04/2023 Monday Fairyhouse
11/04/2023 Tuesday Dundalk
12/04/2023 Wednesday Gowran Park
14/04/2023 Friday Ballinrobe
14/04/2023 Friday Dundalk
16/04/2023 Sunday Curragh
16/04/2023 Sunday Tramore
17/04/2023 Monday Tramore
18/04/2023 Tuesday Tipperary
19/04/2023 Wednesday Gowran Park
20/04/2023 Thursday Tipperary
20/04/2023 Thursday Kilbeggan
21/04/2023 Friday Kilbeggan
21/04/2023 Friday Cork Racecourse
22/04/2023 Saturday Limerick
22/04/2023 Saturday Navan
24/04/2023 Monday Naas Racecourse
25/04/2023 Tuesday Punchestown
26/04/2023 Wednesday Punchestown
27/04/2023 Thursday Punchestown
28/04/2023 Friday Punchestown
29/04/2023 Saturday Punchestown
30/04/2023 Sunday Sligo

May Horse Race Meetings in Ireland

Here is the full list of Irish horse racing fixtures in May 2023.

Date Day Track
01/05/2023 Monday Curragh
01/05/2023 Monday Down Royal
02/05/2023 Tueday Ballinrobe
03/05/2023 Wednesday Gowran Park
04/05/2023 Thursday Tipperary
05/05/2023 Friday Cork Racecourse
05/05/2023 Friday Downpatrick
06/05/2023 Saturday Cork Racecourse
06/05/2023 Saturday Naas Racecourse
07/05/2023 Sunday Leopardstown
08/05/2023 Monday Roscommon
10/05/2023 Wednesday Gowran Park
11/05/2023 Thursday Clonmel
12/05/2023 Friday Kilbeggan
13/05/2023 Saturday Navan
14/05/2023 Sunday Killarney
15/05/2023 Monday Killarney
16/05/2023 Tuesday Killarney
16/05/2023 Tuesday Sligo
17/05/2023 Wednesday Cork Racecourse
18/05/2023 Thursday Tipperary
19/05/2023 Friday Downpatrick
19/05/2023 Friday Leopardstown
20/05/2023 Saturday Wexford
21/05/2023 Sunday Naas Racecourse
22/05/2023 Monday Roscommon
23/05/2023 Tuesday Gowran Park
25/05/2023 Thursday Limerick
26/05/2023 Friday Curragh
26/05/2023 Friday Limerick
27/05/2023 Saturday Curragh
28/05/2023 Sunday Curragh
29/05/2023 Monday Ballinrobe
30/05/2023 Tuesday Ballinrobe
30/05/2023 Tuesday Tipperary
31/05/2023 Wednesday Wexford

June Horse Race Meetings in Ireland

Here is the full list of Irish horse racing fixtures in June 2023.

Date Day Track
01/06/2023 Thursday Fairyhouse
01/06/2023 Thursday Down Royal
02/06/2023 Friday Tramore
03/06/2023 Saturday Listowel
03/06/2023 Saturday Tramore
04/06/2023 Sunday Kilbeggan
04/06/2023 Sunday Listowel
05/06/2023 Monday Gowran Park
05/06/2023 Monday Listowel
07/06/2023 Wednesday Curragh
08/06/2023 Thursday Leopardstown
09/06/2023 Friday Clonmel
09/06/2023 Friday Fairyhouse
10/06/2023 Saturday Punchestown
11/06/2023 Sunday Navan
11/06/2023 Sunday Punchestown
12/06/2023 Monday Roscommon
13/06/2023 Tuesday Sligo
14/06/2023 Wednesday Limerick
15/06/2023 Thursday Leopardstown
16/06/2023 Friday Cork Racecourse
16/06/2023 Friday Fairyhouse
17/06/2023 Saturday Downpatrick
18/06/2023 Sunday Downpatrick
18/06/2023 Sunday Gowran Park
19/06/2023 Monday Kilbeggan
20/06/2023 Tuesday Wexford
21/06/2023 Wednesday Wexford
22/06/2023 Thursday Leopardstown
23/06/2023 Friday Down Royal
23/06/2023 Friday Limerick
24/06/2023 Saturday Down Royal
24/06/2023 Saturday Limerick
26/06/2023 Monday Ballinrobe
28/06/2023 Wednesday Naas Racecourse
30/06/2023 Friday Curragh

July Horse Race Meetings in Ireland

Here is the full list of Irish horse racing fixtures in July 2023.

