Concorde Stakes

The Concorde Stakes is an Irish Group 3 flat horse race for three-year-old thoroughbreds. It takes place in Tipperary every year in early October over a course of 7 furlongs and 100 yards (1,500 metres).

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Concorde Stakes Odds

Here are the latest odds for the Concorde Stakes in October 2022:

  • There is no open book of odds in the ante-post market for this event yet

Concorde Stakes Tips

Here are some tips for Concorde Stakes in October 2022:

  • 2 points to win for TBC at odds of TBC
  • 1 point each way for TBC at odds of TBC

Some of the horses in the Concorde Stakes will run in other events later in the year. Stay updated on the horses and place ante-post bets if you want to wager on them.

Best Concorde Stakes Betting Sites

Here are the most popular free bets for Concorde Stakes betting:

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