Bunbury Cup

The Bunbury Cup is a flat handicap horse event held in the United Kingdom for horses aged three and up.

The Bunbury Cup is held on Friday 14th July 2023.

It takes place on the July Course at Newmarket over a distance of 7 furlongs (1,408 metres) and is held every year in July.

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Bunbury Cup

Bunbury Cup 2023 Odds

The odds for the Bunbury Cup are listed below:

  • These odds have not yet been released.

Bunbury Cup Tips

Our tips for the Bunbury Cup are below:

  • 2 points to win for TBC at odds of TBC
  • 1 point each way for TBC at odds of TBC

Horses in the Bunbury Cup will run in other races later in the year. Look out for the horses and place ante-post bets if you want to wager.

What Happened In The Previous Bunbury Cup

Bunbury Cup Previous Winners

Year Winner Age Weight Jockey Trainer SP Time
1962Blue Over58-00Geoff LewisSam Armstrong1014.2857142857 100/7
1963Nereus49-07Scobie BreasleyKen Cundell1001.875 15/8 F
1964Passenger59-09Taffy ThomasPat Moore1014.2857142857 100/7
1965Grey Lord37-11Frankie DurrSir Gordon Richards1006 6/1
1966Showoff48-09Lester PiggottJohn Winter1009 9/1
1967Vibrant49-10Peter RobinsonTeddy Lambton1003 3/1
1968Swinging Minstrel47-07Ray StillBill Payne1008 8/1
1969Woolley46-09Dennis McKayArthur Goodwill1009 9/1
1970Golden Orange47-02Alan CousinsKen Cundell1005 5/1
1971Grotto47-07Des CullenBruce Hobbs1011 11/1
1972Red Mask58-12Lester PiggottAlec Kerr1003.3333333333 100/30 F
1973Fabvista38-05Greville StarkeyHenry Cecil1004 4/1
1974Pitskelly49-09Lester PiggottMichael Jarvis1006 6/1
1975Penny Post38-02Pat EdderyBill Watts1007 7/1
1976Lottogift58-10Richard FoxDavid Hanley1005.5 11/2
1977Kintore58-00John LoweBill Watts1002.5 5/2 F
1978Greenhill God48-05Paul CookMichael Stoute1004.5 9/2
1979Pipedreamer49-03Philip WaldronHenry Candy1007.5 15/2
1980Steeple Bell47-09Ernie JohnsonMichael Stoute1008 8/1
1981Captain Nick59-13Brian TaylorJeremy Hindley1011 11/1
1982Paterno49-01Lester PiggottRobert Armstrong1006 6/1
1983Mummy's Pleasure49-03Lester PiggottPatrick Haslam1009 9/1 CF
1984Mummy's Pleasure58-12Tyrone WilliamsPatrick Haslam1005.5 11/2
1985Tremblant48-12Willie CarsonRon Smyth1004 4/1 F
1986Patriach49-01Richard QuinnJohn Dunlop1006 6/1 F1:25.50
1987Individualist48-05Terry LucasWilliam Hastings-Bass1016 16/11:23.72
1988Pinctada68-03Gary BardwellRod Simpson1006 6/1 CF1:28.86
1989Baldomero47-07Jimmy QuinnWilliam Jarvis1016 16/11:24.84
1990Fedoria48-03Frankie DettoriMichael Jarvis1008 8/11:24.19
1991Savoyard39-00Walter SwinburnMichael Jarvis1016 16/11:24.86
1992Consigliere49-01Paul EdderyRoger Charlton1010 10/11:26.02
1993En Attendant59-04Lester PiggottBen Hanbury1014 14/11:25.07
1994En Attendant69-12Lester PiggottBen Hanbury1014 14/11:24.93
1995Cadeaux Tryst39-01Walter SwinburnEd Dunlop1020 20/11:26.96
1996Crumpton Hill48-12Michael RobertsNeil Graham1007 7/11:24.43
1997Tumbleweed Ridge49-06Michael TebbuttBrian Meehan1020 20/11:24.86
1998Ho Leng39-07Michael KinaneLinda Perratt1014 14/11:22.59
1999Grangeville49-03Kieren FallonIan Balding1006.5 13/2 JF1:23.16
2000Tayseer68-09Gérald MosséDavid Nicholls1009 9/11:25.33
2001Atavus48-09Jamie MackayGeorge Margarson1010 10/11:23.67
2002Mine [a]48-12Kieren FallonJames Bethell1005 5/1 F1:26.43
2003Patavellian59-01Steve DrowneRoger Charlton1004 4/1 F1:23.63
2004Material Witness79-03Martin DwyerWillie Muir1025 25/11:26.20
2005Mine79-09Richard QuinnJames Bethell1016 16/11:26.25
2006Mine89-10Michael KinaneJames Bethell1010 10/11:24.26
2007Giganticus48-08Philip RobinsonBarry Hills1016 16/11:24.54
2008Little White Lie49-00Darryll HollandJohn Jenkins1014 14/11:24.16
2009Plum Pudding69-10Ryan MooreRichard Hannon Sr.1012 12/11:23.39
2010St Moritz49-01Frankie DettoriMark Johnston1004 4/1 F1:23.75
2011Brae Hill59-01Barry McHughRichard Fahey1011 11/11:23.91
2012Bonnie Brae59-09Ryan MooreDavid Elsworth1006.5 13/21:30.91
2013Field of Dream69-07Adam KirbyJamie Osborne1014 14/11:23.09
2014Heaven's Guest49-03Tony HamiltonRichard Fahey1012 12/11:25.61
2015Rene Mathis59-01Paul HanaganRichard Fahey1016 16/11:22.61
2016Golden Steps59-00Frankie DettoriMarco Botti1007 7/1 JF1:23.99
2017Above The Rest68-10Clifford LeeDavid Barron1012 12/11:23.78
2018Burnt Sugar69-01Paul HanaganRoger Fell1007 7/11:24.36
2019Vale of Kent49-01Frankie DettoriMark Johnston1006.5 13/21:22.69
2020Motakhayyel49-07Jim CrowleyRichard Hannon Jr.1005 5/11:23.12
2021Motakhayyel59-10Frankie DettoriRichard Hannon Jr.1005.5 11/21:24.03
2022Bless Him89-03Jamie SpencerDavid Simcock1025 25/11:22.84

Summary of the Bunbury Cup

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Popular Questions

Where is the Bunbury Cup held?

The Bunbury Cup is held at Newmarket Racecourse.

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