Date Day Track
01/07/2023 Saturday Curragh
02/07/2023 Sunday Curragh
04/07/2023 Tuesday Roscommon
04/07/2023 Tuesday Tipperary
05/07/2023 Wednesday Tipperary
06/07/2023 Thursday Bellewstown
06/07/2023 Thursday Tipperary
07/07/2023 Friday Bellewstown
07/07/2023 Friday Wexford
08/07/2023 Saturday Bellewstown
08/07/2023 Saturday Naas Racecourse
09/07/2023 Sunday Sligo
10/07/2023 Monday Roscommon
11/07/2023 Tuesday Tramore
12/07/2023 Wednesday Dundalk
12/07/2023 Wednesday Fairyhouse
13/07/2023 Thursday Downpatrick
13/07/2022 Thursday Leopardstown
14/07/2023 Friday Cork Racecourse
14/07/2023 Friday Kilbeggan
15/07/2023 Saturday Navan
17/07/2023 Monday Killarney
18/07/2023 Tuesday Killarney
19/07/2023 Wednesday Killarney
20/07/2023 Thursday Killarney
20/07/2023 Thursday Leopardstown
21/07/2023 Friday Kilbeggan
21/07/2023 Friday Killarney
22/07/2023 Saturday Curragh
23/07/2023 Sunday Curragh
24/07/2023 Monday Ballinrobe
25/07/2023 Tuesday Ballinrobe
26/07/2023 Wednesday Naas Racecourse
27/07/2023 Thursday Leopardstown
27/07/2023 Thursday Limerick
28/07/2023 Friday Cork Racecourse
28/07/2023 Friday Down Royal
29/07/2023 Saturday Gowran Park
31/07/2023 Monday Galway

August Horse Race Meetings in Ireland

Here is the full list of Irish horse racing fixtures in August 2023.

Date Day Track
01/08/2023 Tuesday Galway
02/08/2023 Wednesday Galway
03/08/2023 Thursday Galway
04/08/2023 Friday Galway
05/08/2023 Saturday Galway
06/08/2023 Sunday Galway
07/08/2023 Monday Cork Racecourse
07/08/2023 Monday Naas Racecourse
08/08/2023 Tuesday Roscommon
09/08/2023 Wednesday Sligo
10/08/2023 Thursday Sligo
11/08/2023 Friday Tipperary
11/08/2023 Friday Wexford
12/08/2023 Saturday Curragh
12/08/2023 Saturday Kilbeggan
13/08/2023 Sunday Downpatrick
14/08/2023 Monday Ballinrobe
15/08/2023 Tuesday Dundalk
16/08/2023 Wednesday Gowran Park
17/08/2023 Thursday Leopardstown
17/08/2023 Thursday Tramore
18/08/2023 Friday Cork Racecourse
18/08/2023 Friday Tramore
19/08/2023 Saturday Curragh
19/08/2023 Saturday Tramore
20/08/2023 Sunday Curragh
20/08/2023 Sunday Tramore
22/08/2023 Tuesday Roscommon
23/08/2023 Wednesday Sligo
24/08/2023 Thursday Killarney
24/08/2023 Thursday Leopardstown
25/08/2023 Friday Kilbeggan
25/08/2023 Friday Killarney
26/08/2023 Saturday Curragh
26/08/2023 Saturday Killarney
27/08/2023 Sunday Naas Racecourse
28/08/2023 Monday Downpatrick
29/08/2023 Tuesday Bellewstown
30/08/2023 Wednesday Bellewstown
31/08/2023 Thursday Navan

September Horse Race Meetings in Ireland

Here is the full list of Irish horse racing fixtures in September 2023.

Date Day Track
01/09/2023 Friday Down Royal
01/09/2023 Friday Wexford
02/09/2023 Saturday Navan
03/09/2023 Sunday Tipperary
04/09/2023 Monday Roscommon
06/09/2023 Wednesday Gowran Park
06/09/2023 Wednesday Cork Racecourse
07/09/2023 Thursday Clonmel
08/09/2023 Friday Kilbeggan
08/09/2023 Friday Down Royal
09/09/2023 Saturday Leopardstown
10/09/2023 Sunday Curragh
11/09/2023 Monday Galway
12/09/2023 Tuesday Galway
12/09/2023 Tuesday Laytown
13/09/2023 Wednesday Punchestown
14/09/2023 Thursday Naas Racecourse
15/09/2023 Friday Ballinrobe
15/09/2023 Friday Downpatrick
16/09/2023 Saturday Navan
16/09/2023 Saturday Gowran Park
17/09/2023 Sunday Listowl
18/09/2023 Monday Fairyhouse
18/09/2023 Monday Listowel
19/09/2023 Tuesday Listowel
20/09/2023 Wednesday Listowel
21/09/2023 Thursday Listowel
22/09/2023 Friday Listowel
22/09/2023 Friday Dundalk
23/09/2023 Saturday Listowel
23/09/2023 Saturday Curragh
24/09/2023 Sunday Curragh
25/09/2023 Monday Roscommon
25/09/2023 Monday Down Royal
26/09/2023 Tuesday Cork Racecourse
27/09/2023 Wednesday Sligo
27/09/2023 Wednesday Bellewstown
28/09/2023 Thursday Bellewstown
28/09/2023 Thursday Clonmel
29/09/2023 Friday Dundalk
29/09/2023 Friday Gowran Park
30/09/2023 Saturday Gowran Park
30/09/2023 Saturday Killarney

October Horse Race Meetings in Ireland

Here is the full list of Irish horse racing fixtures in October 2023.

Date Day Track
01/10/2023 Sunday Killarney
01/10/2023 Sunday Tipperary
02/10/2023 Monday Fairyhouse
03/10/2023 Tuesday Galway
04/10/2023 Wednesday Navan
05/10/2023 Thursday Thurles
06/10/2023 Friday Downpatrick
06/10/2023 Friday Dundalk
07/10/2023 Saturday Fairyhouse
07/10/2023 Saturday Curragh
10/10/2023 Tuesday Punchestown
11/10/2023 Wednesday Punchestown
12/10/2023 Thursday Tramore
12/10/2023 Thursday Curragh
13/10/2023 Friday Dundalk
14/10/2023 Saturday Naas Racecourse
15/10/2023 Sunday Naas Racecourse
15/10/2023 Sunday Cork Racecourse
17/10/2023 Tuesday Gowran Park
18/10/2023 Wednesday Navan
19/10/2023 Thursday Thurles
20/10/2023 Friday Dundalk
21/10/2023 Saturday Leopardstown
21/10/2023 Saturday Limerick
22/10/2023 Sunday Limerick
22/10/2023 Sunday Leopardstown
25/10/2023 Wednesday Curragh
26/10/2023 Thursday Clonmel
27/10/2023 Friday Dundalk
27/10/2023 Friday Sligo
28/10/2023 Saturday Galway
29/10/2023 Sunday Galway
29/10/2023 Sunday Wexford
30/10/2023 Monday Wexford
30/10/2023 Monday Galway

November Horse Race Meetings in Ireland

Here is the full list of Irish horse racing fixtures in November 2023.

Date Day Track
01/11/2023 Wednesday Dundalk
02/11/2023 Thursday Thurles
03/11/2023 Friday Dundalk
03/11/2023 Friday Down Royal
04/11/2023 Saturday Down Royal
05/11/2023 Sunday Cork Racecourse
05/11/2023 Sunday Curragh
07/11/2023 Tuesday Fairyhouse
08/11/2023 Wednesday Dundalk
09/11/2023 Thursday Clonmel
10/11/2023 Friday Dundalk
11/11/2023 Saturday Gowran Park
12/11/2023 Sunday Naas Racecourse
14/11/2023 Tuesday Fairyhouse
15/11/2023 Wednesday Dundalk
16/11/2023 Thursday Punchestown
17/11/2023 Friday Dundalk
18/11/2023 Saturday Navan
19/11/2023 Sunday Navan
21/11/2023 Tuesday Limerick
22/11/2023 Wednesday Dundalk
23/11/2023 Thursday Thurles
24/11/2023 Friday Dundalk
25/11/2023 Saturday Punchestown
26/11/2023 Sunday Punchestown
26/11/2023 Sunday Cork Racecourse
28/11/2023 Tuesday Tramore
29/11/2023 Wednesday Dundalk
30/11/2023 Thursday Thurles

December Horse Race Meetings in Ireland

Here is the full list of Irish horse racing fixtures in December 2023.

Date Day Track
01/12/2023 Friday Dundalk
02/12/2023 Saturday Fairyhouse
03/12/2023 Sunday Fairyhouse
06/12/2023 Wednesday Dundalk
07/12/2023 Thursday Clonmel
08/12/2023 Friday Dundalk
09/12/2023 Saturday Navan
10/12/2023 Sunday Cork Racecourse
12/12/2023 Tuesday Punchestown
13/12/2023 Wednesday Dundalk
14/12/2023 Thursday Naas Racecourse
15/12/2023 Friday Dundalk
16/12/2023 Saturday Fairyhouse
17/12/2023 Sunday Navan
17/12/2023 Sunday Thurles
20/12/2023 Wednesday Dundalk
22/12/2023 Friday Dundalk
26/12/2023 Tuesday Down Royal
26/12/2023 Tuesday Leopardstown
26/12/2023 Tuesday Limerick
27/12/2023 Wednesday Leopardstown
27/12/2023 Wednesday Limerick
28/12/2023 Thursday Leopardstown
28/12/2023 Thursday Limerick
29/12/2023 Friday Leopardstown
29/12/2023 Friday Limerick
31/12/2023 Sunday Punchestown

Best Irish Horse Racing Fixtures

Here are the highest-profile grades of Irish horse races:

Irish Racecourse Calendar

There are 26 Irish racecourses within the 2023 racing calendar with horse racing in Ireland.

23 of the Irish Racecourses are in Southern Ireland and 3 racecourses are in Northern Ireland.

Here is the full list of 26 racecourses in Ireland that have Irish horse racing fixtures in 2023:

All racing in Ireland is governed by Horse Racing Ireland (HRI).

Popular Questions

When are 2023 Irish horse racing fixtures released?

The Irish Racing fixture list for 2023 has been released and there are 391 race meetings for racegoers to enjoy.

We have the full list of all Irish race meetings for the 2023 calendar.

Irish Horse Racing in 2023 is going to be full of fun, excitement and amazing horse races to enjoy.

How many Irish Horse Racing Fixtures?

There are 391 horse racing fixtures in Ireland in 2023 across 26 unique tracks.

The Different Types of Horse Races in Ireland?

The jockeys and trainers compete in different types of Horse Races in Ireland.

The different types of Irish horse races are:

  • Flat G1 Races
  • Flat G2 Races
  • Flat G3 Races
  • Flat Listed Races
  • Flat Premier Handicaps
  • Flat Handicapping Races
  • National Hunt Jump Races

When does the Ireland Horse Racing Calendar Start and End?

The Irish horse racing season calendar starts on 1st January 2023 and finishes on 31st December 2023.

The season runs from the first day of the year until the very last with only a few days without any races in the whole season.

Who determines the Irish horse racing fixtures?

The 2023 Irish horse racing fixtures are determined by the Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) Board.

The HRI Corporate Board is made up of representatives from the Thoroughbred Breeders Association of Ireland (TBAI), the Irish Jockeys Association (IJA), the Irish Racehorse Trainers Association (IRTA), the Association of Irish Racecourses (AIR), and Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) staff.

Should I Bet Ahead on Races in the Horse Racing Calendar?

Wagering bets ahead of the calendar season can yield great odds if you fancy some jockeys and trainers to win some of the highest prize money races.

Some bettors look for value when betting on horse racing by selecting horses in advance when looking at the Ireland horse racing calendar.

The punters who place bets in advance are known as “ante-post bettors” and they try to find higher odds than the betting market will present on the day of the race.

Betting on horses can give fun, joy, elation, disappointment, anger and frustration so it is always advised to gamble responsibly.

What is the prize money for Irish horse racing?

The prize money for Irish horse racing varies depending on the grade of the race.

In comparison to the UK horse racing fixtures, the prize money in Ireland is higher because of higher crowds and runners each day at the races.

The highest purse on the National Hunt is the Irish Grand National with a €1,000,000 prize fund to the winner.

The Irish Derby is the richest horse race in Ireland with a prize fund of €1.5 million to the winner.

What are the biggest racing festivals in Ireland's racing calendar?

The biggest racing festivals in Ireland’s racing calendar 2023 are:

Where can I watch Irish racing?

The best places to watch Irish Racing are:

  • Watching the Irish Racing live at the horse racing track
  • Racing TV (have full rights to all 391 Irish Racing fixtures)
  • ITV Racing (for high-profile Irish Group One races)
  • Live streaming on Betting App
  • Replays on the Irish Racing youtube channel
  • Local pubs will show live Irish Racing on television

Horse racing fans love the fun and excitement of attending the curragh for champions Irish Racing.

The Future of Irish Racing

The Irish horse racing industry employs over 15,000 people and the future of Irish Racing is looking great.

Jason Morris, HRI’s Director of Racing, said:

Irish Racing continues to see strong growth in horse population numbers which is up 19% year-on-year. This is reflected in the increased fixture list announced by HRI Fixtures Committee.

As numbers continue to rise field size figures the horse racing industry in Ireland is looking at a bright future.

Ireland is home to some of the world’s leading trainers, jockeys and bloodstock agents.

The 2023 Flat Turf season and National Hunt calendar looks exciting and punters wager over 1 billion a year on Irish Horse Racing events.

Now with floodlit racing on the all-weather track at Dundalk Stadium horse racing fans can enjoy the evening races during the winter with Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) continuously improving the sport of horse racing in Ireland.


With 391 Irish race meetings, it is safe to say horse racing in Ireland is a very popular sport.

With over 2,000 jockeys in Ireland and over 300 trainers in Ireland, it is difficult to try and get in the winners enclosure.

With over 4,000 horses in training in Ireland, the racehorse owners have a huge Irish fixture list to plot their winner of the race and the anticipation and atmosphere of the crowd, add to the excitement.

Whether you feel relief or sadness after your racehorse runs there are always more Irish meetings to enter up the horses in.

The racing cards and results of Irish Racing can be found online via

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